Featured rider: Adam Andersson


He may only have one arm, but that doesn’t stop Adam from having a blast on his board or hunting bears! Get inspired.Hey Adam, how are you?
Hey! I’m good! How about you?

Where are you from?
I’m from Herrljunga, in the west of Sweden!

What’s it like there?
It’s boring haha. No hills at all!

When did you start skating?
2011, I got a cruise board. But I started skating more serious in the summer 2012.

What made you start taking it more ‘’serious’’.
I went to Gothenburg one day to skate with them. Since that day I have been skating with them like every week! They are just awesome.

Who is ‘’them’’?
I went to “slottis” and there I met Fanny Fannshine Ahlm, Malin Haapaharju, Tommy Zippo Andersson and a few more.

Haha. Fanny Fannshine! Real name?
Fanny Ahlm but Fannshine is now her real name.

How did meeting those guys change skating for you?
Before I met them, I didn’t know anything about longboards. I was just cruising around and did some sliding. Since I met them, I started skating down hills and I have learnt a lot.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learnt from them?
I have become a much better skater since I met them. The skaters in Gothenburg are AWESOME!

What’s your favourite thing to do on your board?
Definetly going down an awesome hill! Or maybe just going fast, but I barely do that. I also like to play a game of chess on my board.

What is the community in Gothenburg like?
It’s hard to describe. When I’m in Gothewnburg it’s often with our crew, FannyTasticCrew (FTC). It consists of me, Gurra Funck Norrhäll, Zeke Harald Edberg, Malin Haapaharju, Fanny Fannshine Ahlm, Esaja Samuel Ekman, Jacob Flossan Heden, Lowe Abrahamsson and Johan Flowhan Strand. But there are plenty of stoked skaters in Gothenburg!

Where else in Sweden have you skated?
I have been skating local in Herrljunga but it really sucks! And Gothenburg. That’s it i think!

Do you ever find skating to be a challenge?
Yeah of course, like when I’m going in to a toeside turn and have to slide. It kind of sucks that I left my right hand somewhere so I can’t throw out a toeside predrift meaning I have to do a coleman !

Where did you leave your right hand?
I actually never had one hehe. I might have left it somewhere, tell me if you see it.

How do you battle bears?
I start to dance and sing some Swedish schlager! They die instantly.

How did it affect your riding in the beginning?
Well, it helped a lot with the balance I think, also in sliding but not much when I’m going downhill.

Did anyone say anything when they noticed you left your arm at home?
I don’t think so, I got a few curious messages that evening from guys, they thought it was cool that I was riding with one arm.

Are there any advantages to skating with one arm?
I don’t feel any cold on my right hand!

And you get to buy one glove?
I didn’t buy my glove, I got it from Tommy Zippo Andersson at JSM longboards.

What advice do you have for anyone who thinks they can’t skate?
If you really want to skate you will be able to do it, you just need the will. And a solution of your problem.

What was the solution for you?
I just wanted to skate so I have not thought about any problems till recently when I had to do toeside slides, so I am working on my solution. Maybe I will just grow a right arm, I can google how to do it.

It probably involves a lot of bacon!

Did you ever think you couldn’t skate because of your missing arm?
No, when I was skateboarding I didn’t see any problems, so when I started longboarding I thought it would be the same. The only struggle I have is my toeside turns, but it will go just fine!

What do you enjoy about skating?
Everything from the speed to the awesome people you meet, I get really happy when I am skating a nice hill with nice stoked people.

What do you like about going fast?
I like the adrenaline when I am standing on my board feeling scared, and I like when I get down the hill all shaky and just wanna go again!

What do you ride?
I ride a Landyachtz Switchblade with hawgs mini monsters 78a and radikal talon hanger and randal 42* baseplates!

What are you looking forward to this year?
A lot of skating and maybe a few competitions and also I am super stoked on KnK! I hope I can go there. Also just travelling around in Sweden and skating with all the awesome Swedes! And of course find a solution for my toeside problem.

What do you do when you’re not skating?
I’m hanging with friends, and also cykling (mountainbike) and running. Also skating regular skateboard. Sometimes I even do homework.

Choose 3 numbers between 1-41.

2 – Would you rather have a hook for a hand or a wheel for a foot?
Since I don’t have a spare arm I think I would go for the wheelfoot.

22 – Do you have any hidden talents?
I am mad at table tennis!

37: Daisy Johannes asks: What is the craziest thing you’ve crossed paths with while skating down roads?
One time when I was riding a hill and a wild pikachu ran by! Or maybe it just was a bird, but I think it was pikachu.

It’s been fun talking to you bro, keep having fun on your board and good luck finding a solution to toeside turning!
It has been fun talking to you too!If  I’m lucky I might find a right arm at the super market.

Any thank yous?
I wanna thank all the nice skaters in Gothenburg that made me the skater I am.

http://www.facebook.com/TeamLakritspipa?fref=ts gurra, Jacobs, Zekes, Esajas and Lowes team!

http://ripit.blogg.se/ Malins and Fannys rad blogg!

also check out http://jsmlongboards.com/butik/

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