Crew of the week: ABS crew, Romania


Our featured crew this week is all the way from Romania, we get the juicy details on the scene in the country from the super stoked Sergiu Manea. Easily the funniest story I’ve heard to date behind the naming of a crew ! Also included are details of a brand new European downhill event !

Hi Sergiu, great to speak to you.
I’m excited to speak with you about how longboarding is in Romania!

Great! How long have you been skating ?
I’ve started skating about 3 years ago.

Where did you start skating ?
In my hometown, named Brasov. It’s a mountain area city, situated in the middle of the country.

Do you have a local crew ?
Yeah. My crew name is ABScrew. The name represents the ABS (anti-lock braking system) from a car :) It seemed funny at that time, because there are no shoes with ABS. If there were, we would be the first to get them.

We haven’t seen ABS in skateboards either.
What do you guys get up to ?

All riders in our crew are working, the weekends are the best days when we all get together and bomb the local hills. We have a great mountain area around Brasov. Too bad that the local police aren’t very pleased with us on the roads, but we are trying to change that. The best time to ride is early in the morning, because there is not so much traffic.
The “founders” of the crew are Marian, Gelu and myself. Marian was the first of us to skate on a longboard .
This year, Marian and I participated in the Kozakov Challenge and it was great! We were stoked about that event!

What other events did you attend this season ?
This season Kozakov was the only event. Last year I participated in Teolo (in Italy). We haven’t had much time to travel because we are busy trying to organize the first downhill event in Romania. It’s hard because longboarding is not so well seen by the local authorities.

What is the main problem ?
The main problem is closing the road. But we have made some progress with the authorities that are in charge. In 2012 we expect all of you in Romania for a downhill contest. I hope not to let everyone down and to succeed to realize this event!

What is the hill like ? 
The hill is called Rasnov, and it has a very technical road with U turns, 90 degrees turns and tight curves. It’s a very fast road with a long straight line near the finish.
We have a video on Vimeo: Rasnov Downhill were you can see the road.

The road is sick, it’s great for testing your skills! The top speed is around 90 km/h.

We’ll get that on our calendar. What’s the scene like in the rest of Romania ?  
There are not so many riders in Romania, but their number grows year by year. Everybody that puts a longboard under their feet never drops it. The scene is small, but we are trying to make it big and powerful. We love longboarding and we want to transmit our feelings to everyone that is curious about it. This year we had a demonstration in Bucharest, the capital of Romania, at a music festival named Street Heroes, where we had a tent with equipment, videos, and other stuff. A lot of young people saw us and were impressed by the gear! So I think we are going in the right direction, and the number of riders will be much larger next year. I don’t know about the existence of other crews in Romania, but we want competition! So we are looking forward to see new teams among us.

How is longboarding in Romania (and your crew) organized?
I am sponsored by the shop , and I also work there as a graphic designer.
The main sponsor and organizer for all the events and also spreading the word about longboarding in Romania is the site/shop .
All ABScrew team riders can be seen at and all our videos and photos are on  –  and on facebook

Does everyone freeride ?
Not everyone. We have a girl on the team, Claudia, and she is learning to slide, and how to handle speed, but she cruises like a pro!

What do you do when you’re not skating ?
I’m working on my PC, creating cool designs and drinking coffee.

Where do you see the scene in Romania by next year ?
I want to believe that the scene in Romania will explode next year and we will have other riders participating in downhill contests all around the world. The main important thing is the first downhill contest with riders from Romania and other countries held in 2012 in Brasov! We will let you guys know, as soon as the event will be ready.

What will it be called ? We look forward to announcing it  
We don’t have a name yet! Maybe something with Rasnov. I don’t know yet, but the approximate date is August 2012. Last year it rained very much but August was and is the sunniest month of the year in Romania.

How about Gnargical Rasnov ?
Hehe. Sounds sick. I will have it in mind when we decide the name!

Good stuff. Apart from your Gnargical event what do you have planned for next season ?
I’m planning to go in Germany at Insul, and maybe once again at Kozakov. I hope it will not rain so much in 2012 at Kozakov… and of course, to meet you guys! Almost forgot: to bring other girls in ABScrew !!!

Haha. The world of longboarding is forever changed thanks to the LGC. It’s great to see so many girls riding. Is there an LGC in Romania ?
Not yet, but I hope to see LGC Romania soon!

What setup do you ride ?
My race set-up is: Landyachtz Evo with Bear 852 trucks flipped hanger, Venom Ellimator 93a green bushings, Monster Hawgs 82a and Bear Ceramic Bearings 8 mm and my freeride set-up is: Landyachtz Wolfshark with Bear 852 trucks, standard green bear bushings, loose trucks, Zombie 82a wheels and Bear bearings.

Pick 3 numbers between 1-11
3, 7, 9 Did I win? :)

Haha not quite.

3 – What impact has longboarding had on your life
It had made it better in all the possible ways. I love longboarding  and hope I can skate until I turn 85

7 – What is your favourite cheese ?
I don’t like cheese.

9 – Favourite song to listen to when you skate
30 seconds to mars – the fantasy

Thanks, it’s been great talking to you. Catch you around !
Thanks Gbemi, it’s been a pleasure!

 Oh wait, call it GNARsnov !

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