Featured film-maker: Marta Guillén


Stoked to present this interview with our dear friend and talented film-maker, Marta. She tells us about the scene in Barcelona and why she enjoys working behind the camera.


Working - Eider photo
Working – Eider photo

How are you buddy?
So happy right now! and proud to be here for the first time!

Stoked to talk to you too! How was your weekend?
Normal, taking some pictures and having fun skating!

Where are you from?
I’m from Flix, a small town in Catalunya, small, but a beautiful place.

How did you start skating?
When I was a little girl I bought an old school skateboard, the cheapest one I found, and it didn’t work well. I really started when I met Eider, in Barcelona 3 years ago.

How did meeting her change skating?
She showed me how amazing skating could be and opened the doors to amazing feelings. We used to skate around the city.

What is Barcelona like for skating?
Barcelona is a nice city to learn and skate, we have good spots and most importatnly, good people who are always willing to show you new things.

When did you start skating in Barcelona?
I started skate in Barcelona 6 years ago when I rented my first longboard. I remember that day because I fell down a few times, but it was really fun, I didn’t know any longboarders, so my longboard adventure didn’t last long, then I met Eider and her friends, now the adventure continues.

Who were her friends?
Carles Yagües, Clara Clarafosca, Cristina Mandarina, Antoni Moll… and lots more from the city.

What made you fall in love with skating?
I saw people running through the streets, I saw them having fun, so I decided to try, and it made me happy! I found a way to have fun and go fast, that was and is a good feeling. Now I can go everywhere with my longboard.

What kind of skating do you enjoy most?
I love my short board, I’ve been skating with it since I started longboarding, but I started doing some freeride in the last few months and I like it so much.

Where’s your favourite spot?
My favorite spot is wherever I can skate in the city, I don’t have one in particular.

What’s your role in the BCN community?
I like to meet new people, have fun, skate and most of all, i love make videos and take pictures.

When did you start using a camera?
I started when I was 8 with my first camera, so I had my personal models; cousins and friends. I started seriously when I came here Barcelona to study Image and sound a superior cicle.

Do you prefer taking photos or videos?
I prefer videos, it’s what i like the most, but lately I’ve been taking photos.

What do you enjoy about videography?
I like how an image that I have in my mind, could be reflected later on a screen. Any moment that I’ve been imagining can be recreated with a camera. I like that I can mix images and sound, the final product is awesome.

How different are the two things?
There isn’t a big difference between taking a picture or making a clip, it’s a way to capture a moment to persist in time, but I prefer the feeling when I mix images and sound, not only in longboard: any sport. I like to express what I feel in a moment or what I want people to feel with every video I make.

What do you enjoy about capturing images of skating?
I enjoy every part and every minute I capture, even if it’s a good or bad trick; I like how a rider can repeat a trick lots of times till we have the best image. I like how they enjoy skating as I enjoy capturing what they do. It’s great to show the word this amazing sport.

What is the most important thing you try to show in your films?
I try to show the best side of a rider expressing themselves with a longboard. It’s so hard to became a good rider! Also the place where it’s filmed is an important thing. Lately I’ve been thinking that a very important thing is also the light.

How is the light important?
Maybe some people don’t care, but I love the sunlight, (sunset) and beautiful places to take photos and make videos.

Who is your favourite film-maker?
I really enjoy every Spanish video of any film-maker, like Perropro, Juan Rayos, Jesus Gomez, tresenlinea. I really like how the Original riders make special videos, I became a longboard film maker after watch some of their amazing videos.

Why are there so many good Spanish film-makers?
In Spain there is a lot of film culture, and really good cinema film makers and directors, maybe its because of our creativity.

Do you guys ever collaborate?
I’ve never had the pleasure to do it, but i would love to.

What’s your favourite skate video?
I love Greener Pastures, I can’t wait to see the next series.

How was last year for you?
Last year I made one of my favorite videos: the Eider Walls Enjoy the ride, I enjoyed making that video because we worked so hard to make it happen, we went to Basque country and I found a very beautiful places. Also I went to one of the IGSA races (Peyragudes) and I had lot of fun there and I met good people. I hope 2013 is going to be a good and better year!

What did you enjoy about the race?
I enjoyed to watch all the people and how they go so fast!

What was the highlight of your year?
I loved the Longboard Girls Crew meeting in Zaragoza because I had a lot of fun with my ladies (GOW team).

Do you have any big projects planned for this year?
I’m going to start collaborating with some online magazines with photos and videos, soon I’ll present some new videos of really good riders like Toni Serrano. I want to show the people that there are good local riders and I enjoy filming with them. Also I’m starting to work with some friends on a new video and photo project that I’m very excited with it. And we are planning some longboard trips, but we are only thinking of it .

What do you do when you’re not skating/filming?
I spend time with my family and my dogs, I love playing the guitar and singing when I don’t have much to do and watch movies.

Pick 3 numbers between 1-41.

12 – What’s your least favourite movie?

14 – If you could have any super power what would it be?

24- Favourite movie?
Into the wild.

It’s been really fun talking to you sis. Thank you for being such a rad person and translator for all the awk-some Spanish times! See you soon?
Thanks to you for always supporting me, see you really soon!

Any thank yous?
Gracias a todos los que siempre están a mi lado y a los que no, también.


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