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Fun chat with a viking supergrom, he tells us about riding in Stockholm, the past 2 downhill races and his growing love of sliding.
Hey Isac, where are you from?
I’m from “Stokeholm” Sweden, where all the Vikings live. But I’am more of a small Viking though.

How small?
13 years old and super skinny. But hopefully one day I will grow big.

When did you start skating?
It all began with be getting a normal skateboard.I road it for a year but I didn’t find doing tricks that fun. But going down big hills was super RAD! So in 2010 I bought my first longboard at Kahalani! Since then I couldn’t stop riding it! I was super STOKED.

What board was it?
A Fibertec s-flex with some of the best trucks – Paris of course and some Otang wheels. Adam Persson (the swedish downhill beast!) set me up with a great board and helped me with getting better on  my board!

Are you still riding the same board?
No but I still have it under my bed, I will never throw it away! It’s an awesome memory for life. After a while when I started going fast it got a bit flexy! Right now I’m riding a Sector9 downhill divison with some Rey Trucks and lots of different wheels. Very soon I will be riding Kebbek boards.

When did you start going fast?
Hmm… I don’t really know but I started doing slides and went faster and faster and suddenly I was also able to go downhill! But after skating a bit I found that sliding was my thing.

What board did you get after your fibretec?
I had a Rayne killswitch for a short time then after “The Gathering” (a sick Swedish event that Michael Aho organised last year!) I got involved with Dr Longboard and started working on a new model! That later became two models – Dr longboard Thor and Odin. We did a lot of prototyping and the boards came out really good!

What is ‘The Gathering’?
It’s a sick event here in Stockholm! All the longboarders meet up and we go longboarding! Last year we had a slide jam and some chill cruising around Stockholm! This year is going to be sick! It’s going to be over a weekend not just 1 day, there will be all the different disciplines – DH, sliding, cruising and slalom! It’s going to be super rad and we are going to have a great time! Last year we were nearly 500 riders. I’m hoping for even more riders this year. Maybe 1,000!
Big thank to Michael and Longboard Stockholm and all the other organisers helping out.

What’s it like skating in Stockholm?
It’s really good. We have an awesome community with lots of riders. We might not have the best hills but we have the STOKE!

Have you skated outside Stockholm?
Yeeaaa! Recently I was on vacation in Australia! We went to a lot of places in Australia like Sydney and Gold-coast but mostly we stayed in Brisbane! In Brisbane I met some super rad kids and that’s where I did most of my skating.We skated every day and that’s why I progressed so fast! Everywhere I went the hills were insane. I was more than stoked! And I also met a lot of people at a gnaarly slide jam! Haha and I won. The comunnity is great down under and they have some great steep hills. I really had the best skate time of my life! That’s also where I made my latest edit.

What kind of sliding do you enjoy most?
I like all kind of sliding! But I like the speed, so fast freeriding is sick and also drifting a fast corner! But all sliding in general is great.

Who do you skate with?
That’s a good question! Hmm where I live I skate with my neighbour David and lots of friends that live close! On the weekends I usually take the train and catch up with some sick riders from the group Stokeholm! Like Lamin Cassaman, Adam Persson and lots of super SICK riders. But going to DH compitions meeting all kinds of people is my favorit thing. We have such a great time then. Ravenhill and Moosehunt were great skating some rad hills and meeting super nice people!

When did you start competing?
I started this year by going to Ravenhill and Moosehunt! I had a great time and learned a lot from good riders. I’m not the fastest person but I got some sick runs and had a super awesome weekend! I was super stoked. Ravenhill was sick, the first day was dry and second day wet! It was super fun.

Were you the youngest person competing?
Yeah in Moosehunt but not Ravenhill. There are some small groms racing in Sweden! Where I live we are like 20-30 young groms that shred togther. It’s super sick not being the only grom shedding.

Do you have a crew?
Yea kind of! But I shred with anyone that wants to skate. The main crew are all the people in the group “Stokeholm” with all the rad skaters around Stockholm.

You mentioned earlier that you were going to ride for Kebbek?
Yes!!! I just got sponsored by Kebbek Skateboards. I am so STOKED about that! They are a sick company making sick longboards!

What other sponsors have you got?
I’m also super STOKED on being a part of the Mrboard family! They are a sick boardshop based in Östersund Sweden.

Who else is on the Mrboard team?
We’re 4 on the team right now! Erik, Kevin and Simpan and myself.

Congratulations on Kebbek, how did that happen?
They saw my video from Australia and we started speaking and then they wanted me on the team. I’m super stoked on getting to ride Kebbek boards and being able to represent them!

What board will you be riding?
To begin with I’ll be riding the Ben Dubreuill and the Roockin Rookie, two really sick boards for freeriding and DH.

What’s your favourite kind of board and why?
I really like riding topmount boards! The feel is just perfect. You get a carvy kind of board but still really stable and good for gripping corners! I also like them because the board has got a simple construction! I don’t know too much about board construction I just like to ride them.

Do you feel any riding with much bigger guys?
Haha. No actually I feel the opposite. I love riding with them and being able to learn from their riding experience! I don’t really think it matters if I ride with people that are 10 years older than I am, the important thing is to have fun and shred hard. Age doesn’t matter in my case!

Who are your favourite people to learn from?
When I started longboarding I didn’t have anyone to ride with and learn from. I watched YouTube a lot and tried to do what I saw. But right now I’am trying to get more and more into Downhill and Adam is the donwhill king so I try to copy what he does! YouTube is still my friend I learn nearly all my slide tricks from youtube. Mauritz Armfelt is a super sick freerider and racer I love watching him ride.

What videos do you watch most?
I love watching Comet videos. They have some super sick riding style and tricks! But of course all the pros like Kelly and K-Rimes.

What are your plans for this season?
Being able to skate as much as possible! Meet sick people and have fun! But I’m also going to do some filming and ride as many races as I can! Moosehunt and Ravenhill were sick and I might go to Norway later this year for a race.

You’re a film-maker?
My good friend Jakob helps me with the filming and all the editing. If I didn’t have him I would never be able to make any videos. I am very grateful for your help bro!

Where would you like to be in 5 years?
That’s a tricky question. I’ve got some dreams but I don’t know if it will happen. It would be fun to race the IGSA circuit and maybe live in the USA skating heaps! All I’m sure about is that I’ll be skating!

What do you do when you’re not skating?
Studying. But I also play a lot of tennis! Being with my family is also very important for me.

Are they happy with you skating?
Yeah. Both my parents are doctors so they understand the risks of skating! But I try to be smart when I skate. I never take any risks with traffic! But I love skating and my family is happy too so everthing is awesome.

Do you have any advice for any other young people out there who want to get into longboarding?
Yes! Longboarding is a very dangerous sport and you’ve got to understand the risks you’re taking! Always be careful because injuries really hurt. And also try to inform your parents of what you’re doing, they will be less concerned with you skating and may even think it’s a really good thing (trust me i know). The most important thing is HAVING FUN!

Choose 3 numbers between 1-32? 
hm.. 13 that’s my birthdate, 1 and 5

13 – Do you have a pet?
I’ve got 5 lizards a guinea pig and a rabbit. Animals are damn sick. I wish they could skate too.

1 – What do you take with you when you go for a skate?
Helmet and all the safety gear and most importantly STOKE!

5 – What is your favourite skate video?
Must be a loaded video they make such cool videos!

Thanks a lot Isac! It was really fun speaking to you tonight, good luck in all your slide jams and races!
Thanks bro! It’s been an honor talking to you! Hope I wasn’t too hard to interview. hehe

Any thank yous?
Yeah Kebbek, Mrboard and all my friends! And thanks to All Around Skate and all the other longboard sites! Thanks to any skaters out there! Skate hard and have fun


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