Featured rider: Henning Philip Patricksson


Henning tells us about the East Coast gangsters skating in Oslo, riding with legends and fun in Kozakov.
Hey Henning how are you doing?
Hey Gbemi! The weather is sunny and life is good.

Where are you from?
Straight outta Oslo, Norway. I’m one of the so called Vikings!

When did you start skating?
I first started skating back in 2009. Never ever skated street or anything at all actually.

How did you end up on a board?
I tried a friend’s longboard, and it felt really good. And from that point I just kept on rolling. Bought my first board the next day.

What was your first board?
It was a Sector 9 Sandwedge with a set of Gullwing Sidewinder trucks. Hella carvey!

Superfun trucks, great for speed wobbles.
So awesome for wobbles. It forced me to get “immune” to wobbles, not that I never get them, but after riding that thing, every other board feels insanely stable!

Who were you riding with back then?
Mostly just my friends in my area. We were all stinkbugging like kings back then. It took a year or so before i first met Ali Nas at my new school.

Who is Ali?
Ali is the mind behind a skateshop called Boardranch.no. Back then he was a fast young guy riding an Evo.

What is Boardranch?
Boardranch is a new and upcoming webshop for longboards and snowboards.

How is it different from other shops in Norway?
Ali and Boardranch have a main goal to spread stoke, get more people on boards and to give something back to the society. He loves what he does and wants to offer the same thing to others as well.

How did meeting him change skating for you?
It was first when I met Ali, and some of his friends, I started doing real downhill and bombing. Until then I had only been cruising and sliding at low speeds. So he kinda opened a new “world” for me within skating.

I didn’t know it was possible to go slow in Oslo!
Well, it is, it’s just that the downhill society here is really fast growing and so inclusive. Once you have gone fast with anyone from this little family, you are doomed to go faster.

What is life like in this new world?
Life is good! Good vibes, smiling faces and a lot of different people I thought I’d never meet. Everyone knows everyone else and when we are out skating everything is great.

What is your role in the family?
I don’t think anyone has a given role in this family. We all have an equal role in a way. That said, we do have a grandpa: Cedric Cornell. Cedric shredded the streets back in the days when skating was illegal in Norway, as well as many other countries. However, I’m still considered a grom for some guys, so I guess I’m a part of the gromsquad that does standup-slides and all that new stuff. I’m of the generation has never ridden a Landyachtz Evo.

How big is it?
Impossible to tell. We always get new riders that rip so much! This is one of the things where size (or age) actually doesn’t matter. The most important thing is how you act. If you act nice, you will gain respect. Therefore Cedric is sitting on the throne at the top, simply because he’s the nicest among us haha.
Does he wear a crown with Moose horns?
Haha! He definitely should! Maybe we should make him one!

What difference does having legends like Cedric around make to the young Vikings?
He’s the boss. He is like a Norwegian Cliff Coleman. You simply don’t disagree with him, and he gives us all great advice when it comes to presenting ourselves as gentlemen in the traffic. He has been a very important person for us downhill skaters here in Norway as he was one of the people to start the Norwegian Downhill Association. He has also done a lot to make skating legit here.

What is the biggest single difference he has made in your life?
He is a great reminder that even at an age of nearly 50 you can still do what you find fun, and be childish!

Do you have a grom gang?
Grom gang hmm. We were a gang once, called ØFFL, we made some vids and hung out together. We pushed each others limit all the time, and that’s how we caught up with the “old” riders so quick. Cause we really did for a while! Right now some of them have moved, some are studying, some skate less and some don’t skate anymore. However, there are a few of us left, and we still push ourselves, watching YouTube videos and going out to try to do it better. That’s one of the things I love about longboarding. There is no limit, no organized training to catch up on, only your creativity limits the fun you can have.

Who was in it?
Around 15 of us. Most of us went to the same same school, and the same age. ØFFL is Norwegian, so it would probably not make any sense to you guys, but in English it would be something like ”Longboarders of the East”. Both Eastern Norway and of Oslo. We have a youtube-channel here http://www.youtube.com/user/OstensFjolforerlag?feature=CAQQwRs%3D

East side gangsters!
For sure! Young, stupid gangsters that always have a good time!

How does riding in Oslo differ from other cities in Norway?
I haven’t lived in any other place than Oslo, so it’s hard to say. But I think that most of the downhill skaters in Norway lives in Oslo. Therefore the society here is huge! We don’t have crazy huge hills here like they have in the West e.g. Voss og Stavanger, but we have a lot of small hills all around the city, and some in the city as well. So I think what really makes us great skaters is that we are so many, and that we always push each other.

What was the first board you got after your wobble machine?
I think it was a Rayne Demonseed, but I got rid of it pretty fast. Then I bought a Landy 9two5. It was a great board, and it was then I really learned standup-slides. Currently I’m skating on the Slipstream Longboards team, and I have a Slipstream DFA!

What is Slipstream?
Slipstream is a Scandinavian brand that’s mainly located in Gothenburg, Sweden. They make some really nice longboards and are some really nice guys. We have a great team here in Norway as well as in Sweden. It’s always fun to hang out with those guys! We’re actually going to Sardinia, Italy on the 20th of October!

You and John are going on honeymoon? (PS: look up Fabrizio Ara when you get there)
John is going, together with Ming Chan, also from Sweden. We are 5 guys from Norway; Ali Nas, Adrian Jancey, Tord Tvedten and Elias Kvarekvål. We have talked with the Longskate Arbus team down there, they are gonna show us some spots.

How did you first get sponsored?
My first sponsor was a Swedish handcrafted board-brand named Stoneboard! So nice boards, Fredrik Wangsten makes them. He’s only 18 years old but makes these crazy longboards. Slipstream is new this the year!

Do you have any other sponsors?
Ali, and Boardranch support me, as well as Timeship Racing, all the way from Santa Fe! I also got a deal on Divine Wheels and Paris Trucks. I feel really lucky, and they give me a huge opportunity to travel around and skate!

When did you get all that?
Mostly last fall, I got in contact with TSR then. I had talked a bit with Slipstream, Divine, Paris earlier, as they are the same distributor here in Norway. Ali contacted me later in the winter when he told me he was going to start up Boardranch.

Who are the other Timeship Europeans?
I’m not the only European as far as I know, but I am the only Scandinavian! Dave and Joe at Timeship are such cool guys! I would love to go over to the States and skate sometime soon! You can see the others here: http://timeshipracing.com/about.php#team

Have you skated outside Norway?
I have! I’ve been to Kozakov twice, and I was at the 2011 European Championship in Verdicchio, Italy last year! Those two tracks are definitely something to recommend! I’ve also been to Sweden.

Where in Sweden do you enjoy riding?
I’ve only been to Ravenhill in Gothenburg and Moosehunt in Trollhättan. Those races are awesome. I would like to go to Stockholm though! There are so many great skaters there!

What’s the relationship like with the other Vikings?
It is great. We are like one nation when we’re on tour! Team Scandinavia is trying to take over Europe! Haha, no but seriously, it’s nice to skate with the Swedes!!

And Danes?
No! Have you seen Denmark? Flat and windy. haha

How is the party different with the Vikings?
There is no party without the Vikings, at least not in Kozakov!

Definitely missed you ninja playing boys in Portugal!
Yeah, I can imagine! I was planning on going there, but I just didn’t have the money.

Who did you go on tour with this season?
As I only was in Kozakov this year I wouldn’t call it a real tour. But I travelled with my brother, Axel Patricksson. Down there on the other hand I was camping with Team B’rd, and some other Vikings.

When did you start racing?
My first race ever was Tryvann in Oslo in 2009. Since then I have raced a lot around in Norway and Sweden! The extremesportweek at Voss is my favourite I think. That is an event everyone should put on their to-do-list!

Are there many Norwegian races?
There are a few, but this year we only had 2 races in the Norwegian DH cup. We did however have a Divine Freeride Cup with a lot of slide jams, small races and other stuff! This cup was really great this year!

Who organised it?
Local Hero organises this. Local Hero is the distributor of Divine, Paris, Slipstream, etc. Great guys!

What’s special about Voss?
The nature, for sure! It is so sick to be surrounded by huge mountains, waterfalls, woods and maybe even some trolls! The roads in Voss is crazy too. You have probably seen Stalheimskleiva been skatet by Original Rider Petter Reinem; 18* at average, hairpins as far as you can see, and one way downhill! That is only one of many, many winding roads over there.

What sort of skating makes you happy?
Depends a bit on my mood I guess, but freeride and sliding is the type I do the very most. It’s so nice to just use the terrain in all kinds of ways when you’re freeriding down a road. It clears my mind.

Sliding on hard wheels?
Nah, I like soft wheels more. Around 78-80a is perfect! I usually use the Divine Streetslayers 78a.

How was this season for you?
This season has been good. Even though I’m not a junior anymore I still have managed to get some great results. That said, I have been best on time trials this year. But I guess the rest will come soon enough!

Is the transition from grom to open class difficult?
Yes, I would say so. When you’re a grom you can have a second chance racing both open and junior. Now I have to meet the “big guys” that have years of racing experience.

What are your plans for the coming season?
I don’t know really. I’m definitely going back to Kozakov. I hope Verdicchio is put up again. And I’ve heard some rumours about Stephan Risch organising Almabtrieb again, that would be cool.

What do you think the future holds?
We’ll see. I don’t think the IGSA is going away, but it sure will be a wake-up call for them. It’ll probably be an improved IGSA.

What improvements need to be made?
It needs to be more strict. It’s like a kindergarten sometimes at the races, so people need to pay their attention to the schedule set.

Strict how?
There shouldn’t be room for exceptions when it comes to who gets to ride when, and all that kind of stuff. No more favouritism  Also when it comes to shuttling, people need to be aware that they have to be on the bus when it leaves. Or else, it’s too bad for you.

What do you do when you’re not skating?
Right now, too little. I have a year of from studies now, and I should be working.

Choose 3 numbers between 1-39.
3, 8 and 20

3 – What impact has longboarding had on your life?
It has connected me with a whole new circle of friends!

8 – Best board you’ve ever ridden?
Dunno, everyone has different qualities. But a topmount, I think.

20- If every job paid the same amount, what would you do?
If I could earn money on designing and testing boards that would be fine!

It’s been super awesome talking to you buddy, definitely looking forward to the coming onslaught of Norwegian stoke. Stay rad!
It was really nice talking to you, despite the bad internet connection there haha. I hope to be a great viking warrior one day and make moose bacon to share with you next year on the tour.

Any thank yous?
I would thank my sponsors of course!
Slipstream Longboards – www.slipstreamlongboards.com/
BoardRanch – www.boardranch.no
Timeship Racing – www.timeshipracing.com
Divine Wheels – (take a look at facebook:P)
Paris Trucks – www.paristruckco.com

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