Featured event: Moose Hunt Level 2


Moose Hunt level 2 is the first of this year’s downhill races in Sweden and when we released the info we got over 80 registered in half a day. So it looks good for the downhill season in Sweden. The first Moose Hunt last year was a great success. We won the award for the best event of the year, we will make every effort to exceed expectations, it is time to take it to level 2.

Hand-writing ideas came from Johan Frii (the naked dude) and myself after we had a couple of pitchers made, but much is improvised on the spot. There is an explanation as to why he is naked, the fact is that there is a myth here in Sweden about a man who’s called Näcken. According to the myth, he sits in a stream and plays the violin (we had none so we had to take a flute), and he lures people into the river with his music where he drowns them. Originally Näcken did not feature much in the script. But after that our first plan to catch the moose in a net trap failed because we did not have any network. So then we had to improvise and i think it was much better – weirder but better.

The entire moose theme comes from the fact that, once a year, Sweden’s King comes here and hunts moose on this site.
I can only say it was crazy fun days when we shot the video and now the best fun will come with the competition itself.

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