Brussels’ Car free Sunday report


I can’t believe I was riding a Tan Tien this same day one year ago, not being able to do a single slide. And now, one year later, so much has changed! I got up early at about 7, parked my Sick truck at the train station, and heard an announcement that the train would be 15 minutes late. Great! Luckily there’s a nice park next to the station and I went and skate in it, with some music in my ears. It’s funny because I almost ended up missing it.

We arrived in Brussels, and immediately we were with a pretty big group! About 30 skaters. I didn’t really know what tram or sub we should take, so I made the decision to just skate to the Blutcher Slidejam/Contest. It was only 2km away, too bad it was all uphill haha! Lots of people just walked the whole way. We were definitely warmed up when we arrived. Big thanks to the guy with gps on his phone!

We arrived and were amazed by the spot! About 300 meters, wide and 10% incline! Everybody was stoked to skate it! Lots of crashes, and unfortunately lots of ignorant people without any protection or helmets. It didn’t take long before the first ambulance came to pick some of the stupid ****s up and take them to the hospital. I remember seeing a guy smack his head on the asphalt after getting switch speed wobble. The day would’ve been ruined if he wasn’t wearing a helmet. Wear your helmets bitches! OR DIE.

More people arrived, and everybody was skating hard. Lots of beginners having fun too, making their first slides. Then the Blutcher and Twin Shop guys arrived and started putting up their tent and preparing the first contest. The longest stand-up slide contest.

Everybody could join, as it was an outlaw contest, no inscriptions. Just from time x to time y, you could throw down your biggest slides. It was an exciting comp, everybody was giving their best. In the end Taco won, with around 14-15 meters.
William Seynaeve got 2nd, Amaury Vernaeve 3rd and Simen Bye 4th. After that there was some more freeriding and at the end of the day there was a freestyle contest. Mostly dancing was done here. This was very cool to watch and amazing what tricks some guys pulled off. Lotfi Lamaali got 1st, Kane Demeulemeester 2nd, Andrei Churakov 3rdand Simen Bye 4th.

After the prize ceremony and the group picture, we skated some more and slowly headed home. I ate some fast food, waited for the train and then I went home and just crashed in my couch.

Also during this same day, Brussels was being invaded by the Dutch again. About 270 Dutchies came with 5 big buses from all over Holland, to skate the hills and streets Brussels has to offer. They had a great day too and a part of them also came and visited the slide jam.

It was an amazing day and I’m already looking forward to next year’s car free Sunday!
I want to thank Sickboards for supporting me, and helping the dutchies to come over to Belgium! Also I’d like to thank Twin shop, Blutcher and LRBX for getting all the freeriders together on the epic slidejam, and Micha Margo for taking all those nice pictures again!

Skate hard!

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