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Who knew there were longboarders in Turkey? Nihan does! (my dear friend and a great help behind the scenes here). She organised a massive session in the most eastern part of Europe. Here’s her version of events!

It was an amazing day! 31.03.2012 is the date our group became a real community with many riders, amazing fun and the holy stoke!

Our group was founded in August 2011. A few of us were riding on our own and our goal was to improve longboarding in Turkey. I was very jealous when I saw other crews in the world having communities with over 40 people riding together, organizing meetings etc. I dreamed of a Turkish community in July and now; ta daaa!

We have an amazing bunch of people pushing their limits, trying to improve themselves and love to discuss longboarding.
People here are trying really hard to get a board, find a place to ride, film it, buying protective gear, everything!

We don’t seem to have many skills, talent, time, money or shops to buy a longboard but we are feeling the stoke deep in our hearts! People are paying amazing customs taxes in order to buy longboards from Europe or USA. There is only one skateshop who dares to bring, build and sell longboards. (They are also my beloved sponsor; 720 Team). However, we are getting more crowded each day, another rider joins us everyday, people ask questions, discuss the videos and join our events.

We made this event after a request from our facebook group and we were planning to ride at the Asian Coast of Istanbul on a sunny day. However, as soon as we published the event, people went mad. We couldn’t believe the number attending and we hoped to see them all at our event. In the end we had people than we expected!

The road we rode is a good paved 40 km bicycle path. It has an amazing view of Prince Islands in Marmara Sea, a beach and some spots to ride trick boards. We rode only 5 km of the road because we were having more fun by enjoying the sun, chatting and drinking beers. Everyone was drunk by 17:00 and soon skating was replaced partying.

This day wasn’t just about skating. It was about sharing the stoke. This event was proof that the joy of longboarding can put a smile on any face. First slides, first cross steps, first pushes were the theme of the day not fancy 540s or steezy early grabs. Laughter, new tricks, new friends, videos, photos and love is the outcome.

I just can’t wait for the next event!!

Thanks 720 Skatepark for supporting us, you made this dream possible!
Thanks Wild Rebels Skateboarding for filming and editing!
Thanks all the riders for everything!
Thank YOU for being such a great raptor, unleashing the beast, giving hope and smiles.


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