Featured crew: Bourre House Media


Really epic conversation with 3 drunk chaps about their Blutcher Longboard private jet, skating in Paris and the reason behind their strange crew name.
Hey guys, where are you from?
Arno: From Paris, France.
Patrick : I’m from the United States, born in New York, I moved to Paris 20 years ago.
Clem: I’m from Luchon, South France.

When did you start skating?
Arno: Started street skateboarding 10 years ago, longboard 7 years ago when I arrived in Paris. That’s where I met Clem & Patrick.
Patrick: I started skateboarding summer 2003, when I was finishing high school. I discovered slalom skateboarding, Thursday nights in Paris, built my first slalom skateboard, and I’ve been skating pretty much everyday since then.
Clem: When I was 9 years old. Destroying curbs and steps till I was 16, then discovered bowl/park and became addicted. Started Longboarding with Arno in 2005 so 7 years ago.

You all longboard together now?
Patrick: Yep. When we’re not hanging out, drinking whiskey, going to concerts.
Arno: Yes, we try to skate together as often as possible with the team (Fernand, Alexis, Pierre, Laurent, Marvin, Colo, Baptiste, Lazloo, Flav).
Clem: Most of the time yes, but we are friends before teammates.

What kind of music do you guys like?
Arno: Hardcore, Electro, Trip-hop, traditional tyrolean music.
Patrick: Action Branson and Philipp Glass.
Clem:  HxC, Metalcore, Hip Hop, Dubstep, Folk, Post Rock, Post Hardcore, Nana Mouskouri.

What do you listen to when you skate?
Arno: I don’t listen to music when I skate, I tried it but didn’t like it. But before yes. When we are in the car. We all listen to hardcore, so listen this sound in it.
Patrick: Me neither, if you listen to music, you can’t hear traffic. And scooters can hurt, ask Clément.
Clem:  Fuck yeah. You must pay attention to others when you’re riding. But during quality time runs, I listen to Slayer, but only when I’m alone on a closed road.

What is the longboard scene like in Paris?
Arno: It’s a little special. A lot of people who like dancing and don’t care about shredding hills.
It’s always great to see people on a skateboard in Paris and we try to give them some advice (like wearing a helmet).
Patrick: Hahahaha… tough question. It’s kind of mixed. A lot of young kids that have a lot of energy and motivation, a lot of people skating real hard, that wasn’t so much the case a few years ago. But there are also a lot of posers, like everywhere, especially in the summertime.
There used to be a good slalom crew as well. But since a few guys moved away, the slalom scene has kind of died. But there still are the “Pirate” slalom races every month where the best parisian slalomers compete.
Clem: Many different scenes in the same place I think, Paris is big! Dancing crews, no helmet guys, noobs, assholes, cool young guns…

Do you guys belong to a crew?
Clem: We are the crew. Bourrehousemedia, just a name of some guys, we’ve been friends for a long time! But like most of the french we belong to an association, Riderz for me (Paris)
Arno: BHM yes. Some people ask us “How can I be in the crew?” but  we aren’t that kind of crew, just good friends who like to be together and have fun.
Patrick: BHM all the way.

You 3 are the crew?
Clem : No! Baptiste, Fernando, Lazloo, Pierre, Colo, Marvin, Laurent Perigaut etc All our friends around us who skate belong to that. BHM is just a name for a website, we are just friends.
Arno: I <3 Fernand
Patrick: It’s more than a crew. It’s a spirit. We skate with the people we hang out with.

Why do you call yourself BHM?
Clem: It’s just a name for a website, we are just friends. BHM = BourreHouseMedia, a joke on Skatehousemedia.
Arno: It came from a winter session 2 years ago. We said SkateHouseMedia had sun and awesome hills and us, well we had flat spots and rain, but we party like nobody else! (Bourré in french = DRUNK)

You’re the patron saints of drunk skaters?
Clem: If you try to follow me on a Friday night, you will see for yourself that the name we shout out is well earned.
Patrick: William Peel is our best friend.

What is the purpose of your website?
Arno: Videos from our sessions, roadtrips, holidays. Skate, Surf, Snowboard, depends of the season.
We also make announcements for events like outlaw races on small spots in Paris where everybody can skate.

What kind of ‘’discipline’’ do you practice?
Patrick: Slalom, Sliding, Dancing, Carving, Downhill. I don’t race too much Downhill, I used to do a lot of slalom racing though.
Clem : Downhill Racing, Bowl/park, Skate everything, this is fucking skateboarding!
Arno: I try to focus on slide and downhill.

Patrick, you make slalom boards?
Patrick: No, I just have a few homemade boards, some of which I made with my friend Lau, who since then started up is own Longboard brand down in Toulouse, B² Longboards (http://b2longboards.fr/).

What is your involvement with the local slalom scene and the FSSA?
Clem: nothing cause slalom sucks! and patrick is too lazy to practice for real
Patrick: Hahaha, yeah nothing really. I used to go to the local Pirate races a lot. But they’re always early on Sunday morning.
Clem : Sunday mornings Patrick is with his wife.

You guys have been skating for a long time, were you the first to longboard in Paris?
Arno: Haha no! We had some legends of longboarding in Paris. I have a lots of respect for Pappy Boyington who has an awesome blog about longboarding for everybody who’d like to start in Paris (spot maps, advice about riding and hardware).
Clem:  No no, we are the 3rd generation I think, it started around 2000 or something. Pierre Yves Ritshard, Pappy B, Chaos Tribe, the famous Cedric “Shrek” Burel
Patrick: A special shout out to Etienne de Bary and Jani Söderhall.

Who are those guys?
Clem: Cedric Burel was one of the best downhill racers in 2002/2007
Patrick: Jani Söderhall was a European slalom champion in the late eighties, he and Etienne did a lot for slalom skateboarding in Paris, with their skateshop Cone Racing , the Thursday slalom sessions and the organisation of the Paris Slalom World Cup.
Arno: Pappy B is the redactor of one of the first and biggest French blog about longskate in Paris ( http://longskate.typepad.com/). He mapped lots of longboard hill in Paris, so everybody can find them and he’s the organiser of “Longskate Video Party”. It’s an annual french video competition in a Parisian bar.

That’s a lot of history and tradition. Do these guys still skate?
Arno: Pappy B still cruises in Paris. It’s always a pleasure to see him.
Patrick: Some do.
Clem: Chaos tribe is just sleeping somewhere between Morocco, Peru etc…

Were you guys present at the LVP this year?
Arno:  Yes of course! But I must confess one thing… I spent all the evening at the bar.
Patrick: Yeah, we were there, with Clément we even won a video prize a few years back.
Clem: I don’t have any souvenirs though, I got too drunk at the video party.

What did he do to win the prize?
Patrick: We presented a video we made together called “Full metal skateboard” in the Urban category. It was a short video that we filmed in an afternoon after having found a military looking helmet at Clément’s place. We starting thinking Platoon and Full Metal Jacket and just went out to skate.

Tell me a bit more about the individual characters that make up your skate family – BHM
Clem: I’m probably the most experienced, doesn’t mean I’m the best, just been travelling to races and events for a long time now. I’m the coach, I shout at them and try to give good advice.
Patrick: I’m the more quiet sensitive one.
Clem: Patrick is the little architect
Arno: I’m the driver, without me, no freeride haha. Fernando is the funny one. Baptiste and Lazloo are our young guns, Alexis is our video editor and official cameraman. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have lot of time, and Pierre, the last to come in the team is the drawer.

Who is the tattoo artist?
Patrick: Clément.
Clem: I’d love to be, but a 6 year-old kid can draw better than me!
Arno: I think the best drawer is Pierre.

Why do you guys need a coach?
Patrick: I already have non-skateboarding friends who claim to be my coach.
But my wife is my #1 coach, she has always supported me.
Clem: Because I love to shout at them!
Arno: We are all each other’s coach. Skating together is the best way to progress. I’m always stoked when I see Patrick or Clement skating and I love to help out our young guns!
Clem: We just push each other all the time.

What is your relationship like with other crews in Paris?
Patrick: What other crews in Paris?
Clem: What is Paris?
Arno: Unfortunately we are alone.

Paris is a longboard truck, a lot of people live inside the roadside bushing and they speak a funny language and eat baguettes!
Patrick: And they all have moustaches!

Even the women?
Clem: Yeah but they wear it somewhere else.

Do you guys compete in the french downhill championships?
Patrick: I don’t. I maybe participated in a few races, but really prefer just to skate.
Clem: I do, since 2006, won the last one in september “St Ouen race” by REB crew. I’m quite involved into racing in France.
Arno: Not really. I participate in few races in the past, but I’ve never been a competitor, prefer to skate freely.

So that’s why you’re the coach! When did you start skating competitively Clemmy?
Clem: In 2006 with Nicolas Lesky, Mitch Mc Curtis and Xabi. French Championship, Then i found some sponsor, then IGSA.

What is your involvement with racing in France?
Clem : Race, help as much as I can, party a lot, see the friends from everywhere, do my best to make sponsor proud of me.

You guys all have sponsors?
Clem: I ride for Blutcher Longboard, Abec 11, Pritshard Skate Design and Riderz. I try to share as much as I can with my friends.
Arno: No, but sometimes, Clem gives me a set of wheels in return of a bottle of whisky.
Clem: “wheels for free = free party”
Patrick: I used to ride for Insect Skateboards, but since Insect has stopped its activity, I just ride the boards I have, ride the wheels Clément gives me and wear an awesome pair of sliding gloves that Mark Penman from Lushlongboards (http://www.lushlongboards.com/) gave me.
Clem: I hope Blutcher will give some board to the others.

Tim Pritchard! How did you get involved with him?
Clem: Through Aaron Spelling, good mate you must know who is riding for PSD!

When did you get on team Xavier?
Clem : I was riding for Longboardlarry since 2005, and last year Xavier who is a really good friend told me about the brand he was creating. He offered to me to ride for him, and I couldn’t say no!

I didn’t realise they sponsored any Europeans. You rode an OSD?
Clem: I was the only non-American! Yeah OSD, Komodo, tarpon, manatee, good period!
Arno was riding for ashland before!

How did you get on the team?
Clem: He saw a video, then he offered me a place.

How did you evolve from an OSD rider to a downhill racer?
Clem: Never really been a dancer, always focused on Downhill, Longboardlarry was going to start making DH board, perfect timing.

The Penguin?
Clem: No, the first DH board we made was the “Tarpon”, then the “Manatee”, then the “Minitee”! I quit when the penguin arrived.

How big is the French Downhill Championship?
Arno: I don’t participate enough to give an answer. Clem?
Clem: Around 5 races from May to September, open to everyone. It belongs to the French Federation. Organized by a French Association!

You’re part of descente?
Clem: I just give my point of view on what is gonna happen.

How often do you guys update your website?
Arno: It depends… try to put something every week on tumblr! Our FB page has some bonuses!

Do you interact with the longboard community on tumblr?
Clem: We are starting to… with BROS BEFORE PROS, you know.
Arno: I don’t know if there are other crews on tumblr. I’ve never searched. It was the easiest way for us to have a blog.
Patrick: Nope.

What are the advantages?
Clem: Tumblr is easy as fuck, it took me 15 minutes on a sunday morning to make it.
Arno: And free! Last year we had a dot com but we forgot to pay this year.

Who edits the videos?
Patrick: It depends, Alex, Arno, Clément, Flav, we all help out a little.
Arno: It’s one of our “problems”, no expert in filming and video editing. We’d love to find some students in this domain. We prefer skating instead of filming.
Clem: Too much ideas, not enough technique!

Why don’t you find some interns?
Clem: We are lazy…. but we should!
Arno:  We spoke about this, last week. Soon I hope!
Patrick: Yes, we can’t wait to start exploiting young students.

There’s a special place in prison for Starfish like you Patrick…
Patrick: I know.

How was last season for you?
Arno: My biggest one I think. Two french championship races, lots of freerides in France but also in other European countries (Italy, Slovenia) and hopefully no hurts for anybody on the team (oops I forgot Alex and his dislocated shoulder). This year promises to be incredible too.
Clem: Yeah good last season, Euro championship in italia, knk camp in slovenia, freeriding french alps, belgium… can’t wait for this summer!
Patrick: I didn’t skate too much last summer, a part from the race in Saint-Ouen and the Wallonhill freeride in Belgium, but I did get a chance to skate some awesome hills in Chile with my ninja skate buds Rodrigo Panades, Pancho Yañez Barat, and Seba Alvarez last spring.

You guys travel together in one car?
Clem: Last year road trip, we were 5 in a car, Paris to Verdiccio (italia) to Knk Camp back to Paris. Foot Smells inside! The real problem is that we are close to 10 guys now for only 2 drivers.
Arno: Yep, I’m one of the two, but it’s ok. Road trip with friends is an incredible thing, so I’m ok with it when I see their look on their faces at end of the road.
Patrick: All the time.
Clem: But most of the time I take my private jet, paid for by Blutcher longboard.

Does your private jet have a chocolate fountain?
Clem: Our private jet has a William Peel fountain  http://www.williampeel.com/
Patrick: And a mini-ramp.
Clem: ‘cause we love to practice our backflips, especially Arno, haha!
Arno: No more backflips in my riding life I promise.

I thought only pretty girls could backflip?
Al***’s mom can!
Arno: The only one who can backflip in the team is Lazloo!

What was the highlight of your season?
Arno: Last one? KnK event in Slovenia, the most incredible road I saw in my skating life.
Clem: Quarter final at euro champ Verdiccio, 7 days freeriding and partying at KNK camp, crazy road!
Patrick: Definately losTrapenses, Chile.

Was there a big French contingent at KnK?
Clem : We were around 20 i think.
Arno:  From Paris, French Alps, Normandy, and Belgian friends too.

Will you be at Bear guts?
Clem: Not sure, so far from home, and french alps are closer and better.
Arno: I’d love to but don’t know if I’ll have money and holidays!
Patrick: I’d also love to, but I have a job and a wife.

Where was the best party of the season?
Arno:  Alsace Downhill event of last year. Oh my god, too much fish alcohol. We’re going back to Alsace next month. Prepare to party for 10 years of this East French longboard association.
Patrick: Yeah, the party in Alsace was awesome.
Clem: Great one for sure!

This is the first I’m hearing of any French parties, everyone else says the Vikings win all the parties and the Czechs throw the best parties.
Clem: First Kozakov in 2009 party was unreal! But we drink hard, no worries for us … and we drink a man’s drink: Whisky!
Arno:  Czechs are good I confirmed at Koza 2010, but french parties will always be in my heart..
Patrick: Czech parties are awesome but nothing’s worth a little fish alcohol and a bunch of drunk frenchies.

What is a french party like?
Clem: That’s a secret, you must come and see.
Arno: Yep, come to a French event and it will be easier for you to understand!

What are your plans for this coming season?
Patrick: To get rich and succeed and go skate at Wünderbarr and Wallonhill.
Clem: ADH, Wallonhill, Peyragudes, St. Ouen race, and more I hope.
Arno:  ADH 10 years birthday, Wallon Hill spring, Wallon Hill summer, Chuyer, St-Ouen, perhaps Peyragudes, and a great road-trip in summer.

What is ADH?
Clem: French association, they organise freeride 3 times a year. Alsace downhill. This year is their 10th anniversary, 250 riders, 3 days freeriding !
Arno: They are in the east of France, great place, nice hills with “les Vosges” mountains. It’s where I come from.

What do you do when you’re not skating?
Arno: Work most of the time, we also go to a park near my place and practice slack line with Patrick. Great to spend some time out in the sun with a few beers.
Patrick: Yeah, work, sleep, eat… Going to exhibitions with my wife. We’ve been doing a lot of  slacklining recently.
Clem: I work as a bike messenger riding a fixie, I spend time with my girl, I think of my future tattoo.

Choose 3 numbers between 1-25

Arno: 3 – 10 – 6
3 – What impact has longboarding had on your life
Arno: So much to say about it … The most important thing, a second family with my crew.

10 – Snack – before during or after ?
Arno: Before, during or after what? you blow my mind before the end! All I can say is  that I love Fernando’s burgers.

6 – Do you like lemons ?
Arno: Only in my punch.

Clem: 12-22-1
22 – Do you have any hidden talents?
Clem: I don’t know, they are hidden.
1 – What do you take with you when you go for a skate?

My helmet, my Mp3, my gloves, my cigarettes.

12 – What’s your favourite band
Clem: Lagaf : “on a les lumieres on a la sono, les paroles c’est pas un probleme la choré vous l’a fait”

Patrick: 2 – 8 – 11
2 – Would you rather have a hook for a hand or a wheel for a foot?

Patrick: Definately the wheel.

8 – Best board you’ve ever ridden?
Patrick: I’d have to go with the current board I’m riding, the Comet Voodoo Doll.

11 – What’s your favourite sandwich filling?
Patrick: Shawarma, harrisa / sauce à l’ail (lebanese meat with spicy and garlic sauce)

You guys are crazy. This was a mad evening! I look forward to skating with you guys somewhere. Maybe party in Madrid later in the year? Or maybe if there is anything happening in Paris later?
Arno: Imagine how we are in real life… It will be a pleasure to skate with you in the future, but mostly party!!!
Thanks a lot to take time to talk with us.
Clem: I found that really well organised and pro, we are used to be more “margoulin”
Patrick: Come to Paris!
Clem: à toute berzingue!

Any thank-yous/shoutouts?
Clem: Big up à Momo 32, BG94, t’as vu! le 6 bulle! Riri, fifi, loulou, la bande à picsou WOUHOU ! Reb, Mrc, Blutcher, Abec11, Psd, all the buddies, my girly (coin coin)
Arno: All the other bro’s from BHM who weren’t with us tonight. Love you guys.
Belgian friends too (see you in two weeks in Wallonhill!), and all others friends I forgot!
Patrick: A special shout out to my wife who’s always been there and to Luchon.