Euro Riders of the week: Axel and Aleix


This week we talk to two of our own. The dynamic duo from BarcelonaAleix and Axel! You’ve seen their awesome videos, now get to know these awesome guys a bit better! Warning: this interview contains high levels of stoke.

Axel (left) and Aleix.

Hey guys, nice to talk to you. Where are you from?   
Aleix: I’m from Barcelona, but I lived in the Pirinees for a long time, because my family is from there – a little town called Esterri d’Aneu.

Axel: I was born in Barcelona, a beautiful city.

When did you start skating?
Aleix: When I was young, like 15 years old I started skating with a new school skateboard. A few years ago I changed my new school skate for longboard, now i have been skating 5 or 6 years on a longboard. I started in the streets of Barcelona in a little town called, Sant Cugat, with my old crew – Cines Kings.

Axel: I started skateboarding in 2001 in Barcelona. My school friends used to skateboard; I was really interested about skate. My parents bought me the worst skate ever. But I was so excited. After years of streetboarding I discovered longboarding, about 5 years ago.

Nice! Where do you skate now?
Aleix: Now I usually skate in Barcelona, because we have really good streets for all I want to do – cruising, sliding, and dancing. Some days in the month we take the car and we travel around Catalonia and skate some nice roads. This last weekend we have been skating near Tarragona.

Axel: I always skate wherever I find myself. Right now I’m in Barcelona, but I love to travel around the world and skate all the places where I am. The spot doesn’t matter, I love to skate everything. After discovering skateboarding things changed and now it’s so wired to be somewhere and I have to walk to get around.

Aleix skating uphill.

Who do you skate with in Barcelona?   
Axel: It depends. There are a lot of people skating. But usually I skate with my crew. They are awesome riders. You know some of them. Agro, Dunia, Butti, Charlio, Rudol, Jubi, Uri and of course my camarada Aleix :). The rider level is growing so fast in our city. We try to promote longboarding, and make people know a little bit more about what we love.

Aleix: I usually skate with a lot of different people, I really love skating with all the people, it’s so much fun, different styles and levels. But a lot of time I skate with Axel, and other guys like Charlio, AGRO, Butti, Dunia, all the Longscat crew, the Longboard Mediterranea crew and the young kids of Numancia Street!

What do you do when you’re not longboarding?
Aleix: When I’m not on the street trying to skate, I am on the computer working for Original Skateboards. Sometimes I make graphics, sometimes videos and some other stuff. I also paint at home, sleep & eat, and I hang out with my friends.

Axel: I keep thinking about longbaording, hahhaha, ALL AROUND SKATE! I love to hang out with my friends. I spend time with my interests – music and making videos. I love to escape from the city and go find some nature. I just enjoy my life man! It’s too short.

Aleix taking some good, fresh air.

Tell us more about your work.  
Axel: Hahahha work! We used to do almost all the things we do now, and we did just for passion. It feels strange for us to now call it WORK. I think the only difference between what we did and what we do is the experience, the time we’ve spent getting good.
Aleix and I we met a couple of years ago. We got on really well and we started to work on some projects. After that we founded a small video production company called Triangulo, and we are still working on that project. We don’t only make longboard videos, we didn’t want to focus only on skateboards. I don’t know how the things have worked out like this, but now I’m working for Original Skateboards as a video maker, and I skate a lot. It’s so good be able to work doing what I love.

Aleix: Basically my work is making graphics & videos. Inside this there are a lot of things, like designing logos, ADs, drawing, etc. I started working with original like 5 months ago. I spend a lot more time skating than making graphics or art projects. I’m a serious person. Axel is the funny guy! Always.

Axel: Aleix you rock! hahaha!

Aside from your work with Original, what else do you do with longboarding ?  
Axel: Basically we try to make people know what longboarding is. 3 years ago we founded Longscat. Longscat is a platform to contact the local politicians, we try to make events, we teach kids and older people, we organize cruises once a month, we’ve got really good projects to work on, but we need time and people to help! Of course one of those projects is All Around Skate. We started it 2 years ago, on our first Eurotrip. We thought there was too much difference between the portrayal of the European longboard scene and the North American scene. I’m not talking about business or money; I’m talking about events, and the longboard family. So we thought it’d be a good idea to make a website where all the world can see how the European scene is growing and make people know what’s happening in other countries. And man it’s growing year by year. I remember La Noche en Negro, that was amazing! Full of people from everywhere. That made me feel so stoked.

Aleix: When I’m not working I ride all the streets of Barcelona, in the morning, in the evening, in the night, even when I’m sleeping, hahahahah. The only thing I will always do is to have fun & stay fine, no more.

Axel may look like a good guy. He’s not. Photo: Agro.

What have you achieved through Longscat so far? Is longboarding legal in Barcelona?
Axel: No man, that’s a pity. We got lot of problems with our city hall. I don’t know why but years ago they decided to apply some “civic” laws to improve the Barcelonian view. They are just stealing our freedom. Technically we just can skate in the sidewalk with a velocity of 4km/h, if you are skating outside of this limits, you are in trouble, hahhaha. The ticket is 1200€.
But don’t be scared about skating in Barcelona, you just have to be careful, usually police don’t say anything, they just ignore you. You just got to be be smart and skate with some sense.
I skate my city everyday and never had a ticket (some of my friends get it), and if someday I have it I will never pay it. Skating shouldn’t be illegal, there are more benefits than drawbacks.

Aleix: You can skate in Barcelona without problems, it’s not 100% legal, but is not ilegal, sometimes, some stupids cops, can stop you and they will try to fuck you, but usually the smart people go home without tickets, only some boring conversation with him. The problem is if the cops would fuck you they have the power and they can put you some ticket for the quantity €300, €600 or €1200.

That’s a hefty fine! Has anyone been fined? Is it possible to get the law changed?
Aleix: There’s some guys, not too much but if you have bad luck, you can’t do anything.

Axel: We tried to change it using Longscat, but is hard man. Politicians and people are afraid of skaters. It’s sad.

Aleix stylin’.

Tell us more about All Around Skate, what are you visions for it?
: AAS is just a place to make better connection with longboarders inside Europe, because all the european people are free making a lot of good things, like, events, video, photos, clinics. And we would have one place with all this great stuff all together. The Future of AAS is you!

Axel: after a year working with Oscar and Aleix. We got the website ready and we decided to launch it before we started the Eurotrip. Aleix worked on graphic design and Oscar on programming. And me? I just give the ideas, that’s what I’m good at. hahhaha.
We tried to use Eurotrip to make contacts, I think the most imprtant is having a big team around Europe, with members from all the countries trying to show the best of each country. That’s also useful to promote longboard in our cities. If you talk with some politician and show him how we are organized, and how all of Europe is having a unified project, he/she will take you/us more seriously. After the Eurotrip we met Francesc aka Franz. Franz is a really active and organized guy. He loves longboards and he dominates the internet more than us. So we decided to invite him to be part of the team. La noche en negro was definitive for the growth of our project. We met lot of people who have the same idea as us. It was amazing to discover Longboard Europe, and what they are doing. From the beginning we saw how compatible we were, and how we can help one another stoke Europe together.

Aleix watching himself skate videos while he skates.

What is Longboard Europe? How are you working together?
Axel: Longboard Europe is a organization made to unify all the crews in Europe. And we are the Media arm of Longboard Europe.

How can people collaborate with you on All Around Skate?
Axel: Hey, it’s easy. They can contact us by mail or Facebook. We need good videos, articles, photos… and we would like to have it from all the countries in Europe.

Aleix: AAS is open for colaboration, all of the crew is looking all the time for new videos, articles, nice shots of longboards, and more. If someone wants to help, the only thing they need to do is send information, and we will try to check it as soon as we can and work together to share it on our site. If somebody would like to be part of AAS it is so easy too, just contact us and tell us the idea, what you can do (or what you want to do) and we will try to find you a place. For this and more, please send love to:

Jamaican Airlines. Photo: Agro.

Awesome. What are your plans for next year/season?
Aleix: For the next year, I will try to travel more around Europe, like this year, meeting new people and try to grow the longboard scene. The last month we stayed in Holland and we met a lot of fucking nice people (thanks to all the Dutch longboarders ) like Raoul Petrus, this guy rocks! Now we’re waiting for him here. He helped Axel and me a lot to skate around the country, and meet the locals for more skating – for me this is awesome!

Axel: Just keep skating and working for Original, I would like to still travel around the world, meeting new people, hanging out with friends, having good times.

What setup do you ride?
: Hahahaha, take care what are you asking man, you can have a long answer! I love to ride all my setups, I have some Original boards: Freeride 41 and 38, Apex 40, Pintails 37, 40, 43, Hybrid 35, Apex 37, and I got a space in my heart for Rambleta (Pearson Longboards). Bear Trucks and Prandals for SPEED. And my favourties wheels are Abecs 11, Flashbacks, Freerides 72, and 66, Grippins, and Zig Zags CLASSICS, Orangatangs Fat Frees all duros, and Alligator 71mm and 62mm 81a.

Aleix: Now I’m usually riding the new Apex 40 with Bears trucks, O-tangs (Fat Frees 86a) and the other one the new Original Freeride 41″ with Bear Trucks and O-tangs (Stimulus 80a, & Swiss Bones). This last weekend I assembled a new Pintal 46″ and I will try to make tricks with this new one board, more difficult more fun, ALWAYS hahahahha.

Awesome stuff. When can we expect to see a new video from the Barna Bros ?
Aleix: Maybe in the next 2 month we will have a new video or maybe no, hahahahah.

Axel: Mmmm, where is Barcelona?

Just 3 quick questions and we’re done! Choose 3 numbers between 1 and 11.

Aleix vs 12-set. He won.

Aleix: 2, 5, 11.

2 – Would you rather have a hook for a hand or a wheel for a foot ?

A hook for a hand always better than a wheel for a foot! But I need my right hand more than the left, hahahha! I mean, without the right hand I can’t draw, eat, put my contact lens, and a lot of other things.

5 – Who is the best skater you’ve met?
I think the best skater I’ve met is… no, I can say one, for me the most important is not the riding of the person but the feeling and the kind of person that makes an impression on others. Too many people to name, hi to everyone!

11 – What’s your favourite sandwich filling?
I’m not a sandwich man, I am a Hamburger! One bar from Barcelona called KIOSKO (only burger 200g). Buffffffff makes me crazy this place hahhaahhah. You can ask for whichever of burgers you want and you will go to the sky after you eat! Good meals make me happy!

Skating is dangerous.

Axel: 3, 5, 7.

3 – What impact has longboarding had on your life.
Hahaha, It definitely changed my life. The way to spend my time, my point of view on a lot of things, the way to travel. It makes me happier. It isss a good way to escape from everything. I’ll never forget that. Never!

5 – Who is the best skater you’ve met ?
Kevin Reimer and Patrick Switzer: I think they are doing a lot of good for Longboarding.
Petter Reinem: Best freestyler ever! Petter! Sick blow!
Ian Dutch: Pure love for longboarding, I miss you brother.
Marcos Gomez: He is a local skater from Barcelona, he taught me how to love this!

7 – What is your favourite cheese ?
Cheese? Roquefort! love that cheese, in pasta, salads, sandwiches… and also, one of my favourite spots is called like this. Because the weekend we found it we were eating this cheese all the time. Was stinky…hahaha!

Aleix (left) and Axel high-fiving epically.

Haha. Awesome. It’s been great talking to you guys! Keep up the good work.