Caucasus longboard camp


Getting ready for Downhill Camp in Caucasus, Russia

So, after exploring great hills of Caucasus last year (, we are all stoked about our upcoming event in Russia – Narzans Valley Longboard Camp organized by WheelBite Crew!!!

I will lose a hell of a lot of money skipping work in the Month of May, but I always go on such trips as if it is the last trip of my life (getting old, you know….).

And what do we have there? Oh yeah… 10-15 km of perfect downhill, perfect speed, perfect EVERYTHING!!!

The best Russian longboarders will be shredding the best Russian roads, smashing through cow poops and having fun for 10 days from 1st  till 10th  of May  at the South of Russia, Kislovodsk!

If you guys want to join this crazy Russian event, write to me – we will try to figure it out with Visas. Or if you already have a couple of fake Russian passports – don’t even think about skipping this camp!

P.S. It’s a bit unofficial to be on that road… So we might have a nice run away from locals. 


Maria Esyutina

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