Featured rider: Danilo Pianese


This super stoked Italian tells us about his first season of racing, the Italian League and some fun projects he’s working on.

Hey bro, where are you from?
Hi bro, I’m from Ceriale, a small town in Liguria, 5000 inhabitants!

When did you start skating?
I started longboarding a year ago. In the beginning I was building decks, they were too expensive for me. When I decided to go DH, I saved money and bought my first Landyachtz.

How did you make the boards?
I bought plates already glued, and I used a jigsaw. No concave, poor deck.

What were the boards you built like?
They were original designs. The first seems like a pintaill. I don’t even know how to define them.

What was the board you saved up for?
My first “stock” deck was a Landyacht R5. I was scared about speed and wobble. The r5 is the most extreme DH deck. The rear truck has 0°. You can use only the front truck. It’s built on the same principle as cars.

Where did you start skating?
In the beginning, everywhere. Then we went searching for small runs, we didn’t have a specific goal we just wanted to skate.

Is there a big longboarding community there?
In Liguria, we are two groups/crews: EvanDivision and Longboard Family Genova of Riccardo Saffioti.
In Italia the community is growing every day. There are many strong skaters like Federico Barboni, Fabrizio Ara and Roberto Marasca.  They contribute with their videos and photos and are always available to help beginners.

Is there a big community in your city?
In my city? Hahahaha no man I’m the only one… they look at me like I am an alien.

No skateboarders?
Unfortunately no… they all want to be football players.

Do you have a crew?
Yep, EvanDivision is the name. We are a sort of  “multisport” team. We do surf, snowboard, skimboard and now Downhill.
We are 4 of different generations. Gabrielle is 44, me 34, Andrea 26, Luca 27… We are a family. We started it as a joke and now we have sponsors and important collaborations

When did it start?
A few months after I started skating, my friends and I decided to try to build something different.

What’s your role in the team?
I take care of sponsors/collaboration and I make videos.

Who taught you to skate?
Nobody haha. I made my first deck and I just kept trying stuff.

What board did you ride after your first real deck?
Now I ride a Landyachtz Evo but I will try to change to topmount. Today I assembled the wolfshark but I’m not sure I’ll survive.

How come you only ride landyachtz?
Paolo of Turtle Surf Shop (our sponsor)  had only Landyachtz in the beginning for DH. A year later, we have different and better ideas, now he buys different brands according to our experience. It’s a long way to go, but we are traveling together.

What’s your setup?
Landyachtz Evo
Surf Rodz RKP 176 mm with axle extension
Surf Rodz bearings
RipTide bushings
Abec 11 BigZigs

Landyachtz Wolfshark 2011
Surf Rodz RKP 176 with axke extension
Surf Rodz bearins
Riptide bushings
Abec 11 Zig Zag

Rayne Demonseed
Surf Rodz INDeeSZ 176 mm with axle extension
Surf Rodz bearins
RipTide bushings
Abec11 BigZigs

As you can see… in a year I saved a lot of money ahahahahahahahahahaha…

Are any of them your sponsors?
Yep. Turtle Surf Shop is our sponsor, we have collaboration with Surf Rodz and RipTide. They trust in our team.
Right now they are pushing our project concerning SZ INDeeSZ providing materials and patience. We hope to be good testers.
What project?
The “INDeeSZ Prjct” spread over 4 riders (Me, Fabrizio Ara, Nicola Rivano, Riccardo Saffioti), they’re not members of Evan but are my best friends around Italy.

Our shop has made available a set of SZ INDeeSZ 176 mm to try. Each rider will do a review, video and photos. The aim is to introduce new products and make it known to all.

How did you get hooked up with Surf rodz?
It’s a very curious thing, I bought my first SZ and I had a small problem. I wrote an email, Wayne responded to me, he solved my problem in a very short time. I love talking to new people, so we decided to try to collaborate and bring SZ to Italy. And now the shop is the Italian Key Shop.
As soon as we decided to start the INDeeSZ PRJCT, I wrote a mail to RipTide. They were excited to sustain us.

Who are those other guys?
We met on Fb, we skate togheter (excluding Fabrizio who I will meet this month). We share the same ideas and passion. Beautiful friendships were born and I decided to involve them.

What sort of skating do you enjoy most?
I love DH… “downhill skateboarding ruined my life”… my girlfriend hates me ahahahah (I’m joking). I speak only of DH over and over and over. Sooner or later she will join me. She’s my driver in raw runs.

Does she skate?
Not yet, but will do soon. Skaters are bad bad people, I can not leave her alone when I compete.

Have you been to any races?
I participated in my first races a few months ago. The first was a stage of the Italian League, the second was the Figomoro Race organized by Massimo Poletto (the father of DH in Italy). Both were wonderful races. Wonderful people and strong riders.

How many races are there in the Italian league?
4 races.
1 – Avenale (MC) 13/05/12
2 – Vaiano (PO) 17/06/2012
3 – Petriano (PU) 08/07/12
4 – Viù (TO) 02/09/12

Who organises the races?
It’s organised by FICS (Italian Federation Cart’s).

How did you do in the races?
Not bad for a rookie. 10th in the Italian Stage. In Figomoro race, a good time but out on the first run (loser).

What has been the highlight of your skating season so far?
I think when I return home alive from Teolo next august ahahahahahahah.

Your first IGSA race?
Yep my first. It will be a crazy experience. I want to see pro riders run and run and run. And next year, I wanna try some European races like Peyragudes.

What are your plans for the rest of the season?
Participate in Teolo and at the last round of the Italian Championships then continue to train and travel more. I hope to meet many skaters and visit their spots. Next season I will be much more competitive!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Maryhill! I dream of going there with all those who now are accompanying me in this wonderful experience.

What do you do when you’re not skating?
I work as clerk in a local company. Nothing special but my mind is always somewhere else, DH has changed me profoundly.
Work is only a way to finance my passion.

Choose 3 numbers between 1-33
13, 18, 4

13 is my lucky number, 18/04 is my birth day.

13 – Do you have a pet ?
No but I will have one soon.

18- What is/was your favourite Cartoon?
Will Coyote

4 – Who is the best person you’ve seen skating ?
Roberto Marasca (I like his style and he is a beautiful person).

It’s been great talking to you bro! Thanks for your time.
Thanks to you and goggle translate haha. Thanks for this opportunity.

Any thank yous?
Yep our sponsors Turtle Surf Shop, Surf Rodz, Riptide, Dvs, Lakai, Matix. The guys of Evan and my girlfriend otherwise she’ll leave me.


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