Bear Awakening Report: Milan Brzak


Short and sweet report from some of our Czech bros about the Gnar that went down at Bear’s Guts. Enjoy
 Last week, we made a trip with our Custom DH riders: Milan Brzák, Zdeněk Zatloukal and Michal Kůžela to explore some steep hills in Slovenia. We headed up to the KnK camp between the borders of Croatia/Slovenia. Which was organised by our friend Mihail Zdrahavec. At the camp, we met so many riders prepared to shred some “Gnar Bear Guts”. We got in touch with some Austrians, Spain and French riders on the campsite, exchange our local beers and got happy riding for the whole sunny week.

 The hill was super awesome. So many harpins, we were ready to crash our brand new set of wheels. After two days on this lovely track, we decided to explore a some other spots. We head up to mountain called Sniežnik to get some different moves on the mountains for a while. On the way, we found some great spots. The idea was perfect, we ride DOWN all day and then finally in afternoon – start to hike up mountain. Perfect view, from that we saw the Adriatic sea and Bear Guts track! It was a nice time.This evening, because everybody in the local vilages celebrate a “burning of witches”, they were so many huge fires around. We decided to make a little photo session there and returned very late to the camp.The trip was all about fun and good shredding with our friends and we are Awake for a great season at all!

For more photos check out Milan’s blog:

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