Featured Event: Longskate Video Party with Marvin Thine


First big European skate of the year – The Longskate Video Party in Paris. We catch up with the organiser of this awesome weekend and find out more about the longboard scene in Paris.

Hey Marvin, how are you ?
I’m ok. I feel like a wheel who takes a look on at all the miles ahead it has to run, I have a lot of work to do. But I’m okay.

Thanks for taking some time out to talk to us. Where are you from ?
I find my origins in West Indies but I’m living in Paris where I have been developing longboard promotion since 2010. I’m also the creator of UDmag Longboard Magazine – http://www.udmag.net. I try to do things to the best of my ability. Therefore giving something quality and fun to the community.

What’s the longboard scene like in Paris ?
Riders from Paris like everything about longboarding. From Downhill to Slalom, the scene is weird! Most of them make freeride and then they align themsleves to DH. But it depends on personalities – some of scene prefer pushing, others find more adrenaline in freestyle, freeride or downhill… it depends. But something incredible is the number of riders. It increases day by day. That’s really great & I’m proud to give a hand for the scene… my Homespot.

When did you start longboarding ?   
Because of my twin Brother – Keevin (love you bro) – he started longboarding before me, in 2007. I was jealous, then one day my friend had stolen a longboard which he decided to offer me for my 22th birthday. I was so happy that I started to ride without shoes while drunk. I paid the consequences but I had great sensations. Since this great & stupid day, I can’t stop riding longboards. And now, it’s like a drug or a virus. My apartment looks like a skateshop, my girl rides with me… What else can I ask for?

What do you ride ?
I ride everything that I can. From carving boards to freestyle, there is no difference because of the sensations that I feel. My freeride board is a Bustin IBACH 9 ply, this magic carpet is really good for freeriding. My speedboard is an Earthwing Mystery carbon, long enough and very comfortable, it fits to me and all my playgrounds. Because freestyle and dancing facinate me, I got a Bhangra from Loaded, crazy board to teach longboarding to my girl, it transformed a classic session into a dance show.

So you’re lucky enough to have a girl who skates, did she skate before you met ?
No, she didn’t ever touch a longboard before. She’s a sport teacher and she’s very surprising. She likes my passion, so she wanted to test that. I must admit that I’m happy… and happier than ever.

Awesome stuff. Who else do you skate with ?
I skate with all the Paris scene – Laurent Perigault, Blackkross Longboard Team, Lotfi Lamaali
(Loaded Ambassador), the BHM (BourreHouseMédia), Riderz association… there are so many people that i can’t remember all of their names.I like to meet riders from around the world. Receiving riders from others countries is a honor for me and I know that we have everything to do in gathering our skills.

Is there anything coming up in Paris to attract riders from outside the city/France ?
I think that Paris can be one of the greatest cities in Europe to Longboard. We have a Paris Push Race, we have our Greenskate (Hi Ross) and the cultural event, the Longskate Video Party – a great longboard video festival on 27th january 2012. To make our scene more attractive, we have to bring more dynamic involvement and create a solid & real network with other main scenes. Concerning Europe, one city doesn’t count – I think we have to create emulation of our work to give a real value/attractiveness toward the scene. I really want to do that… I will.

Tell us more about this event in January.
This event is an initiative of Pappy Boyington. He has suggested that I should organise the event this year.The Longskate Video Party was born in 2006. The aim of the event is to hold a contest where longboarders can expose their video work, their talents, everything around beers, meeting, media & stoke.
For this 7th edition, we planned  the video contest, a dubstep party just after, a freeride session in Paris on Saturday and then on Sunday there will be the King Of Parking 2 (https://www.facebook.com/events/178776172219046/) – a crazy race in a car park organised by Babar. We want to make something punchy and very attractive to welcome riders from Europe.

Looking forward to that. How can we keep up with the progress and watch the winning videos ?
For this event we created platforms – people can inform themselves and find the subscription form on the event Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/events/170684856359760/ – All the videos are on http://www.urbandrift.canalblog.com – people can watch longboard action and vote for their favorite videos on the blog.

Is there a central longboard organisation in France ?
There are institutional actors. We have CND on http://www.descente.fr it’s the main and institutional actor in partnership with IGSA. After that, longboard associations take the relay to develop events, promotion and stoke. That the way it works here. There are good and bad things inside but whatever works and make riders happy, I’m ok with.

What is your role in the organisation ?
I’m not a real member of the organisation. I’m a member of Riderz – http://riderz.net – this longboard association organises events and promotes longboarding in the city of Paris. We have a brand new intern office and the other members (Erika & Clement) seem to be really motivated. I really like that, it pushes me forward! I have new ideas for events and synergy to do. Things will be great for 2012.

Awesome, we look forward to seeing more of your work !
Choose 3 numbers between 1-11
3, 5 and 7 my favorites numbers!

3 – What impact has longboarding had on your life ?
It gives my life ACTION and brings sense into my life. Longboarding is my passion and the fact that I give myself to my passion, my girl rides with me… it makes me really happy and I hope I’ll realise my old student project.

5 – Who is the best skater you’ve met ?
I think it’s Olivier Bareaud. The guy is incredibly crazy and has a ride style that is totally different to others. His attitude and his experience make him subtle and confident. I appreciate the man and the rider.

7 – What is your favourite cheese ?
The “Camembert” without hesitation! This cheese is so tasty and I dig that taste in my mouth with a good glass of red wine. I hope I can meet you, I would like to share wine & cheese with friends in London.

It’s been great talking to you bro!
Thanks for the opportunity Gbemi, Everything you do in London is great and the Paris scene will be proud to welcome you for the LVP 2012 – riders from Europe are welcome. Come skate with us and share European Longboard Stoke!I know we can share things about Longboard Europe.

PS: if you want to go to Paris but don’t have anywhere to stay, hook up with some longboard couch surfers here – https://www.facebook.com/groups/171946809547620/