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One month ago I got a delivery from Viking land containing a big blue skate machine. The following is our first AllAroundSkate board review. Enjoy.
Dr Longboard is a Swedish board maker, with a small workshop in a secret Viking lab. This board was shaped from the remnants of Thor’s battleship. Or his cradle. Legends are conflicting.
The Thor came to us as a complete with Randal 180s (stock bushings) and Seismic bootlegs – 70mm 84a wheels and a beautiful custom graphic done by Hitoshi Lee! All the riding described hereafter is with the set up as it came out of the box. No tweaks.

Our first day together was spent on Moyano. Which is like heaven for sliding, the surface is so smooth! The first thing I noticed was the rather beefy W concave, which took me a while to get used to.

That's why it's called a ''W''

Once I got comfortable, I noticed I didn’t have to keep observing my foot placement, the concave lets you know your position on the board. Sliding was really really easy. The biggest aide to sliding this board are the gas pedals. This isn’t just a measly line of wood missing from the rail of the board but an actual well placed ”inverse wheel well” which acts as a comfortable space for your toes/heel for extra leverage & support when going sideways. This is probably my favourite thing on this beast.
The board is solid, it could take out a frost giant! Going fast on it is quite fun. Just like when sliding, you can use your feet to feel out where you are and tuck in for a smooth ride. The combination of the drop and the ”W” make for what feels like an invisible foot stop. Your front foot will never escape!

Going from A to B is quite interesting on this. Having responsive trucks means you can slalom a lot through people when travelling, it’s not too heavy to push for 25km. The aforementioned ”drop + W foot sandwich” also makes it interesting when you’re pumping, I have to ride in a wider stance but it still feels good. Doing critical mass on it was definitely a breeze.
Pushing mongo on those long distances is also quite comfortable. Because of the symmetrical  nature of the board, you can just put your back heel right in the pocket in front of the drop and get into a good rhythm.
The final test I put the Thor through was a bowl session! This was probably the most fun. This was the first bowl I had skated in a long time, it was a lot of fun. The low height of the board means you don’t hit the bottom of it when you go over those concrete humps. Pumping up and down works just as well as side-to-side. You just lock yourself in and follow the fun. Had no problems navigating the banks or quarter pipes.
Now this board has no tail, and I was not crazy enough to try dropping it in. Or any freestyle tricks. It’s a great AllAround board especially if you like going fast down hills.
 Riding in the rain was an interesting experience. If you have a board with any sort of concave you know riding in the wet results in your board collecting a pool of water which is suitable for a family of ducks to swim in. Not so with the Thor! Probably serendipity, but because of the raised W concave, no water pools in centre of the board, instead it flows into 2 small streams in the valleys of the W, and then (here is the good part), it all flows towards the savage gaspedals and back to mother nature! Skating through the rain is never fun, but discovering this definitely lessened my agony.
So there you have it. The Dr Longboard Thor is a great all around skate board, hand crafted in Sweden. Because each board is individually made you can choose to have gas pedals or whatever concave tickles your fancy.
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