Featured rider: Felix Drushel


Finally our first German feature! With our good friend and All Around crazy skater – Felix! Enjoy this fun interview featuring a lot of interesting freeriding videos.

Hey Felix, thanks for taking time out to talk to us
A pleasure – thank you man!


Where are you from ?
Originally from Frankfurt am Main, Germany – Now living in Freiburg i.Br. for a little more than two years.

Nice. Where did you start skating ?
Started skating in Frankfurt, when I was about 13 years old I guess – so it’s been a while now. I’m 24, now it  makes sense.

How about longboarding ?
Longboarding a short time before coming to Freiburg, which actually was the reason as well to go there.

Haha you moved house for hills ?
F**k yeah man! Why not? Hills make me happy so why not live where the hills are.

What’s the longboard scene in Germany like ?
Germany’s Longboard scene kicks ass. First of all there are several hotspots where shit is going down – from dancing stuff, some freeriding and some serious downhill. We got all the shit here and some pretty fast dudes are of German origin as well
Too much shit sayin in my shit – Funny. lol
Thinkin’ of fast downhill dudes you have to name Stuttgart, it’s serious over there. In Munich there is quite a bunch as well. Berlin, Hannover and so on got the dancing down and Freiburg has the freeriding spirit – always sideways and please no footbrakes. Oh and never forget to count the gnarlly people around cologne (the Eifel and the Rhön) and Mainz is fine as well – they have it all figured out there. Freiburg inhabits Dudes like Hack of Hackbrett, just for an example.
Oh yeah, and we have several boardbuilders as well, which are pretty famous, I’d say. With these cities come some fine Longboards – Freiburg, Hackbrett Longboards. Mainz: Olson & Hekmati. Cologne: WeFunk. Coburg (Hope that is right): 313…just to name a few – dude, I bet I forgot half the stuff – please don’t be mad guys.

Sounds like a really stoked country ! Is there a central longboarding organisation for the country ?
While you’re saying that – I forgot the dudes from Allgäu – The ALBV, Allgäuer Longboardverein – they’re makin some freerides happen at the old Almabtrieb track and other stuff like workshops, weekly sessions, etc. In Berlin there is an organisation and in Hamburg as well – There is a big Forum: Longboardz.de, getting stuff together, organizing events (1st German Dance contest e.g.) but to answer your question: Not yet I guess – something to think about.

The scene in Europe is so awesome ! What can we look forward to in/from our German friends this year ?
Hah, that is a tough one – maybe we’ll get something organized all together! There are many scenes existing besides each other – some guys are exchanging and hopping around, some are not (most the guys you meet at races and events anyways) but to get one big thing down sounds fuckin’ awesome in my imagination – ‘cause we have a giant bunch of skaters!

That would be awesome ! Imagine the amount of stoke you can get by combining all of that ! Any chance of it happening ?  
There should be, hopefully – connecting that amount of stoke could be dangerous though and might exceed in a giant Chinese downhill run, who knows.

Where’s your favourite place to skate?
Boing! another tuff one. Hard to say – Turny, Steep, Rough – there are some roads, some of them have 16 hairpins and are to find in Switzerland, some are 12 Km long and at my doorstep. Dude, I Don’t know. And I won’t make statement until I haven’t been to some more places in the world – pfff, the moon – yeah!

Sounds like downhill is really big there. Does everyone go fast/sideways ?
Yeah, sort of – our weekly sessions in Freiburg are starting to begin looking like a standie fest – many kids are already goin crazy as well – luv it.

Tell us more about your crew, what are you guys called ?
Hm, we have no name – sad I know. I like lightning and skulls so I always imagined some sort of lightning skull gun thing saying BLACKFORESTDOWNHILL MOTHERF**KERS. Ha.
But mostly we organize stuff under the Layback Skateshops Flag, so we have a base and a place for the people to go.

You run a shop?
Nope, just somehow ended up in skate business ;) Also a reason for moving houses for hills

So what do you do when you’re not breaking the sound barrier ?
Ha, not taking me too serious and selling Longboardswag over Germany

Casually kickflipping a Wolfshark

You’re a dealer!
Right. We let shit being shipped overseas so that it can be shredded. A good thing, I’d say.

What was the highlight of the season for you ?
Gettin’ out the first time to rip some IGSA stuff, being able to do some roadtrippin, giving longboardworkshops in several places, making some (more or less good) videos. Meetin’ a big bunch of new friends, lots of freerides – stoke, stoke, stoke – AWEEEH! So my answer is: The whole season was sort of a highlight.

Sweet. Thanks for taking this time out to talk to us !
Dude, thank you guys! stoked !!!

Pick 3 numbers between 1 and 10

7, 6, 9
7 is my luckynumber, the other two I just like.

 7 – Best board you’ve ever ridden
Fuck man, too many – I love skateboards. Landyachtz Wolfshark is my perfect board for now – lovely shape (allowing to stand on the front truck), short wheelbase around 65cm, topmount, rockered and a sick ass graphic

6 – Do you like lemons ?

9 – Snack – before during or after ?
all the way, all the time!

Haha nice one. Great talking to you bro !
Thanks Bru! Keep the stoke comin’ – really good work!