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Last time we spoke to Miss Engstrand she was about to go on a roadtrip through Spain, read on to find out how it went. She also gets us excited for the SWEDISH DOWNHILL CUP starting tomorrow!

Kristina! Long time no speak, how are you?
Yeah, I know! I’m good, thanks, starting to settle down in Oslo, been here for a couple of weeks now.

Closer to your dear bearded man!
Haha, much closer. I’m one of those people that keeps on dropping into KOTH for no reason, hanging out, having a coffee and then leaving.

How is skating in Oslo?
After being on the most rad skate vacation in Spain for four weeks, the city has been representing itself as an extension of that adventure. It has been two years since I moved out from this city, and at that time, the scene was growing a lot. But that can’t compare with what’s around today! So many boarders out there, and I hardly know any of them.
I’ve been working on my life these last couple of weeks, but managed to get out to skate a bit, but looking forward to go out travelling up north skate style soon again!

Does the love of your life skate?
Yeah. Of course, even though I promised myself never to hook up with a skaterboy I did just that. It has its good and bad points. Good part – you both always want to skate and spend money and time on that. Bad, you need two of everything and you always have too many skates, wheels and fucking bearings everywhere!

If you have a skate baby together can we name him GNAR!
If so, SHE will also be named, Gnar “with the bar” Rippergarrl!

How was Spain?
Mr Fredric and I arrived in Barcelona at the end of march. With three bags, one fresh driving licence and no plan. But we did hook up with so many people! Travelled the whole east side of Spain, from Barcelona to Malaga!

Did you ride with the AllAround boys?
Yes! We arrived at the airport on a Saturday, and I had just two phone numbers of people in Spain, used them on the spot, asked them where they thought we should go. Dunia “Petunia” was the first one to answer, telling us to set off to Zaragoza and the LGC meetup event. Off we went and from there we kept on moving.
 Ended up spending the night in the rental car in a parking lot, and finally reached the gathering on the sunday morning. After that we went back to Barcelona where we had some wonderful days with Axel Serrat, Dunia, Marina and the other girls in the Barcelona crew, GOW (Girls Over Wheels). Also got the chance to meet Katiana from Mallorca! After a couple of days we went down to Calpe, close to Alicante, where we hooked up with David Ivars Butti. Just a few days later, Axel Serrat and Oriol came to visit, and we killed the week with skating, exploding eggs and having a hell of a lot of meat!

I didn’t see your blonde face in the Zaragoza meet pictures though!
I’m not surprised about that though! We just had the Sunday with them, but holy, so many girls rippin it! I was a bit overwhelmed to be honest! But I am in there somewhere on the white sculpture-thing.
By the way! Today every Norwegian is out on the street, celebrating their independence! It’s the Norwegian National Day and it’s happy times!

Happy Constitution Day! How do they celebrate?
Many people dress up in special clothings, called “bunader” and spend the day outside together with friends and family. My foot is keeping me cool today, but I think I will go meet up in a park later on, where there will be a lot of people and music.

How was it to finally meet your LGC friends in real life?
It was awesome! Though I had no chance to speak with them all in such a short time.

What did it feel like skating with so many girls!
We didn’t really skate on the second day of the event, and of course myself and Fred managed to miss out the whole first day, spending time in the airport trying to get the rental car out of the parking lot and then driving the long way from Barcelona to Zaragoza with new licenses on roads never seen before! But, the days in Barcelona, hanging out with GOW was superfun! We went to a skatebowl, to Numancia where they meet up almost every night, and also managed to ride some downhill in two spots close to the inner-city. I got really inspired by the peeps in Barcelona to go on with my own progress in skateboarding and different styles of skating. I can’t thank them enough for that.

How does skating in Barcelona compare to Gothenberg/Oslo?
The funniest thing about this, is that skating in Barcelona compared to skating in the area around Alicante and later on also Malaga is so different! That was really amazing. In Barcelona we only spent a couple of days skating, before we headed on further down in Spain, but the difference, compared to many places I think, is that people in Barcelona want to ride everything; every time, all day long! And they also have to keep away from the policemen all the time. So Barcelona skaters have balls and boobs. For sure.

Who did you ride with in Gnarlicante?
We ended up spending a total of two weeks there, the second and last week of our trip. Our first visit we had together with David Ivars Butti, Oriol Galves Calico and Axel Serrat. I LOVED the mountains so much! And the roads and the time together with these amazing people. I had so many laughs that week that I grew new cheek muscles. In that time we also met Derek, who we went back to see, after spending the third week in Malaga with the Downhill Malaga Crew. Derek lived with the people who run the Wakamole shop and I tell you, the vibe in that shop and skatehouse can never be found anywhere else! Imagine what passion can occur when it comes to money, time, stress and whatever. You can build a castle out of mud as long as you really want it.

What skatehouse?
Wakamole skatehouse of course! There live three to four people, one rabbit and his stuffed animal shoe, plus three dogs.

Did you visit many skatehouses in Spain?
Wherever we went we ended up in skatehouses! The whole journey we lived, ate, slept and skated with skaters. Just a couple of nights out of four weeks we slept in our car, and just two nights we payed for a hotel room. In Malaga, or Fuengirola, to be more exact we stayed at the Rolleskater Herman all week. He had this rad crazy cat that wanted to do nothing else but to find a way to get rid of you. We got in touch with Herman through Rubio who runs the skateshop in Malaga called Downhill Malaga Shop, and those two brought us in to the amazing ways of Southern lifestyle in Spain.

Does the skatehouse culture exist in Viking land?
Yeah, of course. Most of my friends who skate live together with other skaters and there is always room for visitors! But there isnt any “official” skatehouses that I know of.

Are there any famous ones in Sweden?
There was one once, infamous and waiting for springtime to appear.

Where did you spend the most time?
We were mostly in the area around Alicante, but stayed for long in Malaga to. After entering that Malaga Downhill Shop we were brought in a huge skater community with Barbeques, good parties and skating. In Malaga people weren’t just longboarding, they did rollerskating and buttboarding, soapbox, luge and skeleton. That was rad.
The first two days skating together with rollers were crazy. In high speed they where all over the road, turning and dancing on the pavement as if it was the easiest thing in the world. And their weekly cruise was a leg killer! 40 km flatland in 1 ½ hour together with fiestas! And in Malaga I learned so much Spanish thanks to Javi, but also Dessi, Papi and Herman of course. I bought a dictionary and studied every night and during the day I spoke as much as I could. We had some troubles communicating, since I couldn’t speak Spanish and they did not feel too comfortable with English. But at the end of the week we managed to have long conversations in Spanglish!

Ha! I didn’t know Spanish people could PUSH
Hell yeah they can push!

I was looking forward to seeing you at the LGC party!
We had plans of go there but there was not enough time for that. I was looking forward to seeing myself never leave Spain either! Yeah, I think the party was super fun, right?

What’s wrong with your foot?
It won’t cooperate. Mr right decided to jump off my board when I wanted to keep going so here we are in bed with bruises, ice and swelling.

Get well soon Krisssssy Kris!
I have to. The first competition in the Swedish Dh Series goes off this weekend! MooseHunt. Saturday and Sunday, 26-27 of May. Longboard Sweden will probably do some tweeting about it, and post pictures as fast as possible, but meanwhile, enjoy this wonderful video!

You’re defending your throne next weekend?
I hope I will enjoy the event more than just feel that I have to defend something. Most of all, skating has to be a part of me, my lifestyle and choices. My goal is to only compare myself to my ideal version of me and compete against my past self. I want to be inspired by rad riders with good personality and of course, I want to do well at races. But I think you have to deserve it to get it.

What was the highlight of your Spanish adventures?
There are so many highlights! To start with, all the people we met and went out skating with. From there I have to mention the roads. I fell in love with many of them, from short freeride tracks, to long distance runners roads. The hospitality and the differences between the skate communities plays a very important part.
 What I really took with me from this trip is that never forget about your passion for skating. Whatever comes your way, go skate it. The people of Wakamole really inspired me so much. They have created so much out of so little, and I can’t do anything else but give them all my respect. I think it is really important that skaters all over get together and help each other out. Together we can create it, but if we only compete against each other we will both lose our dignity and beloved community of longboarding.

What is your next adventure?
Now my focus is to be involved with LongboardSweden and The SwedishCup for the next few months, of course try to skate everyday and stay out of damages. I will go to the most races in Scandinavia and probably enter the Velefique freeride too. When winter comes, off I go to some place where I can skate!

It was awesome catching up with you!
Same to you! Would be awesome to hook up one day outside Googledocs.

I’ll see you on August 17!
Wow! You’re coming to the Gathering! SUPER!

How can I miss the biggest congregation of Vikings? See you and Kari!
True that! Everyone should go visit us in Stockholm during the Gathering!

Any thank-yous?
Thanks to all you people that has lend us your sofa, your bed, your time and your roads the last few weeks!

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Thanks to Pepe for the edit

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