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We speak to one of the administrators of Longboard Mediterranea, he tells us about the longboard scene in Barcelona, his terrible luck with cars and underwearless skating!

Hola Jordi! Where are you from?
I’m from Barcelona!

When did you start skating?
I started skating eight years ago when I got my first skateboard for Christmas! After that I started skating with my friends until one of them got a longboard. After that I bought my first longboard and I started longboarding.

What was your first longboard?
My first longboard was a Lush Tula for cruising. The skate shops in Barcelona didn’t usually have longboards, although there where some crews around at the time.

When did you get it?
I got it seven or six years ago in Tactic shop.

Do you still ride it?
Ohh I can’t, a car hit it so I had to buy another longboard: a Jimmy Plumer Zeta Flex deck. I loved that deck and I actually have it on the wall of my room because I want to conserve it for ever!

Ah sorry to hear that. Puto car!
jajajajaja yes, putooo car!

What crews were around there back then?
Pearson Longboard, Long Banana and Longboard Mediterranea were around but I didn’t know that at the time, so I only longboarded with my friend Miguel Porté.

Are those brands or crews?
They were crews, after that Pearson longboards started to do decks so became a brand but it started as a crew.

And the other 2?
The other two crews where just groups of friends that had a good time skating with each other (Pearson Longboard had a brand but it was also a group of friends). Longboard Mediterranea decided to do a forum where everybody who wanted to skate could ask questions and skate with more people (at that time I didn’t know of their existence). I don’t know exactly what happened with Long Banana Crew but they disappeared, although some of there riders still skate.

Are there many shops selling longboards in Barcelona now?
Yes, nowadays there a lot of shops in Barcelona that sell longboards but actually not all these shops have a lot of choice for the rider. I mean there are a lot of shops that sell longboards but not all of them sell different kind of wheels, trucks, bearings and things that are exclusively for longboards. But there are also shops like Drop inn, Pegasus, Kaina, Tactic and many more that have more things every day.

What was the first crew/shop in Barcelona?
I genuinley don’t know it.

Who do you skate with?
Actually I skate with a lot of people, in the city I like to go with the people that go to Montjuic or Numancia at night. When I go downhill I go with friends from Longboard mediterranea and from other crews like Jarto Jartorius or LSD crew that I know… I have the good luck of skate with them.

You only skate at night?
No, I skate every day to get around the city. The thing is that during the week people have to study or work so we usually meet at night, at some well known spots in Barcelona.

What board you ride now?  
Well I have more than one board. I like to conserve my boards.

What is the Longboard Mediterranena forum?
Longboard Mediterranea forum is an Internet site where people speak about longboarding and where they organise longboard meetings. Its fun because its not just a forum, what I like the most is that in the meetings you can see people who are really different but that have something in common: they like having fun longboarding!

Who runs the forum?  
Well there is a group of us that look after the forum but everybody who wants to implicate can do it. Me and Miguel for example were new to Longboard Mediterranea like five years ago, we started going to the meetings and we got to know a lot of people, so we learnt a lot about longboarding components and things that we never could have imagine, I remember thinking: “this guy is an authentic freak” after talking bushings with with Gonçalo Martins for the first time hahaha, now I’m as much a freak as him!
Longboard Mediterranea started nine years ago with a group of people who usually skated from the Forum (at a spot in Barcelona). Chinako and Eloi Pujol went to “La noche en Blanco” at Madrid and when they arrived at Barcelona they decided with the rest of the group to make a crew after going to the concentration.

The magic of Moyano!
I wasn’t there at the time but when they arrived there they decided to make the forum so that all the people could learn about others and skate with everybody. The idea was and IS that Longboard Mediterranea is not only a forum or a group of people it’s a very big family where everybody is invited!

It seems something happens to everyone the first time they visit that spot. Have you been?
Yes I was in La Noche en Negro last year and it was crazy! I had a really good time there with fantastic spots and people and I will do all I can to go next year for sure!

With Miguel right? It was amazing!
Yes we went with Miguel and more friends of Barcelona!

In a skate van?
We went with different cars and some people went by train.

Do you have somewhere like Moyano in your city?
Well, in Barcelona there are also a lot of spots but the most popular would be Numancia I suppose.

What’s Numancia like?
Numancia is a peatonal street in Barcelona it’s not too steep, the asphalt is ok and the most important is its banks haha we’ve spent days there skating and just being with friends.

What is your role in the Barcelona skate community now?
Well my role is the same as anyone that skates in the city, I’m not a pro or anything but I like having a good time skating with people as many others do here! And also I am one of the moderators of the forum Longboard Mediterranea which I support because I like the ideology of the Forum.

How was last season for you?
Last season, it was great! I was able to travel to some freerides in my country and I hope I can do it this year as well! I also skated in the city at La Noche en Negro that, as I said, it was incredible.

Which freerides did you go to?
I went to Velefique, Tuixent and Knk camp, we also wanted to go at Teolo but while we were travelling, a drunk man fell asleep at the wheel and he crashed into us in Niza.

MAN! A car destroyed your board, now a car destroyed your car! 
Yes, that was very bad luck… our first day of travel and my car torn apart so we stayed a night in Niza then went to Barcelona and then went directly to the knk camp with Miguel’s car.

Where were the first 2 events?
My first 2 events were Velefique and Tuixent. I never had gone to a freeride before although I had done downhill near Barcelona. I have to say that the first time I went up the road of Velefique I was really scared haha! The road it was wet and there was a lot of fog, but after the first go I only wanted to go down again and again!

Haha. Nice one. Where is Velefique?
Velefique is a village in Almeria, last year Longboard Málaga and Ridersfly organised a freeride there and it was very good, not only the freeride but the people in the village where very friendly and there was a party at the village so we had a really good time!

Skaters love parties! Will you be there this year?
Of course! If I can go I won’t think twice!

How was Tuxient?
hahaha Tuixent was great, the organisation was unsurpassable by the hand of Kaina and Jarto-Jartorious but I dislocated my shoulder so I couldn’t finish it.

Sorry to hear that! Who is Kaina?
Kaina is an online longboard shop in Spain that does a lot for the sport in the country!

What other disciplines do you do?
I do slalom, cruising and a little bit of dancing.

What was the highlight of your skating year?
The highlight for me without a doubt was the Knk Camp. That was really cool, seven days with those roads it was a dream made reality!

So you’ll be at Bear’s Guts in April?
YESSSS! hahaha

Awesome stuff! Jordi, it has been great talking to you tonight.

Just 3 quick questions left
Pick 3 numbers between 1 – 22
ok! 9, 14 and 17 for example? haha

9 – Favourite song to listen to when you skate
There are a lot of songs I like to listen to when I skate but lately I’ve been listening a lot to Radio Moscow when skating

14 – Favourite band?

7- Do you prefer skating without socks or without underwear?

Haha. Spoken like a true Puto! Thanks a lot for taking time to talk tonight, it was mega fun. See you at Moyano again?

Yes, of course! thanks to you! See you in Moyanoo!

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