Endless Roads featured rider: Carlota Martin


Get stoked for the release of the eagerly anticipated 2nd chapter of Endless Roads – The Island!  We catch up with Carlota and get some more details of the adventure around Spain.

Hello Carlota/Charlie (which do you prefer?)
Hello! I’d rather be called Charlie, but I respond to both. I have too many nick names you don’t even want me to start! ;)

Where are you from?
I was born in Montréal, Canada to a Canadian father and a Spanish Mother, I moved to Spain when I was a kid, then moved to the UK for boarding school, returned to Spain for middle and high school. I spent my college years between Spain and Miami, Florida. And I’ve been traveling as much as possible since then!


Where do you live now?
Currently living in Madrid, Spain. Probably one of the best cities in Spain, even though lots of people complain that it’s too big or it doesn’t have a beach, but you just need to appreciate what you have and get the most out of it. It’s hot in summer, cold in winter – mountains and snow are only 1h drive from Madrid, the beach is  a 3h drive and there are tons of nice asphalted streets/roads in the city with more roads to shred on the outskirts and the suburbs. The city also has a lot of great history and a great mix of people from all over the world… and of course the longboard crew!

When/Where did you start skating?
I started skating at the beginning of 2008. Back then, I was dating a guy who skated. I had always been very curious about longboarding but never really had the chance to try, because I didn’t know anyone who did it. I did inline skating before (boo!). One day I told him I wanted to try and so we did! It was in El Escorial, a mountain village north of Madrid, I remember the first hill… OMG it was so steep and I did not know how to break and the road was full of pine needles. That was like my real first attempt to longboard.

Then I moved to Miami to study where I bought my first longboard – a long, sweet Sector 9. Best board ever. I didn’t have a car so I needed something to commute to class and then I also started using it as a way to have fun and get to know the neighborhood.

What do you ride now?
I now ride a Rayne Hustler, fell in love the first time rode it. It’s kind of flexy, but that has saved it from death a couple of times…hahaha! Some cars have run over it, but my baby won’t be killed! It’s the perfect size for me, light as a feather and perfect for carving and bombing. Purple Orangatan Stimulus and Bear trucks. I also have a Fiber flex; it was a birthday present from my beloved Toxic World Madrid, crew, 100% playful!
I’m now trying to get into Down Hill with Annika (Sector 9), it’s something that has always grabbed my attention and fascinates me, but at the same time scares the hell out of me. By the way – respect to all Downhillers.

Who do you ride with ?
I usually ride with LGC Staff (Jacky, Chus, Valeria and well Juan Rayos too) or friends from ToxicWorld (Javi Molina, Javi Velasco, Alvaro Bajo) but I usually alternate and most of the time I ride with more people, basically whoever I meet at the the spots! : María Azoitia, Ra, Gador,Agro, Borja Carribean etc! And if you’re traveling… whoever is up for a ride! A few days ago I went to Barcelona and had an amazing & fun night cruising around the city with “Girls Over Wheels”, Eider, Cris, Marina, Marta Guillén etc. Home away from home !

What’s your role in the Longboard Girls Crew?
It was started back in the summer of 2010 by Jacky Madenfrost because of the absence of information on/for female longboarding. And later, with the help of Valeria, ‘’Chus’’, Monica and myself, it has grown into an amazing platform to connect with other skaters, share information, get together to longboard and spread stoke!
We all do a little bit of this and a little bit of that, as we all have other jobs and can’t be dedicated full-time to LGC, but I wouldn’t mind if I could ;)
I work with the social networks. I run the LGC twitter (@longboardgirls) and develop some projects, events and collaborations, but we focus our energy on whatever needs to be done. I love our team.

What has been your favourite project so far?
The LGC Road Trip, that you now know as ‘’Endless Roads”, it was not till Juan Rayos had edited the trailer that he came up with the name.
Working with Juan is an amazing experience, even though he’s quite demanding! He was “the dictator” hahahahaha! I love him

What can we look forward to in this 2nd episode?
I have no friggin’ idea; Juan doesn’t say anything until the chapter is released! hahahaha!
You can expect – the Ferry experience to get to Mallorca, skating incredible landscapes, beaches and TONS of fun!

How would you compare the skating in Mallorca to Madrid?
Mallorca is special. The vibe that the Mediterranean island transmits is simply awesome, energizing! Nature is all around you, the island perfectly merges ‘’big city infrastructure’’ seamlessly with the rural/traditional beautifully. It seems to be built for freeriding and Downhill. Actually it was there where I saw one of the most difficult and challenging roads ever, only locals would ride it smoothly! Respect! It was like mission impossible to me! SO Steep and tight corners!

Compared to Madrid? Not better, not worse, just different. Madrid is a huge city compared to Mallorca. It also has nice roads, nice weather most of the year (Mallorca is even better because it is warm all year round), nice people to ride with (and to learn from), great events, clinics and good shops! A great longboarding community! The police are respectful if you’re not riding crazy, going too fast or disturbing pedestrians, not like in Barcelona where unfortunately they are very strict and you always need to pay attention.

The police stop you riding?  
Nope, but we’ve had many run ins with them! Not in Mallorca, it was in Cabo de Gata. We woke up at 6am to go to an incredible spot, it was a main road, but we thought ”its 6am in summer, nobody will be on the road”, we were wrong! The cops were there! They couldn’t believe what we were doing, they told us that we couldn’t skate on that road and told us to leave – they left, we didn’t! We had someone keeping an eye 2km away on the road during the whole session to tell us if they returned! The important thing is that when we skate on open roads, we always use a spotters on corners to warn about approaching traffic and we wear highly visible clothing if there is poor light. Of course we always skated on the correct side of the road and we always stay protected with our helmets and pads !

Was this the biggest challenge on the roadtrip ?
The police? oh no, definitely not. It was just another factor, like the weather or the quality of the pavement! hahahaha!

What was then?
I’d say our biggest challenge was getting the trip off the ground, by this I mean all the previous preparation that started 8 months before: getting the support from our sponsors, getting the girls all in the same place, flights, lost luggage, planning the route, booking hostels, tickets, packing light for 15 days having very different weather and activities. Once we all got together and set off everything went absolutely fine.

What was the highlight of the trip for you?
There are many, just to name a few:
– BBQ with the vans after riding in Cabo de Gata. Magic (Gnargic?).
– Marisa and Amanda DH in Mallorca. Almost orgasm…hahahaha!
– Maitane and I signing in the Van with for Jacky’s misfortune….
– Gador’s constant energy and Valeria’s acid jokes

Oh and, they forgot me on the ferry. They didnt realize until 30min later…I felt like McCauly Caulkin in Home Alone.

Hightlight: the whole trip

You had a skate-gasm ?
Hahahaha!  I couldn’t believe how fast and how good they were riding! Amanda was following Marisa; she had total trust in her, amazing road but open to traffic. I was in the van following them and I couldn’t stop screaming. I was spaced out!

Last week, we heard about the Swiss skate van and now the Endless roads skategasm van. We may need to get a van of our own next summer. Will you join us ?
Hahahaha! You should get a van, best thing you can do! fun, adventure and nice spots assured! I would love to join you guys but Im not sure I am going to have enough free days from work, as next summer I’m heading to Maryhill!

Nice. Tell us more!  
There is a Maryhill feminin freeride (organized by Dean Ozuna & collaborators) that I cant miss! I am going for sure ( if I get enough holidays from work!) I encourage all the girl riders to come to probably the biggest event of the summer (outside Europe) :)

What else do you have planned for the future?
Undecided. The best is yet to come :) Hopefully more trips and adventures!
We will keep organizing events for the local crews with the great help of all of our ambassadors, to keep promoting longboarding and have fun! :)

True ! Choose 3 numbers between 1 – 11

2 – Would you rather have a hook for a hand or a wheel for a foot ?
A wheel for a foot, definitely. It seems more fun, at least you might be able to get faster to places. But how big would this wheel be..?!?! Having a hook for a hand would pretty much make picking my nose impossible..hahahahaha!

5 – Who is the best skater you’ve met ?
Amanda Powell and Marisa Nuñez. Absolutely amazing and complete riders.

11 – What’s your favourite sandwich filling ?
Option A) French bread: spread tomato ,some olive oil and Spanish cured ham (something like procciuto,but better ;) )
Option B) Sandwich bread: Chicken breast, spinach, tomato and sliced brie cheese.

It’s been a pleasure talking to you, looking forward to watching Chapter 2 of Endless roads!
Hahaha! mee too! cant wait to see it! No! The pleasure was all mine ! hahaha! Thanks for your time and for the fun interview! :) I would like to thank Toxic World Shop Madrid , Best skateshop & crew and all the people that support us and make the Longboard Girls Crew grow worldwide (especially in Europe) everyday! Also the roadtrip Sponsors, Sector 9, Roxy, Red Bull to highlight! :)
Let’s spread the stoke!


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