6th SSSA Mallorca Slalom Grand Prix


Slalom skateboarding is a growing discipline in Mallorca, like in many other places. The fever started not so long ago, around 2010, when the longboard community was still young and riders were using homemade slide gloves. The Majorcan scene has changed a lot since then, and a group of highly motivated skateboarding veterans have united to turn the 1st Slalom Skateboarding Grand Prix ever held in Mallorca into reality very soon. Officially supported by the ISSA, of course.

No joke, they have actually constituted what aims to be the umbrella under which slalom skateboarding and possibly other forms of skateboarding will be covered when facing the legal authorities, the AMSS (Associació Mallorquina d’Slalom Skateboarding or Majorcan Slalom SKateboarding Association in English). Associations are, in fact, the only way to have such an entity that has enough significance to be even considered by the Government in Spain, and it has already achieved something never seen before in Mallorca with this Slalom Grand Prix.

The AMSS GangPart of the AMSS gang. Core.

German hero Dominik Kowalski sporting the AMSS t-shirt in a local event this year.

All the information about the event can be found in the Official AMSS website, Mallorca Slalom. Make sure you like them on Facebook, too!

Finally, let us give you a sneak peek of the calibre of the event by showing you the list of registered rider as of 14/09:

1.-AM-Fullana, Juan Pedro ESP
2.-AM- Hazera, Pierre FRA
3.-MAST- Badenes, Flavio GER
4.-AM- Saint-Criq Guillaume FRA
5.-MAST-Campbell, Donald GER
6.-WOM- Saint-Criq Sandrine FRA
7.-AM- Garcia, Tato ESP
8.-AM- Muñoz-Cuéllar, Borja ESP
9.-AM- Muñoz-Cuéllar, José Antonio ESP
10.-WOM- Carmona, Paula ESP
11.-AM- Muñoz-Cuéllar,Nacho ESP
12.-AM- Chris Schütz GER
13.-AM- Gonzalez, Toni ESP
14.-AM- Gordon, Sam UK
15.-MAST- Price, Paul UK
16.-AM- Roldan, Joaquin ESP
17.-AM- Pérez, Alfonso ESP
18.-PRO- Hadestrand, Mika SWE
19.-PRO- Hadestrand, Viking SWE
20.-MAST- Falk, Patrik. SWE
21.-MAST- Dupont, Michel FRA
22.-PRO- Kowalski, Dominik GER
23.-AM- Vorhoelter, Sebastian GER
24.-AM- Hoppe , Martin GER
25.-AM- Lull, Rudy. ESP
26.-AM- Segura, Jaime. ESP
27.-PRO- Kuzmins, Janis. LAT
28.-AM- Vogt, Daniel GER
29.-AM- Navarro, Daniel ESP
30.-PRO- Dupont, Christopher FRA
31.-PRO- Selby, Luois UK
32.-AM- Gustafsson, Kaj SWE
33.-WOM- Skaraine, Lienite LAT
34.-AM- Dodd, Jordi ESP
35.-WOM- Oliete, Natalia ESP
36.-AM- Pastor, Fernando ESP
37.-AM- Pérez, Santiago ESP
38.-AM-Gothberg,Hans SWE
39.-PRO- Novotny, Petr CZE
40.-MAST- Novotny, Pavel CZE
41.-MAST- Damborenea, Ricardo ESP
42.-PRO- Gailitis, Gustavs LAT
43.-PRO- Mclaren, Joe USA
44.-AM- Galimberti, Lorenzo ITA
45.-WOM- Jedlickova, Eva CZE
46.-MAST- Pletanek, Peter GER
47.-MAST- Carrasco, Richard USA
48.-WOM- Kramer , Lynn USA
49.-AM- Otalora, Iñigo ESP
50.-AM- Urtiaga , Eneko ESP
51.-PRO- Pappas, George USA
52.-AM- Knetting, Jaroslav CZE
53.-PRO- Floitgraf, Karl GER
54.-AM- Malventi, Federico ITA
55.-AM- Waerren, Marieke GER

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  1. actuallized list:
    56.-MAST-Fernández-Díez, Gonzalo ESP
    57.-AM- Rojo, Luis ESP
    58.-AM-Abramo, Ponzio ITA
    59.-AM-De la Fuente, Eduardo ESP
    60.-MAST-Bobert, Magnus SWE
    61.-MAST-Gustaffson, Pelle Plast SWE
    62.-AM- Coupe, Paul UK
    63.-MAST- Di Giorgio, Franco -ITA

    The spots:

    thanks. great magazine guys!!!

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