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Does your skate crew have a man named ROAR? A secret initiation cave/hill? World renown party winners? uGGabuGGa does! Read on to find out what these stoke spreaders & mom shredders are preparing for TMI lilyhammer.

Hej guys, how are you doing?
Ced: Great, really tired though after a long skate trip.

Kula: Doing good man. Opening my tattoo shop just after Lilyhammer race! So stoked. Dream is coming true.
Lasse: Doing alright, spending the evenings following my fellow skateboarders as they plow through the Norwegian nationals.

Marius: I’m okay. Just a little sore in my left calf. After two weeks of skating in the west coast of Norway.

Roar: Doing awesome. Assbandits tour vol 2 is on… skating epic roads.

Morten:  In Norway.

Yay. Finally! Call it ink & bacon?
Kula: Haha. That would be greasy. I’m actually naming it after an old Norwegian ship. Christian Radich. So, Radich Tattoo. My dad was on that ship for a while in his sailor days, so it’s kinda to salute to him and also because I like the sailor history and old school tattoo-style.

Lasse: Should call it Eggs & Bacon, since every time someone hits the pavement its always nice to ask if they would like some Egg with that Bacon.

What did you get up to last weekend?
Ced: Did an outlaw in Kula’s “backyard” two Saturdays ago. A gnarly steep road, then drove up to Voss and skated every day in the mountains up there. We had the Norwegian Champs and we ran a masters (35+) race, I won! Stoked!
Lasse: Got drunk, stole a miniature garden gnome and puked in the taxi on my way home.
All in all, a good weekend.

Kula: uGGabuGGa Outlaw race in my “backyard” went down hard last weekend. So rad. uGGabuGGa takin’ over.

Marius: Yay. The outlaw was sick. Got third and beat Kula on his playground, getting revenge after the last outlaw where he beat me. After that, I got fourth qualifying at Voss having the best Norwegian time. I ended up fourth in the race, and second in the National championship.

Morten: Yeah Outlaw race and Voss! Was pretty awesome.

Unai photo?
Unai photo?

How many Voss’ have you done?
Ced: This was my 3rd one, been alternating between Maryhill and Voss every other year.

Kula: 2. Haven’t been there in 5 years soooooo I suck. Next year. I hope.

Lasse: Was there a couple of years ago with some friends from Ringebu. We had a party the night before and we missed out on the qualifying… that sucked..

Roar: 4 times…

Morten: 4

Marius: I think this was my fourth. so I guess fourth is my number this year.

What’s the worst thing that’s happened because of partying hard?
Ced: No comment!


What made this one special?
Ced: I got there early and got to skate all the famous freeride hills before the comps. Hills like Donald a.k.a Anaconda, Vikafjell, Stalheim (18%) and Sweeper Heaven. The weather was really good and a lot of snow up in the mountains made for some epic scenery. Also my knee held up as I couldn’t skate for about a month beforehand due to pain.

Kula: I was not there so it was not so special.

Marius: I finally got to skate a big final. The final was Me, Ali Nas, Erik Lundberg and Adam Persson. So I’m pretty stoked taking fourth with two former world champs in the final.

If I’m correct, the Swedes win this race more often, when do you get to kick their asses?
Marius: I would like to say on Lillyhammer, or next year at Veko, but I’m not that cocky. Hehe.

Ced: The Swedes have a long downhill history and have seemed to foster new serious talent. Funny really that there are no real downhill comps over there anymore, yet they are all fast.

Congrats on the win, Papa Ced! What did it take to get the gold?
Kula: Race advice from me. Haha.

Ced: True, I was last out of the start and got blocked going into the second corner. I remember Kula telling me that one can grip the corner, so I did…. sort of. Got lots of exit speed and hunted down the last rider.

What is the Norwegian championship?
We have a couple of Norwegian Cup race during the season. One of these races are designated as the Norwegian Champs.

Is the NDSF still alive?
Kula: Alive yes. Cedric is still top dawg. I am also onboard this year.
Ced: What he said. Pretty good actually, we have some new board members like Kula and Herman Ottesen.

What’s the future of NDSF and what are you doing to take it there?
Ced: Just keep it tight and good. Maybe some sponsors so we can help TMI / Sam to organize more events.
Would like to get a closed downhill / freeride track built. There are plans for this, but it’s going to take time.

You mentioned uGGabuGGa earlier. What’s that?
Kula: That is THE most badass crew in Norway. Founded by some badass dudes, Morten and Roooooaaaaar.

Lasse: Watch the Vimeo / Youtube films. You know in modern children films they hide some grownup humor into it? Let`s just say Morten did that to the film.

Roar: pure radness.extreme awesomeness and plenty of love.and some skating..hehe

What role does a crew play?
Ced: Mayhem! A couple of years ago, there were quite a few teams and crews. Groups of DH skaters just hanging together. Roar and Morten started  uGGabuGGa. It grew and Kula and I were asked to join. I think we are the only active crew today. It’s all just a bit of fun.
This year Ugga are organizing a pretty gnarly outlaw series. 10 comps.
Lasse: As Ced says, it’s the biggest thing in motion in the Norwegian downhill community.

Do you have a secret cave/handshake?
Kula: Nope, we have secret hills that everyone wanna skate.

Lasse: Roowars den is more or less the Bat cave… A lot of freaky things go on inside there. I dare not say more!

Morten: we cross swords!

What does one have to do to get an invitation?
Kula: Roar and Morten can probably answer that properly, but I think the first demand is being hot.

Roar: haha can’t talk about it.

And having a beard?
Beard is optional.


What role does each of you play in the gang?
Ced: Well Roar and Morten makes sure the party is going off!

Lasse: You can look at it as a family, Cedric being the loving mom, Kula the cool Tattooed Dad, Marius the oldest child, Rowar &
Morten the crazy twins. Caspar is currently working as a pirate at sea. and I’m the lost child at Disney World no one has seen for a little while.

Roar: Right on point with Lasse.

Why do you love being part of this family?
Kula: I love it because its a good little gang with old street/vert skaters that love pretty much all kinds of skating. We search for awesome hills and sometimes go out on “hillfinding missions” and just having a good time with rad friends.

What’s your outlaw series called?
uGGabuGGa Outlaw Cup 2015.

Where are the races?
Kula: Spread all over uGGabuGGa domain. 10 different hills. Best outta 6 races wins

Wins what?
Ced: entry cash from all the races… I think!

Kula: We are using the entry fees to make some really cool trophies and if there are some smackaroos left, maybe the winners get that too. Or beers to uGGa members for being stoke spreaders and mom shredders.

What’s the response been like so far?
Ced: I’ve only done one due to my knee not working right. But I’ve heard that everyone is happy.

Kula: We have been having great feedback on the races. People are stoked and loving the racing but also that it is laidback, no stress, just fun. Only done 3 so far and people looking forward to the rest.

Which is the best track of the 10?
Kula: Hmm. Hard to say, but one of my favourites must be the Rune Hill. It is pretty short, but it has the most awesome sweepers on the top section and the last straight gets you to 90k+ if you dare.

Morten: Sukkertoppen was sick! And I hope swingers hill is gonna be an awesome one!

Roar:I think sukkertoppen/sugarhill is a good one.

Are you allowed to race in your events?
Kula: Hell yeah. I am 2nd with the overall points right now. Tied with uGGabrother Marius.

Marius: yeah. Game is on now. Hehe.

Wait. There’s more than 5 of you?
Kula: Yeah we are 7
Ced: 8? Its Morten, Roar, Marius T. Jørgensen, Lasse Morin, Caspar Grette, Kula, Sondre and me.
Caspar is out the rest of the season with a broken foot.

Poor Caspar. How are you staying stoked without skating?
Caspar: Not stoked at all haha. Trying to take one day at a time and think about all the awesome skating I had before I got injured.

Morten: We try our best to keep his mood up by sending him pics and updates from our skate trip! Hehe.

Ced: And porn…..

How did you break it?
I was in #Gnarlicante skating with Pablo Quiles. We were skating one of the their classic hills when I came into a corner and had just enough speed to scrub out and hit the guardrail. Ended up doing surgery in Alicante and the guys took super good care of me!

Have you guys done any trips together?
Kula: Yeah we have done a few. Never been a bad one. It just can’t go wrong with uGGabuGGa. If something bad happens it’s still awesome!

Marius: Roar, Morten and I are out tripping right now. Doing the “#AssbanditsTour 2015” across the Norwegian mountains of the middle and westcoust. Slaying paivement with Ville Hietala, Ilkka Nenonen and Lars Mikalsen, who also tagged along. During this interview, Vegar Tvete and Oda also joined us up here in Trollstigen.


Any euro trips together?
Marius: Not for me. But Kula has tried to make it some times now.

Kula: Yeah, I think I have started 3 or 4 euro trips and never finished it because of injuries. Hahaha. Hopefully I will make the whole damn tour.

Ced: The old DDC gang did a trip to Insul at the Euro Champs a couple of years back.

What’s a uGGabuGGa party like?
Caspar: Well…

Marius: Roar and Kula can talk about the “Team unique” thing going down occasionally.

Kula: Well, lets just say that we will win the party everytime. A party with uGGa always contains nudity, destroying of Roar’s apartment, blood, sometimes broken bones and so on and so on. We are dangerous. End of story.

Roar: Nudity and destroying my apartment. Hehe.

What’s the difference between uGGabuGGa and DDC?
Ced: DDC was the original crew from Drammen (Drammen Downhill Crew). Some of the riders moved to Oslo, so it was only Kula and me left. It’s still there, just not any activity.

What have you guys been up to this year?
Marius: Me and my girlfriend got a dog. His name is Buddha. Such a kind soul and a true heart melter. Beside that and trying get work, I try to skate as much as possible just having fun with my skateboard.

Kula: Not much really. Have been skating as much as I can, but there has been a lot of working and also a lot of work with my new tattoo shop. Can’t wait to open my store!

Ced: My son is into football, so I’ve been to a lot of matches and training. Haven’t skated that much until now due to a painful knee. Made up for it now though! Never skated so much.

How will you spend the rest of the year?
Marius: I’m going to skate Lillyhammer, then maybe some smaller events on the fall. And organizing a little race called Kongsberg downhill fest. Skating the indoor park when the snow comes. And teaching skateboarding to kids.

Kula: Working in my studio and skating every comp in Norway. Cup races all outlaw races. Really wanna do the South African race too. Its already been 5 years since last time. Skating is a bit on hold this year because of my tattoo studio.

Cedric: Going to the WC in Lillehammer, then off to KNK Camp at the end of July. Mid August I’m doing the European Slalom Champs and going to try and not get last place! In-between, I’m supposed to paint the house so my wife doesn’t kill me…


What do you do you do when you’re not skating?
Marius: I try to do some yoga, work with kids, taking a course to become a “relationship therapist”, and play with my dog or girlfriend. Besides Cedric, I might be the most boring one in the crew. Hehehe. Except for Lasse. He can only answer on this question.

Cedric: Boring? My life is full of excitement! Go to work, come home, sleep, repeat! Joking aside, got a lot to do with running NDSF, like messing with computers, my motorbike, doing stuff with the kids. Just back from camping in the wood with my son.

Kula: Working, thinking of skating, kids and some tattooing.

Any advice for the people reading this coming to Lilyhammer?
Kula: Bring an extra liver and beware of knives. Oh… And watch you backs cuz I’m bringing my street-luge.

Ced: Beer is expensive! Sell that extra liver on the black market to pay for beer.

This has been a fun, chaotic experience, good luck this weekend!
Marius: Thanks. Have a nice one!
Ced: Thanks.

Any last words?
Kula: Thanks to Bombsquad Longboarding Rockstar Energy Drink, Venom, Gangster Grip, Rogue Trucks, Longboardgarage and Footprint Insoles for supporting me. Ke$ha or Die.

Marius: Have fun kids.  :* and thanks to Boardranch.no, Landyachtz, Bear trucks and hawgswheels for the support.

Live long and Prosper….. Thanks to UggaBugga, Sector 9, Vans, Longskate, 2XU, Footprint, Skanunu.


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