Featured rider: Adam Persson


Boardyness, freerides, skatehockey, rubiks cubes, bacon and FOLLOWING THE FUN. Enjoy my wacky conversation with the Swedish Downhill Champion. PS: At the end of this is a challenge from him to YOU! Can you DOWNHILL RUBIKS?

Hey Adam, thanks for talking to us. Where are you from?
No problem man! I’m from Stockholm, Sweden.

When did you start skating?
Ehm, I think I was 10 or 11. My brother bought a skateboard and started skating with his friends.
I thought it looked cool and wanted to try it out, and have been skating ever since. I picked up longboard 4 or 5 years ago. Best decision of my life!

Still riding the same board from 5 years ago?
Haha, not really no! I’ve had several since then. The longboard I had was a short slalom board. Really narrow, really short. Super fun to take to school! But my riding has evolved and I’ve wanted to try new styles of riding. I still have it though, still a superfun board!

Do you still slalom?
Yeah I do! I try to variate my skating as much as I can. I really do enjoy all types of riding and slalom has helped my skating evolve a lot. It gives you that “board feeling” you know?

What ever makes you happy man! ;p

Haha. Aside from slalom what do you do?
Street skating, pool, miniramp, skatehockey haha, downhill/freeriding! Mostly downhill and freeriding!

Haha WTF? Skatehockey?
Haha yeah man! A couple of guys here in Stockholm saw some guys playing land hockey on their skateboards. They had skateboards, a hockey stick and a beer can and played “skatehockey”. So we did what they did, and here I am!

Rules, location, league, players? Where does this madness occur?
Hahaha ehm, we just make up rules as we go along. As long as everybody is happy, it works!
We usually play in empty garages, 3 vs. 3 depending on how many we are! It’s A LOT of fun!

How does one win?
As in regular ice hockey. The one with the most goals walks away as the champion!

Is it all down to speed and the woman/man with the biggest stick?
Haha, sure! Why not! haha.. I guess boardyness is the key here, and having fun!

Can you score with your board e.g speed check the beer can into the goal?
I guess! Like I said, we make up rules as we go along. haha, i’m really not sure!

Insane! You must get some gnarly injuries from this. What’s the best you’ve seen?
We try not to kill each other. It’s all for the fun of it, and what’s the point if you can’t skate tomorrow? I think the worst is a bloody nose.

Lamin Cassama, gnarly grom!

Where do you get to freeride/downhill?
We skate what is skateable. Now, during the winter we mostly skate garages and spirals. Beacuse of the snow. In the summer time we skate the hills that we feel puts the biggest smile on our faces. My new favorite hill in Stockholm is “Hairpin City”, not a very fast hill(40km/h). But quite techy, especially if you put 7-8 guys into it at the same time. The hill is featuered in “The Hills of stokeholm” on this site!


Who do you skate with?
Whoever wants to skate! I skate with everyone! That’s what brought me into this lifestyle, the people. Everyone skates with everyone!

Sweet. Are there local crews in the city?
I guess! It’s starting to form now. I’m not really sure if it’s a good or a bad thing. I want this to be built on passion, as one big family! Everyone should be able to join/skate. But if crews make people happy. Go for it, I just skate!

Longboarding is blowing up all over Europe, last summer saw record attendances at events, did this trend extend north?
Yeah for sure! This year we had the first ever Swedish Downhill Cup. Four events in Sweden with a lot of people at every race. Really stoked!

Nice! Who is organising these events?
An organistation called Longboard Sweden (www.longboardsweden.se). Filled with people who loves to skate.

Boardy people! What’s your involvement with the organisation?
None last year I’m afraid! Didn’t really have the time because of all the travelling. I payed the member fee to make sure I gave some support and attended all the races though.
Would be cool to help them in some way, and I will as much as I can. But I will travel a lot this year as well.

How did you do in the Swedish Downhill Cup?
I won it! Super stoked! Have been a really fun year and winning was just the icing on the cake.

The champions

Yeah!! Congratulations. You took it’s Cupginity.
Hahaha thanks man! My favourite race was the Swedish Championships for sure and it was also the hardest road. Super fun, really fast and super techy track. It’s called “Ormen” or “The Snake” in English, you probably hit just under 80km/h into a really narrow 90 degree left. It was raining the whole weekend, but we still managed to stay happy and race that crazy road. Freeriding that track with all your friends in the rain is probably one of the best memories from this year. Everyone was really really stoked!

How was the rest of the season for you?
Traveling around the globe, hitting up four or five IGSA races, mostly in Europe, but I also went over to Calgary, Canada for the Winsport race. That was a lot of fun! Went to Norway a couple of times as well. Always superfun to skate with the Norwegians, damn they’re fast! But they all have fun skating, and you always feel at home even though it some rivalty inbetween the countries, haha.Friendly neighbour rivalry

Skatehockey rivalry?
Nope! Might be, this year! Haha, you just gave me a great idea.. I’ll keep you posted!

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Bacon sandwich?
Nooooooooooo! But that would’ve been awesome right now. Might go and make myself one after this and some freshly pressed orange juice!

Are you the downhill chef?
That would be something of an epic TV show! But no!

Epic hill time!
Hahaha spot on bro! Spot on!

Fun times ahead! It would be absolutely awesome to have an AllAroudSkatehockey championship, with proper rules, not Adam making them along the way (aka cheating)!
Haha, I’m down! Host it and I’ll make sure to bring a team.. Or come join us this saturday?
It’s not too far man!

Longboard Ninja

To -7 degrees? No freaking chance! This summer we hear there is a gathering in Stockholm, if you guys provide hockey sticks, we’ll bring prizes (biscuits).
Absolutley! Sounds super fun.. Already stoked!!

You’ll be at ‘The Gathering’?
I’m not really sure! If I’m in Stockholm, yes! Would be cool to see how many people it will be this year. It has grown so much just over the summer. So it will probably be a blast for everyone who is there.

How was it last year? When did it start?
I wasn’t there last year either. Was out of town, wasn’t home much at all last year. But I heard from people and saw pitures of it. For Stockholm, LOTS of people! Really cool to see that longobaard is growing like crazy. As long as we can keep it passionate and keep the Riders to Riders spirit alive. I’m happy!

Haha Riders to Riders, that’s what Ishti kept saying when we interviewed her.

Well, the Kahalani store was the first place I went to when I got my first board. I had heard so much about them. And it was true! I stood in the shop for probably 2 hours talking to Dan Åhlström. Back then, when I was mostly a street skater, I didn’t really know much about the whole thing. Dan taught me everything I needed to know, he let me try out a couple of boards and I got hooked. Right that instant! Both Mike and Dan (the Kahalani brothers) are so friendly and so passionate about what they’re doing. I have them to thank for many things. They both breathe “Riders to Riders”, it’s all they do. So I got inspired and have lived after it ever since.

Sounds like they do a lot for the local scene. Which is awesome to hear.
Yeah they do, awesome guys!

What do you ride?
At the moment, I ride a Kahalani prototype board, Kahalani 184 trucks (venom 90a/90a), kahalani bearings (regular abec 7s or ceramics depending on the course. But that’s more of a mental thing for me). Wheels? Mostly sector9 race formulas, the soft ones. But I do change wheels pretty often so whatever I can get a hold of. Something really sticky under my feet as well.

Funny you mention that about ceramic bearings, people shell out crazy money for them sometimes. Have you tested yourself on clean ceramics VS clean steel ABEC7s?
No, I’ve haven’t really! Like I said, more of a mental thing. The Kahalani ceramics aren’t very pricey so that’s why I tend to change to them when the courses are more open. What I mean by that is you don’t have to slide very much. They feel smoother in my head and whatever feels good gives you an advantage when you’re racing. Steel when the roads are techy!

What’s your favourite track to race in the world?
I absolutly love “Ormen” here in Sweden! But it’s weakness is that it’s a “2-man-racing-hill”.
Otherwise, Kozakov! Wow, great track! FAST, really techy at the top, more of a drafting-part at the bottom. Superfun hill!
But it’s not always the hill. It’s the people you ride with! You can have this awesome hill, and ride it with people who forget to have fun. Then it’s not worth it! If you always ride and make the most of the hills you’re riding. Then it’s worth it! EVERY TIME! Having fun and spreading joy is what skateboarding is about!

Fun Face

What are your plans for next season?
Well, try to race in the US. I’ve never been there to race. Looks cool!
I will also try to head over to Cali to freeride some over there. Otherwise just travel where the board takes me. VOSS for sure, had a great time there last year in the pouring rain. Peyragudes! I’m not really sure man. Follow the fun! haha, can you even say that? (when have skateboarders ever payed attention to rules) True! FOLLOW THE FUN!

You must come to Bo Peep ‘’Crash and Burn’’ in June!
Heard about that race. England right?  Looks like a sick road! I might!

No hockey sticks though!
I’ll bring some! Otherwise, we can improvise. Branches?

Elk horns?
Why not? Go for it!

What do you do when you’re not skating?
Good question, during the summer, I hang out with friends and work. During the winters I try to ski as much as i can, and of course work to pay for all the traveling and skating. I also solve one or two rubiks cubes from time to time.
During summer time I work in the Kahalani store. Mike and Dan have given me the opportunity to work there and I’m super stoked. During the winter when there isn’t very much to do in the store. I mount and wax skiis!

Have you tried downhill rubiks?
I’ve had that in mind for 2 years! But haven’t really done it yet.. Challenge accepted!

Current record by James ‘’Frostie’’ Frost is 52 seconds.
I should be able to do better. I’ll post you a video as soon as it’s dry outside! haha

Ladies and gentlemen, the birth of the Rubiks Downhill challenge. Winner gets half a biscuit.
I’m on it! Those biscuits you were talking about sounds delicious!

They are not baked in a stove, but a Stoke! (last bad joke from me this week)

It’s been a great pleasure talking to you bro!
Just 3 questions left. Choose 3 numbers between 1-20

The pleasure is all mine! 2, 4, 6!

2 – Would you rather have a hook for a hand or a wheel for a foot ?
I’d go for the hook, or can I choose a replacable slidingpuck? Would have have some problems standing on my board with a wheel… Hooked puck maybe ‘’huck’’

4 – Whos is the best person you’ve seen skating ?
The best? I really don’t know. But I always enjoy skating with my friend Morre, Maurtiz Armfelt(Morre). He’s always stoked beyond belief, and that is worth so much more! But he’s not only stoked, he’s really good too.. Maybe there is a connection? hmm…

Adam and Morre

6 – Do you like lemons ?
No! They’re pretty to look at, but no!

Haha great stuff. Keep the fire burning man, looking forward to skating/hockey soon.
You too! Me too man, this summer for sure! FOLLOW THE FUN!