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I speak today about one of the most famous races in France for the 2012 season. Famous because it’s a part of the French cup AND the French championship in one shot!

The CONFORTABLE race takes place in Confort, France from the 13th to 15th july. It’s organized by Arnaud Tisserand and Michael Para, and all the team of their association “Federation du ride à roulette”, or more easy to pronounce FRRR!

The track is 2.8km long with a nice surface for sliding and some very fast sections. The first part leads to a hairpin and is very fast. You can get a good draft with the other racers. After this hairpin everything becomes more complicated with a long straight fast section, where you tuck into some curves before entering the second hairpin, similar to the first but on the right. After that comes a long right line, where you pick up more speed then pass by the campground (where you can find beer if you fall and stay alive). After the third hairpin (which is more difficult because of the speed) you cross the finish line!

More than just a race, the organization is perfect with good food, good parties, and nice places to sleep just near the track!

In conclusion – if you want to have fun, speed, and technical road – Confortable Race is the road for you!

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