Featured Rider: Fanny Ahlm


Fanny (real name) is an awesome girl from Sweden, who skates despite some serious obstacles. Her determination and love of ice-cream are an inspiration to children all around the galaxy.
Hej Fanny, how are you?
Hi, I’m good, how are you?

Hot! Where are you from?
Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city, but definitely the best one!

Are there many people called Fanny there?
Haha, in Sweden yeah, but in the skate community, I might be the only one.

What’s the funniest reaction you’ve gotten to your name?
On the eurotour this year someone asked me if it was okay to not call me by name, since he felt weirded out by saying it, and felt like he offended me. That was pretty funny.
Sebastian Svensson photo

What’s it like in Gothenburg?
Right now, pretty goddamn cold and wet, raining most of the time. We had a blast at the winter freeride last weekend though, when people came from all over Sweden to skate. It was dry, and so much stoke!

Is there a big community there?
It’s pretty big, we have a lot of skaters who come to skate at every session. Also, there are more and more new faces these days, this summer there were around 5-10 new girls skating here as well, and it’s so fun to see that the skate scene is getting bigger, not only in boys, but also girls!

Who organises the winter freeride?
JSM longboards and Slipstream have been the organizers of the two events that we had so far. Huge creds to Tommy “Zippo” Andersson who has been the one putting in his heart and soul with the events, it’s great fun, many thanks to him!
Fredrik Cruse 2

When did you start skateboarding?
When people ask me that question I always mention the date when it all started for “real”, when I got the real stoke and realized that this was something I’d fall in love with. That was the 3rd of November 2012, so a little more than a year ago! That was the day I tried downhill for the first time, I’ve always loved speed, since I was little.

How did you celebrate your anniversary?
I was supposed to go skating, but that day it rained like crazy, so no one was keen for skating. So instead I went over to Malin’s place, and we watched lots of skatevids, and such! And my usual favorite, eating way too much candy.

What kind of stuff did you get up to before it was real?
Before that, I had a longboard, a Madrid cruiser, and just cruised around. Me and some of my friends got our boards and chilled in a park in the city where it’s pretty good to just cruise and dance. So I tried a little dancing, but nothing more than that. And of course, the big twist to it was when I got to talk with Malin and she got me to join her on a GSG-event (GirlsSlideGathering). That’s where I started trying a little more of sliding, mostly sitdowns, and got lots of good bruises from that weekend!

Cute Malin with the big cheeks and apex 37?
Haha yeah, but I’m not sure she ever had an apex 37, maybe I missed that. Right now she’s on a Urskog Kil, and a Lunchtray.
Max Walter

Who organised the GSG?
Emina Andersson, mostly, and that year also with Annie Blomgren I think. Emina is the radest chick, she is amazing on standies!

What made you fall in love on that fateful November day?
This was after the GSG-event where I met Malin for the first time. The first time I ever saw her skate was in the late summer 2012 when there was a competition in Gothenburg called Näckrosdammen. She, her twin-sister and Emina was there competing in this downhill-race, which is really small compared to what I’ve experienced since then, but at that time, that was the first time I saw it and I knew that “I HAD to try that”.
After the GSG-event Malin asked me if I wanted to come with her to Skåne and race in a downhill-competition. Since I’ve never actually skated downhill before I wasn’t sure if I should go, but she convinced me, so there I was in south of Sweden suddenly, with my Dervish Sama I bought in the end of the summer for all of the money I earned during the summer, and tried “bombing” for the first time. Of course I wasn’t very fast, and I did barely know what a tuck was, but I did my best, and I loved it

Are there a lot of lady shredders in G-burg?
Before summer, there was only Malin and I, but we started to meet girls who had been seeing us and the guys skate, and who also wanted to try. Now, I think we are like 7 (but then again, before Kristina moved to Norway, she was the first one here. Glad she’s back here now though!).
Sandi Habinc 4

Do you remember the feelings from your first fast run?
It was amazing. The thing is, that almost four years ago I got a concussion, I’ve had like 3 that year, and since then I had to stop all kinds of sports because I’ve had constant headache since then. Before the headache “walked” into my life I’ve always been a very active person, I drove motocross for 7 years, and other motorsports after that. So the thrill of finally experiencing speed again, when I tried downhill for the first time was amazing. I’ve never been so stoked before! And since then, I’ve just pushed myself to go faster and faster for better and for worse.

Were you scared you’d get a migraine while you were skating?
Nah, not really, since I always have headache anyway. It’s not really like migraine, I don’t blackout or anything, so I can skate. It just hurts really bad, so I try to rest sometimes to hope it calms down a bit so I can skate more later. But I guess there was a point before I started skating more and more, were I always had to be a bit careful so I wouldn’t hurt myself more, so it wouldn’t get worse.

Are you ever scared of falling and making your headache worse?
I was in the beginning. I’m not really afraid of falling, it happens all the time and it’s a part of progress. But since I was told once by a teacher I had when I was 15, that if I hurt my head again, I might lose most functions of my brain and become a “vegetable” as it’s called, I’ve always had that in mind, at least in the beginning. So if I hit my head, I was a little over-reacting at first. I don’t really worry about it too much later though, if it happens, it happens.
Sandi Habinc

Is skateboarding worth the risk?
Definitely. Otherwise I wouldn’t do it.

Do you wear a special helmet every time you step on your board?
Haha no, people say that I should wear a helmet all day-round, so maybe I should, but not really. I wear a full face when I think it’s necessary, or when it’s cold outside.

When did the Viking Queen return?
Kristina moved back to Sweden at the end of this summer. It’s great fun skating with her, so I’m stoked that I have the chance to do that even more now!
Kristina (gopro)

How does she inspire you?
When I got into downhill, I didn’t know who she or Adam, or well, any of the great skaters in the world was for that matter. Malin told me she met Kristina at the Gathering last year, and that she was gonna show her and some other girls downhill. Then Malin told me that Kristina is this great female skater, so when she one day wrote to us and wanted us to learn her how to do standies, it was a very special feeling, since I actually had no idea how good she was, but heard that she was great.
When I got to know her this summer, I found that she is indeed a great skater, and she is pretty aggressive when she skates, which is fun to watch. I love seeing her skate simply for the fact that she is fearless and that’s how I strive to be. Also, we get along very well  and have a lot in common, so she’s not just a good inspiration, but also a good friend.

Is the feeling is skating with ladies different?
Yeah, it is. There’s a different kind of energy girls brings to the table, not saying that boys haven’t got energy, just that it’s different energy. Since I’ve skated mostly with boys, it’s amazing to experience how it is to skate with girls as well! In the runs, girls are a little more careful, except Kristina – she is mad!

Did you get to skate much over that winter?
Yeah, that winter I learned basically everything. We spent every free hour on the hill or in a parking house when it was snowing. Malin and I could stay out skating after the boys went home, and not go home until 11 at night. Some days it was nearly -14° and we would freeze until we couldn’t feel our fingers or toes, but we would still keep skating until we skated for like 4-5 hours. Both after school, and during winterbreak (or at least mine, since Malin is older than me). We even skated on new years eve at midnight!
Sandi Habinc 3

What was the hardest thing to learn?
I think learning how to do a heelside predrift. Not because that was the hardest thing to do, but because that was in the beginning when you still had doubt whether you could make it or not. I think we spent 2 weeks on Ramberget (Ravenhill) until we could skate the whole hill and slide instead of footbreaking.

Would it have been harder to learn without Malin by your side?
Yeah, I’m not sure if I actually would have continued without her. I had a very hard time with the heelside predrifts, since I always want to learn everything instantly, otherwise I often give up. But she pushed me to keep going, and therefore I could never really quit. Also, I have a mindset that always sees everything as a competition, so when I had her who was trying to learn the same thing, of course I wanted to learn faster, so I think it helps having someone on the same level as you.

Who eats ice-cream fast?

When was your training complete?
Training can never be complete, there’s always room for improvement!
Malin Haapaharju

How has your year gone?
Well, it didn’t turn out the way I expected it to, that’s for sure.
I planned on going on the eurotour with Malin and some people from the Skånecrew, Kim Nilsson and The Jarlson-brothers, as I like to call them. But Malin fell and landed on her foot one week before we were going on the tour. Now, 4 months later, she’s hopefully going to be able to start skating a little again.

So I went on the tour with three ten-year-older men (yuzz, that sounds wrong on so many levels). Around here I’m famous for hurting myself, I definitely proved that on the tour. The last day on Almatrieb I fucked up real bad. First of all, in the semi-final with Bekks and another girl, I was second until right before the finish line where I suddenly lost all kinds of logic, and stood up to airbreak (which is very strange, since it’s not a very fast place on the track), so the girl who was in third place passed me, and I lost my spot in the final. Of course that got me very upset (did I mention that I have a mindset that wants me to be best at everything?). So for the consi-final I was already pretty pissed at myself.

In the consi-final with Dani once again I lost my second spot cause I scrubbed a lot in the corner. I was mad, and tried to catch up to them by just keeping a good tuck, staring down at the ground. And that’s the story of how I ended up in the ditch, tumbling around, and ended up in an ambulance helicopter. Only the first week of the eurotour! Of course, I was certain that I was fine, and I told the people who ran to help me, that they had to tell the ambulance guys to not cut in my leathers, since they weren’t very good at English, and I really wanted to skate Kozakov. I didn’t, but right then, I was sure I was going to.

After this, we travelled to Czech Republic, and I got to experience Kozakov from the side of the track. Not very fun, but it was still better, than not being able to go there at all. Also, the famous parties were just as good as I’ve been told!
When the event was over, we packed our stuff to get to Knk, Slovenia. I wasn’t able to skate the first day, my shoulder was still in pretty bad condition. I rested two days, and the third day, I tried again. It hurt pretty bad after the first slides, so I made sure to learn how to footbreak. But I managed to actually skate and have some really good runs there!
Knk, is probably the best hill I ever skated! But of course, I had to keep my crash-reputation high.
Gurra Funck Norrha_ll

Last day of Knk I wanted to push myself a little bit further, as I’ve said, I always want to progress. Maybe a little bit too fast for my own good sometimes. I decided that I would dedicate that day to trying to tuck as far as possible into corner 8, which is the fastest part of that hill. I was doing pretty good, but then again, it’s me we’re talking about. So I took one run down the hill with Joe, Cam, Pearse and Sion, some guys I got to know in Almatrieb, and once again, I wanted to go faster. So I was doing pretty good on the straight, it went faster and faster, and then I decided I had to stand up to airbreak a little before the slide. I stood up too fast, and got the craziest speed-wobbles and ended up crashing into every possible thing to hit in the corner. No regrets!

And that was the last time I skated that eurotour. I missed skating the last week when me and the Skånecrew went to Austria and Switzerland to skate, so that was pretty lame, but at least I got to see the beautiful nature and skating in very cool places, so I’m not too sorry about it.

What did you get up to when you got home?
One week after getting home to Sweden, we had the competition Tabergs Downhill Challenge, which was the Swedish Championships here, and also a part of the Swedish Cup. My shoulder was still pretty bad, and it was hard doing heelsides for me, but I was lucky to have a toeside in the only corner you needed to slide in. It was rainy most of the time, and with only three girls in total in this competition, I managed to win this competition and also the Swedish Cup in total. This made me the Swedish Champion in the womens class, and it still feels pretty weird, but I’m stoked about it!

At the end of the summer we had the race that I watched and saw downhill for the first time the year before, Näckrosdammen. Between the Swedish Championships and this, I didn’t skate very much cause I felt like I had a lot of pressure, mostly from myself. So during Näckrosdammen I decided to skate only for the fun of it, and not focus on anything but just doing it cause I love it. I ended up winning all of my races, and that made me the winner of the women’s class. Couldn’t have had a better ending on the racing season!
So as I said, nothing really went as expected, but I don’t regret anything. You always learn from mistakes, and I will definitely not look down at the ground while tucking again, or stand up before the finish line. Or stand up too fast in high speeds… To be continued.

Christian Olofsson

Was your head alright after all these crashes?

I’m starting to think that my head is getting used to my lifestyle of falling, so I was pretty okay. My headache was a little bit worse than usual some days, but over all, I was alright.
My mum was worried sick though, hearing of all these crashes. She was actually hoping that I wouldn’t recover so fast, so I wouldn’t be able to skate the Swedish Championships when I got home, so I wouldn’t hurt myself more. I’m glad I did anyway, haha!

Do safety meetings help your condition?
Haha no, not at all actually!

What was the highlight of your first Euro tour?
Hard to say. I think that skating in Almatrieb was one of the best things. Until I screwed up in the semi-final, and almost got that spot in the final, I kinda proved to myself that I can skate with great women the world over . Not necessarily that I’m as good as them, but I got more confidence of knowing that I could keep up.
Fredrik Cruse

Who were the other 2 women at Taberg?
Emina Andersson, and My Argården. None of them are from Gothenburg, so it was fun skating with them, since we don’t do that very often.

Since you spend a lot of time on the sideline, how do you keep yourself entertained?
At kozakov I spent a lot of time watching my friends and all the other skaters come down at the first corner and sliding there. I tried to see how people slide and thought about that a lot, just to see what I could improve with my own technique. I also wanted to take a lot of photos, but I’m very forgetful, so I think I only brought my camera down the hill once.

In Knk, I spent most of the time with the riders, since it’s a long hill and I really didn’t have the energy to walk up and down or wait for the buses. Mostly there was someone up there, chilling a run, so most of the time I had someone to hang out with.

Did you get to do many other races in Sweden this year?
There aren’t very many races in Sweden. Especially not this year, since Moosehunt was cancelled this year. But I did participate in Ravenhill, got second in womens class, and 6th in open (with lots of luck). There was also a little race arranged by Team Lakritspipa called Knugs Outlaw.

Who won Ravenhill?
Pjäx won Ravenhill, Adam close second and Mauritz third. In womens class, Kristina won!
Lovisa Andersson

You get to skate Ravenhill 4 times a week, will you win next year?
Haha, I can try. There are a lot of girls to compete with though, so I can’t say that I will. I’ll do my best, and what happens happens. You do skate for the fun, right?

Do you take good photos?
Nah, I can’t say that I do. I don’t have the energy to learn the best camera settings and such. I’m more of a photoshop-person. I can spend hours to improve pictures there if I feel like it.

What do you ride?
Since I started, my first real downhill-deck was a Rayne Baby Killer. I’ve skated on it since November last year, and love it! With that, I have cast Ronins, and all downhill on Venom Cannibals! I changed my deck a couple of week ago, and now I’m just in the beginning of my new love, the symmetrical Rayne Avenger! Stoked!

Rayne or die?
Glenn Augustsson

What do you like about the boards?
I like the construction, and design. And what both of these boards have is the W-concave, which I love. I actually taped my Avenger to make even more concave before I put the grip on!

Do you have any sponsors?
No, not anymore. I was sponsored by a company called Sublime Boards, but they are closing down their business, so now, I don’t.

What do you do when you’re not skating?
When I’m not skating, I dedicate most of my time to music. I study music in school, and I play guitar, bass, piano, drums and sing, so when schools off, and it’s raining outside, I often end up in one of the music rooms playing drums. If I don’t do that, I hang with friends.

What kind of music are you into?
All kinds. I listen to rap, metal, pop, and a lot of other genres. Not very much reggae though, which seems to confuse people, since I have dreads and all.

Do you ever play on the hill?
Haha not really. I often walk around singing tho, or have music in my ears.

Pick 3 numbers.
13, 18, and 85.

13 – Do you have a pet ?
Yes, two dogs. Who are a lot like my brother and I.

18- What is the golden ratio?
The golden ratio is skating a good, fast, hill with stoked people, in dry weather! And a redbull with that = perfection!

5 – What is your favourite skate video?
I have so many I love, but the one with James Kelly “Unbound” filmed with a Red camera is absolutely amazing!

Fanny! We love you. It’s been awesome hearing about your first year in skateboarding. Hope you have an accident free future!
Thank you, it’s been fun talking to you!

Any last words?
Yeah, I’d just like to thank Sublime Boards for helping me out my first year of skating, it’s great to have that kind of help. And to Malin for being awesome. And well, rest of the community here!

And for the rest of you, have fun and skate safe!


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