Featured rider: Chris Bobino


Chris is an American skater living and skating in Sweden. This is one of the funniest dialogues I have had recently. Read on to find out about this Loaded Ambassador’s adventure time in Europe.

Hi Chris, where are you from?
I’m from a little town titled Texas City, Texas. Where the sun shines and the horses roam free.

Chris the Texas Ranger?
Only on Tuesdays

What are you on Thursdays?
An avid cartoon watcher. Love The Regular Show.

And Naruto?
I watched the latest episode of Naruto today actually. I like that show too. Oh yeah.

What else keeps you entertained?
My lady. Ohhhhhhhhhhh!

A board/human?
I’d be lying if I didn’t say it was both.

Which did you fall for first?
It was the board… Yeah, it was the board for sure.

When did you fall for it?
I started skating about 249 weeks 2 days 3 hours and 17 minutes ago. I believe thats accurate… Yeah its accurate.

How come you remember the minute?
Well, I was expecting some company around 10:30pm or so when my friend Reg asked if I wanted to try his longboard. That’s a funny story actually. Hahaha… Good times.

What’s the rest of this story?
Alright, my friend Reg came knocking on my door and asked if I wanted to try his new board. I was like, “ Nah, I don’t want to ride that thing, and bust my head open.”. He says,” Come on man, I pawned my computer for this thing.”. I thought about for a couple of  seconds, then said,”Alright, lets do this.”. You had to be there. Hahaha

Because you busted your head open?
I didn’t want to ride it because I was afraid that I would bust my head open.

Love at first ride?
That is true. Once I tried it, I wanted one of my own. So I began saving up for one. My friends later became mad at me, because I bought a board instead of going to Cancun with them for Spring Break.

Haha I’ve heard what you people get up to in Cancun. Was it worth it?
I believe it was. The trip only lasted for three days, and my love skating/longboarding hasn’t even began to wither away slightly.

What’s it like skating in Texas City?
It sucks in the summer. You have to change clothes about three times a day. The humidity is no joke down there.

But you don’t have a winter!
That’s right my good man sir. Well kind of. Haha! We get one, but it isn’t that long. I say about two to three weeks with some warm days in between.

So you went from zero to longboarding?
Right again Gbemi. I went from zero to longboarding. Never owned a board until I skipped out on that Cancun trip.

What was your first board?
It was a San Clemente Sector 9. I think it was a Sector 9. Thats what it said in the Ebay description, but once I got the board the logo of Sector 9 was nowhere to be found… I still have that board. I believe I will frame it one day.

What sort of skating were you doing those early days?
I was just riding man. Style and tricks didn’t come to mind until a guy came up to me and said, “I’ve seen you riding through campus. You can ride man, but can you do any tricks?”. Once that happened, it expanded my horizon into style and trick territory.

When was this?
This was back in 2007. The year of the… The year of the something.Haha

He wasn’t a part of our little gang or whatever, but Tiger from Winnie the Pooh was probably loved by someone in this little group of ours.

Or more like the year of the tiger claw?
Maybe the tiger claw. Don’t remember when that move was invented/released.

Aside from Reggie, who else were you skating with?
Beside my boy Reg, I skated with a lot of people. Brandon, John, Gustavo, Grey, Craig, Dainel, Ryan, Paul, the police, and many others. The list goes on and on.

You ride with 5-0?
That too is a funny story. A couple and I were bombing this street, and this police car turns on his lights, makes that beeping noise, pulls up to the side of me while, I’m going about 25mph; and tells me to get on the sidewalk. There was no opening to the sidewalk, I didn’t know how to ollie, and even if I did, there was no chance that I would attempt it going that fast; but anyways he says,” get on the side walk!” I looked at him and said,”Ok!”. Then he says,”Get on the sidewalk now!”. I looked at him again and said,”Ok!” I then saw an opening to the sidewalk and complied with his request. He stops me and threatens to give me a ticket if he caught me doing it again. That was a crazy night, but that wasn’t the last of my police encounters.

Haha. Can you ollie now?
Yep, That I can do my good man. It’s a real fun trick. I like it a lot. My goal is to ollie over my friends stack of dirty magazines by the end of the summer. Man does he have a lot of them.

What other sort of tricks/skating were you pursuing?
I’m not sure man. But I must say that Mike Vallely is my favorite skaters and has played a big role in my skating style. Him and the boyz from Lords of Dogtown. Which was purchased by my friend Reg.

How did you translate that stuff on your longboard?
I’ve been getting that question a lot, and have yet to come up with a valid answer.

Did you need to change your ride to help with expressing your new found gnar?
I changed before hand. This man keeps coming up, but Reg is the one who influenced me to buy the Loaded Fish. I didn’t want a smaller board, but went ahead and listened to him. Probably the best decision I have ever made.

What is the fish and how did it change things for you?
The Loaded Fish was the board that was created before the Loaded Ceviche. It wasn’t a bad board, but I must say that I do like the Ceviche better. I do still have the Loaded Fish, it’s almost broken, but it still rides.

You’ve never thrown a board away?
I can’t say I have. Well I have thrown the remains of my boards away. I usually make something out of the broken boards or use them for decoration. I try to support my environment.

What’s the community like in Texas city?
To be honest, I hate it there. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to go there. Maybe only for two to three days, because Galveston is like 15 minutes away. That place isn’t that good either. But I did gain good friends and learn valuable lessons there. So I guess it’s not all bad.

Galveston, Texas is near the Gulf of Mexico. The Beach there is pretty nice, but the Strand is where its at. That place is full of variety.

What do you ride now?
I ride the Loaded line up, but the board I ride the most is the Ceviche. The Sama is my second favorite. Its a great board. I rode both of them today. I figured it to be a must. Especially since today was Go Skateboard Day.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but you can only ride one board at a time!
Haha. Technically you can. Nah, I’m just yanking ya. But to be for real you can.

Did you skate today?
But of course I skated today. (Even though I was taught not to do this.) I went up to a total stranger and told her to skate today. She had a board in her hand so I felt compelled to do so.

Did you get a slap in the face?
Nah, but she looked as if she did. Haha, just playing, but I didnt get slapped though.
 How come you have so many loaded boards?
The Loaded and Orangatang crew has shown their generosity by making me a Loaded Ambassaador. This was done right around the fourth video I made for them. Which was also influenced by my friend Reg. That man has convinced me to do a lot of things, now that I think about it.

Oh! Wow. What was the first video you made?
I’ll take that as a compliment my good man sir. But the first video I made was titled Unloaded Longboarding.

Why did you make it?
I made it because my friend Reg influenced me to do so. I didn’t want to make one, because I felt like I wasn’t that good. I still feel that way till this day. But Reg was like,”Make a video Chris. I don’t see anyone doing the stuff that you’re doing. Just make one. They might at least send you some stickers. Do it for the stickers.”. I was like,”Alright.Haha.” So I made one. I put it on a dvd and mailed it to them.

What kind of stuff were you doing?
Caveman’s, boneless’, no complies and stuff like that. A few slides here and there. That’s about it I believe. Maybe a hippy jump. Ha

How was the rececption?
It was good. The were stoked on my style, they sent me some stickers and offered me a pro-form.(A form that allows you to purchase one of there a boards for a little more than half off. About 55%) I couldn’t believe it. I was probably one the happiest guys on the planet that night.

Yay you got your stickers!
Oh yeah to the fifth power.

So you made 3 other videos for more stickers?
To be honest as usual, I made others for a couple of reasons. Number One: My friends and I wanted to see how far things could go, and number 2- It brought us joy.

Who was shooting/editing?
Friends and sometimes strangers.Haha… I have to stop talking to strangers. My mother is going to be furious.

Do you have a problem with stranger danger?
I don’t, but I know strangers can be pretty strange.

What’s the most interesting encounter you’ve had with a stranger?
I recently skated at the Grand Opening of a sport store called Sport Shopen. Its said to be the biggest sport store in the Nordic Countries. My most interesting encounter with a stranger happened there. A little boy and his family came up to me. The little boy gave me hug, and his father looked at me and said. My kids like you. I believe they want to be like you. I was blown away. That feeling and action was quite an interesting encounter.

Little blonde kids want to grow into black men?
Haha… The opposite of Michael Jackson huh? Haha… Hope this joke isn’t too soon. R.I.P MJ.

So how is life as a Loaded ambassador?
Life as a Loaded Ambassador, has its ups and its downs. I’m not going to tell you that it doesn’t, or that its all sunshine and rainbows, because its not. But I will tell you this, Life as a Loaded Ambassador is beyond great, but success only comes before work in the dictionary.

How do you define success?
Relationship with God, wife, kids, necessities, and a stable income that allows the family and I to live comfortably.

What are you doing in a Nordic country?
I came here to be with my girlfriend and to escape the harsh consequences of unpaid traffic tickets. Haha. Just playing. Me and The Man are good.

The man just read that. He sends his regards.
Haha! Ohhhh good times! Ain’t we lucky we got them, dum dum dum dum dum dum, GOOD TIMES! Sorry about that, The Good Times theme song popped in my head.

You just happened to be skating in/past the biggest sport shop in Viking land?
My friend Johan Gustafsson from Svenska Skyltar was doing work for the owner of the company and he told him about me. The owner then said he wanted to see me skate before he made his decision on whether I could skate at his opening or not. So I sent him my Pepp or Feff video, Slides of English video, Fiddle Sticks video, and the Yeah Boy video. Once he saw them he wrote me and said that he would be happy to have me perform at his Grand Opening.

That must have been amazing!
It was. I was really happy. I was looking forward to skating with the pros and spreading good vibes with them, but that didn’t turn out too well.

Wow. what did the performance comprise of?
Like Adam Colton said, “Chris Bobino gets out of his comfort zone a bit.” I had to skate a mini-ramp/half-pipe. I’m not the most qualified person for the job, but I got it down and came out in one piece. There was also some street skating outside which was awesome. I had a really great time out there.

How does skating in Europe compare to Texas?
Skating here in Europe is cool. I really can’t place too much judgement on this place cause I haven’t been here for that long or met that many people who know of the skate spots around here; but skating in Texas is awesome. I miss it so much.

Where have you skated so far?
I’ve skated in Vara, Varbeg, Tanumstrand, and Karlstad. Mostly Karlstad though. The scenary is pretty nice here. No idea why I brought that up. Guess I’m a fan of nice scenery.

Trees and lakes?
Lakes, rivers, deers, ponds, beaches, bus stations, bridges, and pastry shops. Yeah, that about does it for me
Will you be here forever?
Naw, I will be returning to Texas in October, I might return though. Hate to use a cliche, but my return to Sweden depends on how the cookie crumbles.

Have you taken part in any local competitions?
If two to three hours away is considered local then yes. I have been skating and participating in the competitions and events put together by the Life on a Board crew. They are really good guys.

Local is anything in Sweden! What events?
I’ve been to The Warehouse Raid, and Coastal Culture.

What are your plans for the rest of your time here?
Spend time with my girl, attend a wedding, put on my dances shoes and dance to the beat of the drum.

Will you be at the Gathering in Stockholm?
I heard about that. I think I will attend.

What do you do when you’re not skating?
Many things, hygiene practice is a starter.

You know, like brushing your teeth, the science that deals with the promotion of preservation of health.

Those activities are too mainstream sir.
Alright, alright. Haha… I usually do a lot of thinking. Ways to use what I have and the things that I’ve experienced to share and motivate in a positive manner, and build my resumé.

Will you venture to any other European countries before your return?
I don’t think so. I might, I don’t know. Haha

What have you enjoyed most about your time in Sweden so far?
Thats a hard question. I would have to say Mama Höglund’s cooking.

Sweet. One last ting. Choose 3 numbers between 1-33 
1.00543216, 4.987654321, and 2

1 – What do you take with you when you go for a skate?
I usually take a clear mind and happy thoughts, besides protective gear.

4 – Who is the best person you’ve seen skating?
If you’re not counting internet videos, then it would be Diego Alvarado. Hands Down!

2 – Would you rather have a hook for a hand or a wheel for a foot ?
I would say a hook because I can attach a wheel and a foot to it.

Thank you so much for all your time Chris! It has been great chatting to you. Maybe see you at the gathering!
The same man. Its been a pleasure.

Any thank yous?
Well all I can think of at the moment is my mom. Thank you Mom!

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