Featured Photographer: Markus Knoblechner


Markus is a bloody good photographer and lover of all things gnar. We sat together to talk about important things in like like Mozartkugeln, downhill skateboarding and… BACON! Enjoy his eye-gasmic work below.
Halo Markus, how are you?

Hey man, I am super fine. Worked on a few pictures today and just got home from an awesome dinner with my girlfriend and some super tasty Schnitzel!

Was there any bacon in your dinner?
Haha, YES. Actually there was, because I had a special Schnitzel, filled up with cheese, onions and bacon.

Where are you from?
I am from Salzburg, Austria.

Who is the coolest person from Salzburg?
That guy that invented the “Mozartkugeln” – a ball of green pistacio marzipan covered in nougat and coated with chocolate. So fucking tasty!

Fun place to grow up?
Phuu, it’s a little touristic and well known for Mozart and stuff like that. So it is a little bit hard for a sport like skating/longboarding to get attention. But still, there are a lot of sports going on and we have good mountains and also nice lakes to go swimming after a skate session.

Are you also an artistic genius?
I am not the best painter, haha, but I try to express some artisitc work in my pictures.

When did you start taking pictures?
First time when I stole my dad’s camera when I just was a little boy. But that didn’t hold on to much that time. Nowadays I think I started back in 2011 – and I loved it from that time on.

What do you love about it?
I love to capture the moment of a sportsman when he is totally in his passion and into his sport. I love the way the picture can tell the moment what happend and you can look at the picture and think yourself into it.

Which moments are hardest to capture?
You know the blurry ones, where the skater is really in focus but the surrounding is blurry. Those are really hard when the skater hits the road at 70-90 km/h.

What were you shooting back then?
Anything. But I sucked. I remember one day when me and my family where in the Zoo in Munich and I took some pics of the animals with my finger in front of the flash. So every picture of the film we developed was black or kind of had a big black point on it. haha.

When did you stop sucking?
When I got myself more into it. That happened when I realised how good the feeling is to capture special moments of sports!
2014_07_19 IDF Almabtrieb (16 von 46)

What sports do you enjoy shooting?
I enjoy to shoot the sport I actually love to do on my own. And this is longboarding. I’ve still got some Ice-hockey pictures because I played that game for around 20 years – but my passion is more action sports orientated, like longboarding. But still, I am a rookie in the business and looking forward to shoot some pictures with my friends from other action sports like Downhill MTB, Motocross, Riversurfing, Streetskate, IceCrossDownhill and some more.

How did you get into skateboarding?
I always wanted to skate, but when I was young I focused on my Ice-hockey career. After that didn’t go the way I wanted, I immediately bought my first skateboard!

When did you first ride a longboard?
Guess that was also back in 2011.

Who were the first people you met who also did this?
That might have been my physiotherapist, he also bought one in 2011. After this, I started to go out and skate at the local “Rollrunde” in Salzburg where everybody met at our beloved Skateshop in Salzburg and we went for a cruise. There I met a lot of guys, but didn’t thought I would go downhill with them, like together with Mr. Max Stamler!

Who is Max?
Max is the OG in Salzburg and also well known in Austrias longboarding scene.

How did meeting other people change skating for you?
They push your limits. Back in 2012 I wasn’t into downhill and freeriding and stuff like that. But I remember for example when I met my buddy Gregor “Nussi” Nussbaummüller at one of the “Rollrunde-Cruises” and we went down a local hill in Salzburg a few days later. That changed a lot.

What is the terrain in Salzburg like?
It’s nice. We have very nice hills 30 to 45 minutes drive by away and all kinds of different spots.

Is there a big community?
It is growing slowly. We have a skate association, founded by Max and a friend of his. Now, the young guys like Gregor, Tom Dammann and I are trying to push it to the next level and try to do something for the community. I also write a small blog called Longboarding Salzburg, where you can read up on what’s going on here, and also in Austria! Together we all run an association called Rollbrett where we try to do something for the community like beginners workshops for sliding or trying to get a new skatepark!

What is the next level?
To get more guys from Salzburg involved in fucking downhill skating, haha, the more, the merrier!

What do you enjoy about shooting skaters?
Man, what a question. Look at all those guys out there and what rad things they do with a piece of wood under their feet. This is so sick. Capturing this is just an awesome feeling. And shooting downhill means always being outside in nature. That is also a huge benefit of shooting skaters and shooting action sports.

What is special about downhill?
I think nature is beautiful. And the speed is also very special. Trying to communicate that with a picture is my goal.
2014_07_19 IDF Almabtrieb (8 von 46)

Do you prefer shooting events or random shots?
Actually I shot more random shots, where I can communicate with the skater. This is a very important thing for a great picture in my opinion. The communication between the skater and the photographer and also the understanding of the shot before you push the trigger. As a photographer, you mostly tell the skater where to skate to get the perfect shot.
But still, I am looking forward to shooting events to extend my skill. I have a few on the list for this season.

How have your images evolved over the years?
I tried to get more into a picture then just the skater, for example I try to get the whole surrounding into my picture. I am blessed shooting in Austria, because we have so many beautiful landscapes and this is what I try to communicate with my pics as well. For me, pulling the trigger is only half the journey, I advanced my post production as well as my photographers eye.

Surely skating is all about the skater?
True it is, but look at a picture and at the surrounding and you understand why the skater is nailing that shot and what I did!

Is post production necessary?
Mostly you have the vision of the picture in your head when you are shooting, so you have the compensation. This is the moment for me when I pull the trigger and get the picture done. For me it’s have way, because with post production you can add more into the picture and finish a very good compensation of the picture with right colour and stuff like that. So yeah, for me it’s necessary and also kind of a stylistic device.

Who are your favourite people to shoot?
I have a damn good vibe with my buddy Tom Dammann. But not a special favourite. And I love to shot action shots, I am not the best on in shooting portraits!

How was last year for you?
Also damn good. Got some nice pics done, got my first pics into the german based Magazine 40inch, skated a lot and met some damn nice guys around Austria and Germany.
Got very stoked at KnK freeride last year and also had a damn good time partying with the layback in Freiburg where the Landyachtz Distribution is located. 2014 even started better and isn’t nearly have way.

Are there any mags in Austria?
There are a lot. but no longboard mags.

How important are mags in the eco system?
Really important. I mean, I love to read mags and also hold them in my hand and have a look at pictures. In times like these, pictures are all over with the web 2.0, what is good to share the stoke, but a printed picture is so much more and is a real eyecatcher compared to web!! So, yea bro, get AAS in print done soon!

Haha. What is your favourite longboard mag?
Heelside Magazine from Australia. I have the print version at home. They have great pictures and also write in a very unique way. Also the layout of the mag is out of one’s mind and I like that rad shit.

Are you having a fun 2014?
Haha, such a good year. Started really nice at the ISPO with my buddies from rolligebrettl.de and getting in touch with the great community. A pity that we two didn’t meet up dude!
I’ve already done a lot of skating, shot some Ads for the Landyachtz Europe Dudes. Exploring new awesome roads at my home and met already a bunch of great guys. And will continue like that when I think of shooting with more great people.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?
Shooting pictures, skate, shoot more pictures and skate even more. Even building a Miniramp at a friends home. So stoked!! Shooting together with Ill Eagle Jürgen Gritzner, the Landyachtz dudes from Austria and shooting at some Events, like I-Berg Race and IDF Almabtrieb in Germany as well as LoRaLo in Austria. Maybe I’ll add some more.

What do you do when you’re not skating?
Having a good time and studying sports journalism. Also trying to get my feet on other boards like my river-surf-board or snowboard in winter time!! It’s all about boards!

Pick 3 numbers between 1-40.
6, 9, 40 (has somebody ever picked 40?)

Yes! 6 – What is the strangest food you’ve eaten?
A mussel, that dug itself into the sand – I picked it out, opened it and ate that thing raw! Damn salty, haha!

9 – What song would you like played at your funeral?
Fuck! Never thought of yet, but if you ask like this, I actually like to have an Rock N Roll song!

40 – Which world leader would have been the best downhill skater, and why?
There is no way I can think of anybody for doing such a rad thing! They are slowpokes!
2014_07_19 IDF Almabtrieb (37 von 46)

MK! Thank you so much for your patience and for your beautiful photos. Looking forward to Mozartkugeln one day!
Yeah dude. Was a pleasure. We will have some bacon and beer when we met up someday! Have a good time and keep up the stoke!

Any last words?
‘nought said! haha! No, just joking, last words? – Treat your photographer with love!


2014_07_19 IDF Almabtrieb (29 von 46)

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