Confortable 2 Race report


This past weekend in France, the French Championships and the French Cup were held at Confort . The race was organized by the local association FRRR. A very good event with three important parts.

When we arrived on Thursday night , many of the best riders in France were already there. The leader Christophe Gatignon, with all the West Crew, the South West crew was here as well. Also present was the French representative of the IGSA Koma Kino, (who organised the Peyragudes Cup in August ), the Familia Crew was there in force with one of their best racers – Vincent Jordana and Pierre Gamby. We also saw some great foreign riders like Sebastian Hertler, Gloria Kupsh and Alex Dehmel. All were here to enjoy a crazy weekend!

On Friday morning, all the riders took their boards for a freeride, the road was very fast and technical with a strange pavement, which made it easy for long drifts in the corners and hairpins. Lots of fun, some crashes but a good morning for all! In the afternoon,
during the training for the stand up, it was the quali time for the Buttboard. In this discipline it was the first time that we were around 20 riders and it was cool to see legends like Mica Fraggle and Yvon Labarthe, and new racers like Toufou and Manon Badoil.
The girls were here too with 5 representing! The quail time was good with two runs on a dry road. Then after the qualis, all the riders had the opportunity to do few runs and finsh the riding day with a BIG smile and start the party time with the same!
Note that some crews are good on the track but excellent on the party like the West Crew who went to sleep at 3 a.m!

The second day was for the Inline international race during the morning and qualification for streetluge for some riders. With a best time set by Yvon Labarthe of 3”06 on the track, great job by the Swiss Champion without any warm-up!
During the afternoon we had qualifiers for the stand up, with a good times set by Sebastian Hertler, Christoph Batt, Kevin Bouaich and the first French Alex Ulrich.
Good day of qualifiers with only a few crashes and most riders happy with their times. Some new racers discovered the bad part
of racing – the waiting time which is always too long! But it’s the game when we are 130 riders!

In the evening, the young association of the city organized a beer festival for all the riders, with epic songs and a good dinner. The partnership between this association and the FRRR association was a good idea to mix the locals and the riders for a big party

Sunday, rainy Sunday… It started with the rain for the street luge and roller heats and then dry for the GP in Buttboard, with some crazy action: when ten riders arrived at the first hairpin in a pack! That’s why we like The French Buttboard touch! Lots of contact sometimes not very legal but all the riders have the smile.
Everything started to change at the start of the consolation final when the riders started to drift in all of the turns, fun on buttboard but really hard for skateboarding.

The organisation decided to cancel the race for the skate and have two runs of freeride instead. These two runs were officially the most crazy and spectacular for the public with many MANY crashes and drift actions, but dangerous for all. The rain came back more strongly after the podiums!

In conclusion it was a good event. Very big thanks to the FRRR team and more to Arnaud Tisser and Mikael Para, all the staff and all the riders!
To you reading this, if you want a REAL downhill race, with speed, technicality and FUN, you know where you must be next time!

Thanks to Marie Bougourd and Solen Le Cosquer for the photos.

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