European Dance Championships report


A weekend full of passion, love and sweat.
That’s how I would describe the 1st Euro Dance Championship 2013, which was took place from the 16th– 18th of August. The best three days of awesome longboard action in the heart of Berlin at the Velodrom was organized by and the Funky Summer Shop.

Riders from all over Europe came, not just to ride until exhaustion, but also to have a blast spending time with the longboard family.

On Friday night we met at the Funky Summer Shop in Wedding to skate to the Nordufer, close to the River Spree, for a Beach Party and  BBQ. Hanging out together and being with friends. The atmosphere was amazing, with great emotions at having friends in our home.

Of course everybody was starting to get excited because of the contest. People mostly talked about the event, what they expect and pretty much just had a good time.

Saturday morning at 10am all riders and guests met at the Landsberger Allee to start dancing on high level. Music highlighted every sexy run. Rock, HipHop and Techno heated up the crowd. Everybody who needed to cool down could have some drinks at the bar.

To keep it fair the guys, girls and juniors started separately to provide equal opportunities.

Every run, two skaters danced at the same time. Damn, it was amazing seeing different styles and combinations.

Of course there needed to be some judges, who valued the flow, the tricks and of course the run in general.

You surely can imagine how every single skater did his/ her best to convince the judges.

After three runs the best 16 out of each category of groups were chosen and on Sunday the finals were breathtaking for everybody. The participants of that contest did their best and skated their heart out.

But infact it was much more important for ever single one of us to have fun skating with friends.

In the end the judges had to make up their minds and make a decision about who was going to win the Euro Dance Championship 2013. People started to get crazy getting to know who finally made it to the podium!

For heavens sake, hearts pumped abnormally fast and finally the representation of the results was held –

Jeff from Berlin won the 1.Euro Dance Championship. Can you imagine how everybody was freaking out? -not just the Berliners!

Wow! He made it! Lotfi from Paris was in hot pursuit – he made it 2nd place and Luutse from the Netherlands placed 3rd.

The juniors were in no way inferior to the men!


They kicked ass!

Konrad from Leipzig could tightly come out of top against Simon from Berlin.

Last but not least the results of the ladies were announced!

Woop! Woop!

Esther from Berlin placed 3rd, Femke from the Netherlands placed 2nd and Melanie from Cologne placed 1st!

Congrats to everybody and thanks to all of you, who supported all riders and made that event so special.

Word by Peter Markgraf
Photos by Andre Kniepkamp –

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