Cristina Verdu: Spaghetti Stoke


Spanish downhill skateboarding princess, Verdu the Goat-Hawg-Bear gets us stoked on her first season of skating on the eve of her second. Also includes scooters, Kozakov blackmail shots and a secret surprise!

Hello Green Spaghetti.
Hi Mr Bacon! How are you?

Great! How’s life?
My life? Haha. My life is like the tides, it changes a lot when you least expect it… Two months ago, I was studying at the university in Barcelona, and now I’m working in Ibiza. But life isn’t bad, quite the contrary! I’m doing good, even though I couldn’t finish the first year of my studies. I’m learning so much here about management, public relations, languages.

You? Barcelona! Studying what?
Yes! And I love it <3 I was studying industrial design engineering, however my intention is to finish my studies as soon as possible.

What do you aim to do with the knowledge you gain from uni?
I don’t know surely, but it could be amazing to start a business related to aerodynamic products such as cars, motorbikes… Longboards!

Pic by Physco Pat
Pic by Physco Pat

Maybe you could work with an architect…?
Oh yes! With Sonso! If someday Sonso and I work together, probably we could dominate the world… So beware.

I bet you love tourists now!
Haha actually every day is a new adventure, it’s so fun cause I have never talked to so many drunk people. Apart from that, I love to know new people, new cultures.

Looking forward to the weekend?
Haha not too much, Mr Bacon! I don’t have free days at work, besides the weekends are the perfect days for making money here in Ibiza. But I’m looking forward to the next week because I’ll go to the first race of the year! At last. Spanish people are very proud cause that race will be the first world cup race in Spain <3. Will be amazing for sure!

What’s your Ibiza job?
I work in a scooter-rental company, so my job is about serving customers, management issues, public relations, solving mechanical problems.

Set UP Magazine photo
Set UP Magazine photo

When last did you skate?
Mmmmm, I haven’t skated since 2 months ago, but I usually go skating to work. I know it’s not the same thing as going at 70km/h on a hill, but it’s pretty fun anyway. In fact I’m improving my skate tricks haha.

Do you remember how to go fast?
Haha I hope so, we’ll see at the races!

How happy are you about this race being in Spain?
Pretty Happy! There are too many rad roads here in Spain, so this is a good chance to invite everybody to try one of them. Furthemore, they can use this opportunity to know more about our beautiful culture. Apart from that, Salzadella is amazing! The top speed is 100km/h approximately and the road is also kind of tight but that is what makes it fun!

CGSA? photo

What things about Spanish culture would you like people to appreciate?
A lot of things! For example our traditions such as the famous siesta; languages, we have some different languages with different origins like the Valencian and Catalan (Romance origins), Galician (Ibero-Romance) and Basque ( non-Indo-European) that last one is very curious cause the origins of this language are unknown, it’s thought it was spoken before the Romans came to the Iberian Peninsula.
Another important thing about our culture is the gastronomy! Everybody who visits Spain should try our paellas, churros, gazpacho andaluz and tortilla de patatas (Potato omelet). And, of course, our wonderful weather :) No excuses, come visit us!

Which languages do you speak?
I speak Spanish and Valencian-Catalan, apart from these, English and a little of German.

How often have you skated Salzadella?
I have been only 2 times in Salzadella and sadly it was raining. However I could skate  it dry before it started to rain.

What will make this race special?
Everything! But I’m sure that race will be unforgettable thank to the amazing organization of Riders Fly in this event. They decided to include Lunch (Probably the typical spanish food) and the big party will take place there.

''El Soplao'' Pic by Switch Skate Shop
”El Soplao” Pic by Switch Skate Shop

Will we see Spanish people on the podium?
I hope so! We’ll be 4 spanish girls in this event. Cristina Cruz, Laura Rodriguez (Guancha) and Paloma Dorado (Palaxa). I’m very proud of this cause they have a really good level and some of them can’t go to the other races in Europe. So, this is a good chance to show how the Spanish girls are killing it. There are more bad ass girls who are living outside Spain and they couldn’t come to Salzadella like Sonso and Tana. We miss you guys <3.

What does the DH calendar for Spain look this year?
Apart from Salzadella, there will be more events like Boi Taüll in Catalonia, close to the pyrenees and Velefique in Andalucia. Two amazing roads as well.

How has the community grown in the last year?
A LOT! This year there are too many new people who skates amazing, especially the youngest. Our community are growing every year, but not to much about the girls. So girls, WAKE UP!

Last time we spoke, you just became a goat and were preparing for a summer trip. Where did it start?
Let me see… That trip was super fun! Imagine 6 persons inside my Chrysler Voyager with all our skate stuff for a long time on the roads. Nobody could imagine it could be impossible, but it was!
Our first destination was Almabtrieb, wow! That Risch curve is amazing, It is sad to know we can’t race there this year like Peyragudes. After that we went to Kozakov! My favourite race at the moment because it’s very tough, this is why I had a big crash at the third corner into the straw… That day I couldn’t skate anymore as my neck really hurt me, but the next day, I woke up and I started to skate as if nothing had happened.

We also went to Teolo, too hot there but it couldn’t stop us, in fact I got the first place in the women’s category. It didn’t have too much merit because we were only 3 girls racing, but it was pretty fun any way.

The day after, we left early to continue the trip. Peyragudes was our last race of the year, and believe me, I was super afraid because it would be the fastest road that I have ever skated before. Surprisingly, I only crashed 2 times because of the wonderful manhole covers at the second corner as you can see in the pic ( Pic by Jean Esquerre)

Finally, we were suuuuuuuuuper tired of everything and of being 6 in the car as well… Too much time all together in a car haha.

Who were the 6 people in your gang?
Melvin Herrmann (The blonde guy with who I introduced to skating, for me he’s one of the fastest guys in Spain and he’s only 18 years old!), Javier Velasco (he was my teddy bear cause when I was sad I just wanted to hug him and tell him all my sorrows, haha thank you Javi <3), Sergio Jr (he’s my Goat team mate! He’s only 16 years old and I’m sure he’ll be on the podium this year), Laura Amorós (she’s amazing! She’s a bad ass on the road but she couldn’t skate cause she didn’t have enough money for racing) and Toti (I’m sure you know who toti is haha, he’s one of the best freeriders in the world and let me say – he’s crazy as well but we love him any way <3).

What were your most memorable runs in those races?
There were some nice runs that year, but one of the most memorable runs was the semifinal in Peyragudes with Lyde Begue, Spoky Woky and Tamara Prader. That moment when you realise you need to skate more or eat more…Hahahahaha

elson photo
dmitri elson photo

As a none drinker, how was the Kozakov party?
Hahahaha was amazing, you can’t imagine how funny it was haha. Actually, it’s so funny to be conscious about everything happening around you! In fact I wanna film the Kozakov Party this year to blackmail the riders :P haha it’s a joke!

“…I wanna film the Kozakov Party this year to blackmail the riders…

What’s the funniest thing you saw?
Haha see the drunk czechs people trying to climb on the benches which they were one above the other… My god… hahahahhaa it was so funny cause everybody started to fall off them!

How did this tour compare to your expectations?
It was much more fun than I imagined. I thought I would crash in every corner of each road cause I had never skated this kind of road, or my muscles wouldn’t survive after runs. Nevertheless, I learnt everything is in your mind, so if you think you can do it, you will do it.

What setups did you rock in those events?
Thor Hammer from Goat Longboards, Hawgs Wheels, Bear precision Trucks, Holesom Pucks and Atopic Supplies.

 Pic By Marc Escoda
Pic By Marc Escoda

everything is in your mind, so if you think you can do it, you will do it.

Are those all your sponsors?
Yes! But I wasn’t with Bear Trucks, Holesom and Atopic team yet.

How did you get on those teams?
Well, my first video ”among the trees” opened many doors for me. So when I got home after the euro-tour Bear Trucks, Holesom and Atopic got in touch with me cause they really liked the effort I made in the races and my good vibes. It was perfect cause this brands have a good vibes as well. It’s amazing to work with them <3. Later, I moved to Barcelona and I used to buy some stuff in Kaina Longboard Shop, we get on really well so they decided to get me on the team. It’s a perfect relationship, they love me and I love them <3.0

What were the biggest lessons from your first season?
Everything is in your mind, but I also learnt two good lessons apart from that one… I should enjoy the moments more and I mustn’t leave my pizza in a friend’s tent.

Did you do any skating after the summer?
Yes! I went to many event in Spain like ”Sant Mateu” in Castellón, ”El soplao” in cantabria  and ”Ibardín” an event organized by Goat Longboards in Basque Country. )

How is 2015 going for you?
I haven’t skated too much until now because I have been kind busy, but as from July there will be a lot of skate adventures waiting for me.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?
Apart from the eurotour, I can only say there will be surprises :P

You’re gonna release your album?
Haha that is not the surprise, you’ll just have to wait and see!

Take a SpaBagel photo!
Ofc! We’ll do it.

Puto-nina, thank you for your time. It’s always fun to chat. Stay happy and don’t crash too hard!
Thanks to you, it’s always a pleasure to talk to you puta <3

Any last words?
We’re a perfect combo! And I like Minions.

pic by MelvinHerrmann
pic by MelvinHerrmann


Ainhoa Lopez photo
Ainhoa Lopez photo

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