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Last weekend a lot of my Spanish friends were talking about carnival and gnarnival cruising, I’ve never heard of this strange tradition so I decided to grill 4 riders from different crews. Madrid Longboard Crew, Longboard Valencia, Longboard Vitoria-Gasteiz, Longboard Mallorca.
This led to our first 5 way conversation. Be warned, the theme of this is beer, skating and madness. The exploits and photos that follow may make you laugh or cringe. PS I did a little digging around turns out this is supposed to mark the start of lent. Enjoy

Hey! Where are you from?
Sonso Masia: I’m from Madrid, Spain.

Sonso Masia

Nat Malaver Mora : I’m from Valencia, Spain.

Nat Big Mama!

Inigo: I’m from Vitoria, Spain

Iñigo - Longboard Vitoria

Leif: I’m from Mallorca, Spain.

Leif - Mallorca

What is carnival?
Sonso: It is a Party that comes from a pagan origin, nowadays it’s celebrated around many cities and regions worldwide with large, well attended day-long events.
Nat: It’s a costume party, but in our case it’s a city tour skating in a costume …
Inigo: Carnival is a great celebration around the world. The rules change, you can be whoever you want for just one day.
Leif:  It’s a costume party, here in Mallorca, in some villages people dress up as the craziest shit you can imagine, drink, make big fires and dance, and we usually do pretty much the same and afterwards we go for a skate.

What is it about?
Sonso: I’m not sure what it was about traditionally, but nowadays it’s about wearing costumes and having fun, you can see the big Carnival in Brazil at Rio de Janeiro or the Venice Carnival. ( Celebrated on diferent dates)
Nat: People come out with a costume and dance in the street while touring the city translates into a party with a few years ago, where people enjoyed it a lot .
Iñigo: It’s about wearing funny costumes and have fun, parades, more permissiveness and a little craziness
Leif: It’s about being normal for a day, and people think that you’re acting up for carnival but no, you’re actually just being yourself without people looking at you funny.

Vitoria Gnarnival crew

It’s celebrated in Spain?
Sonso: Yes, it is more popular in the south, for instance in Canarias or Cadiz. It is very famous there and they have a huge party, but ALL AROUND Spain people dress up and have fun.
Nat: Yes it’s celebrated around the world and here too just in different times of the year and some celebrate more than others.
Iñigo: Yes it is! But like Sonso and Nat say, it’s not the same way in all the regions. My friends and I dressed as the Bee Gees in a city where nobody was celebrating carnival! Haha it was one of the funniest I’ve had.
Leif: Yes, like I said, in some villages here there are big fires, where people grill, dance, drink, and all of it dressed up.

How are you celebrating it?
Sonso: Actually the rest of Spain is doing it this last weekend because the ‘holy day’ where the party comes from is on Wednesday, but we are doing a small event next Saturday, the 25th.
Nat: The family toured the city of Valencia, skating in a costume. The tour was about 15 km, we were accompanied by the Red Bull car with music and extreme sports videos.
Iñigo: We did a little event on Friday night because people had plans for Saturday night
Leif: We just went to one of the villages, had a big BBQ, danced, drunk, had fun, but the skate sesh we had planed got cancelled last minute. Still a good time skating next day though.

What sort of event?
Sonso: Well, it can’t be about any other thing. SKATE + COSTUMES = FUN. But this year we are not just meeting dressed up and making a cruise, it is more! We are asking the people to get in group of 4 people (crew) and choose a theme and dress up. The cruise will finish in a kind of march-past and the best crew will have a small reward.
Nat: The event was a cruise through the city.
Iñigo: We cruised the city from the highest point to the city downtown and then we partied all night long.
Leif: As I said, the skate session got postponed till the next morning, and we just drove up a hill where it hadn’t snowed in 40 years, and this year it actually did, so it was pretty epic, skating in the wet down a really gnarly mountain pass. And to be honest, a leather suit is still quite a good costume, isnt it?

Haha yeah! Who did you skate with?
Leif: A couple of riders from the UK, that came over for some sunshine and skating.
Max Newton, Aaron Skippings, Oli Slaughter and another Oli who’s surname I don’t remember.

Oli Jepson

Mallorca downhill

Haha. Who chooses the best Madrid costume?
Sonso: Everyone will do it, I am not in a position to say who wins, neither are the other guys who are organizing it, the people participating on the event will clap and shout for their favourite crew. Anyway the reward isn’t a big thing, just a small detail to motivate the people to participate and have a nice souvenir from the event.

Where will the skating happen?
Sonso: We are meeting at Plaza Castilla, Madrid. If you don’t know, Madrid is on a slope; Plaza Castilla is where downtown begins and it is at the top of the huge slope. It’s where we usually meet for this cruises. Los Juzgados de Plaza Castilla.

Event poster

How many people do you think will come?
Sonso: I’m not sure, we did some cruises like this and we have 70 people easily, but we don’t know this time, we have an event on facebook –  and by the moment 33 people is atending it. We dont mind if many people come or not, just have fun, but for sure, more people, more fun! and come dressed!

Sonso as a boob...

What is your costume?
My last dresses were ‘Slutty Pumpkin’, ‘Boob’ and Penguin. This year is still a secret… maybe Pussy DH? Who knows? I’m keeping that as a surprise.

DH Penguin

Haha. What is a Pussy DH?
I’m not sure yet, a pussy on tuck, a pussy very fast… everyone has their own idea of what is Pussy DH, What is Pussy DH for you?

A skating cat?
Yes! Skating cat! What you think i was talking about? Putillo!


One day your children will read this, then I’ll be the one laughing.
Sonso: Ok my little kamikaze squadron,it is fair.

Who organised the event?
Sonso: Madrid Longboard Crew is organiputo it, we didn’t ask any brand or shop to suport the event, right now we were feeling like making an event from us, skaters, to skaters.
Nat: The mom was the one who organized the event.
Iñigo: Some of us wanted to cruise the city with costumes so I created the event.

Who is the mom?
Ha hahahahha…. Nat Natt Nat Bigmama…

Valencia Shredding

What was the carnival event like?
Iñigo: Man, it was EPIC! We enjoyed the cruising and the party was huge. Shredding the city till the next morning, lots of beers. The best moment was when we skated on a discotheque’s dance floor while people were dancing… we felt like the daggers! hahaha !!!!
What is a dagger?
The daggers are the local skate gang in the film “Thrashin’”
Haha THOSE PUNKS!! That film is so funny.
It’s a great film that fed the stoke in the 90’s. A must see for all the young skaters!

Daggers on the dancefloor
Barbie dagger

Nat: It was great, the guys had a great time … We made a lot of noise, skated a lot and laughed a lot.

Just cruising?
Nat: The boys were dressed as Bender, Popeye, beef, fisherman, superman, traffic radar … and the mother of pirate … We were about 50 people. We met at the Palau and ate there all just . Then we started cruising the streets of Valencia and had to stop at the hospital because a guy split his eyebrow but we ended up with good music and videos by Red Bull and returned home.

Valencia shredding
Anti Vampire board

Thanks for talking to us! Send us some videos of your skating  when they are ready!

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