Featured rider: Alfred ”Bipo” Cano


Fun chat with one of the Daggers of the Spanish scene. Bipo tells us about his love for skating sideways, being a skate teacher and his search for someone special.

Bipo! How are you?
Perfect because yesterday was a great day, I worked in the morning, spent the afternoon studying and skated at night! I’m very happy because this weekend in Castellon, we have a freeride! And I’ll be able to skate and see my Spanish family.

What do you study?
I’m studying a Master of Secondary Education. Last year I finished my studies at the National Institute Physical Education. And I know in the future I’ll be a teacher. Skating, physical education, I don’t know if it is all possible!!

Skate teacher?
Yeah! Actually my old professor and I are planning skate classes for students at INEF in Barcelona (only three). If this works, we may go to the primary or secondary schools!

What do you hope to achieve as a skate teacher?
Only to get children to learn about skateboarding, and that some enjoy the good feelings as I do. Also that skateboarding is a sport! The same as football, basketball etc. Starting to teach it in schools is the first step.

How do you make a football crazy nation feel passion for skating?
They are both different because football moves much more money than skate and longboard, but I think the important thing is for people to get up and move! And that they sit in front of the computer or television all day.

How can skateboarding change lives?
Maybe not for everyone, because each person is different. For me it has changed everything, it is comparable with addiction, obsession. When I’m on a longboard: downhill or freeride or doing techslide, etc, I’m totally focused on that. No family, no girlfriend, no job, only the ride.

When did you first get addicted?
Easy, when I started to meet people, because the best thing about longboarding is this family, and that each one is more crazy and shares your madness.

How did you get into skateboarding?
I started to skate only as a means of transport. In my area, there was no skating five years ago, now it has grown from a few people to many throughout Barcelona.

Who else was skating in Barcelona when you started?
I started with two great friends Carla Ranera and Miquel Darder, and later I met my current team the “LSD”. I only knew three crews then “Longboard Mediterranea“, the “Jartos” and family “Pearson”. I stared to meet with these people 2-3 years after I started. It’s all a big family and the teams are the surnames.

What is LSD?
It’s a group of friends who skate downhill together, a small family team! LSD is (Linial Speed Downhil!) addictive like a drug.

How did you meet them?
Met Sicario (David) at the “Slalom contest ERT”, and the others on the forum like 2-3 years ago.

When did you start slalom?
Haha well, slalom is my bad category. My best categories are DH, techslide and freeride, then slalom and finally freestyle tricks.

Is there anything you don’t do?
Ummm yes I don’t have a girlfreind! Haha.
I think all disciplines are good! Only practicing one is wrong. In the world of longboarding, you shouldn’t limit yourself because each mode gives you something: velocity and reflections in DH, freeride gives you flow and timing, techslide gives you technique, slalom balance. Everything is good!

Why don’t you have a girlfriend?
The answer is easy, I don’t have time because of work, and when I do, I only think about skating. Haha I need a long-girl.

There are many girls who skate, can’t you find love in the family?
Haha that will depend of the God of DH.

Do you have a dog?
Yes a small dog. His name is Flopi!

If there is a girl reading this who likes your moves, what would you say to her to get her to give you a call?
I’m simple and always want to skate. If someone accepts that, they are perfect for me. If some girl calls me after this interview, I’ll owe you a big beer Gbemi!

Do many people in Spain practice techslide?
For years there were many people, then they left. But one year ago the people became hooked again. I am very happy to see hard wheels at meetings, hard wheel never dies! Fuck yeah!

Why did people leave?
Because longboarding was heading towards dancing, freeride, tricks. Now it’s back! In my opinion, it is the mode with the most adrenaline after downhill!

What is your favourite thing about techslide?
Big question! There are two things, one is that like downhill, when I practice really fast tech slide, it gives me a lot of adrenaline. And the second reason is that when I slide in standup or on the flat, I have the same sensation as I do on snow or at sea. But much more punk!

You’re a dagger?
hahahahaha yes but without the  many peak haircut and piercings. But I like downhill skateboarding and BEER.

Aside from Unai, who are the other daggers?
In BCN, I think the daggers are Longboard Mediterranea and JartoJartorius!

Do you compete?
In downhill, tech slide, and next year also in slalom!

What was the first race you attended?
My first race was “kozakov 2012”, and my first competition of slide, was in the summer of 2011 in “The Kaixa Bcn extream games.”

How did you prepare for racing Kozakov?
I didn’t prepare specially for this race, but my team decided to skate once a week DH, which for us is a lot. And now, I think that kosakov is the best road that I‘ve ridden.

What did it feel like riding down Kozakov?
Amazing, fast, with great curves, narrow, with nature around. Truly you feel free. Concentrate on one thing only – going down!

What was the best thing about this event?
Like Luis Pilloni says, everything is perfect. You have music, DH, beer, DH, friends, girls, party, beer, DH. Haha it has it all.

How was the party?
Very, very, crazy, it reminded me of the big raves when I went out more often.

Did you do any other races this summer?
I was in Padova and Peyragudes, for a DH  trip and experience for  my team and I.

What was the best experience on this trip?
The whole trip! The new friends we made, spectacular roads of Switzerland, kosakov party, Padova and the environment around Pyragudes speed. I could write a whole paper about my experiences. Next year  will be better!

How will it be better next year?
If we have enough money we plan to do kosakov, knk, Almatrieb and visit the paradise of Switzerland! And more things, but this I can not reveal.

What do you ride?
Thanks to my new sponsor of Madrid “Solo FR” and Lush, Sabre and Cult.
For Downhill I use Pinnacle Lush with Sabre Trucks and Cult wheels, a Freeride: Slipstream Jackalr with trucks sabre and wheels cult, and for tech slide Lush Spicybird day with sabre trucks and abec11 wheels.

What do you do when you’re not skating?
Working as a tutor, work with my father, a master study and some other things. But the truth is that all I do is think of the time I’ll be able to skate again!

Pick 3 numbers between 1-40!
1, 9, 34

1 – What do you take with you when you go for a skate?
Always helmet! gloves, and some beer of course!!!!

9 – Favourite song to listen to when you skate?
song: bangarang feat Sirah, Skrillex

34 – luca coleman asks: Whats the weirdest thing you ever put in your mouth?
fist of a friend for a bet, hahaha

It has been really fun talking to you Bipo! Maybe see you in Barcelona/Madrid again.
Thank you Gbemi, I enjoyed this conversation.

Any thank yous?
Thanks to all the people who skate and all crews from Spain in specially LSD and Longboard Meditteranea, that make this sport bigger nationally and globally!








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