Featured rider: Jørund Bratset


Enjoy this quick chat we had with Norwegian Grom, Jørund. We chat about TMI Lillyhammer, the upcoming euro tour and his love for downhill skateboarding.

Christoffer Nikolaisen photo
Christoffer Nikolaisen photo

Hej Jørund, how are you?
Hey there! I’m good! You?

Great. How was your weekend?
It was nice. Just came home from a race in Voss.

First time at Voss?
Nope, 3rd.

How was the skating?
It was good! Skated lots of crazy stuff around voss.

Of your 3 visits, which has been your favourite?
This year for sure! One us turned 18 so we had a car and didn’t have to bring our parents.

Who is ‘us’?
This year i meet up with Magne Ørvik, Johannes Ålholm and Jens Øvregårs. We had a car and drove around Voss to skate.

Do you have a name for your gang?
Haha nope. The others just call us the groms.

Viking Groms - Bastien Marcellin
Viking Groms – Bastien Marcellin photo

Did you guys all end up on the podium?
Me and Johannes did actually. Johannes got 1st in Juniors and I got 2nd in Juniors.

Congratulations! What was the highlight of Voss for you?
For me Voss is about meeting up with the homies, and skating crazy hills around Voss.

Where are you from?
Molde, West Norway.

Nice place to grow up?
Yeah, I guess, but not for a skater… there is no skate community here at all !

How did you get into skateboarding?
The usual I guess. A friend had a cruiser and I skated it, it felt good and got me hooked. This was the summer of 2011.

When did you get your own skateboard?
I got my first skateboard july 2011. It was a Landyachtz cruiser.

Peter Andersson pic
Peter Andersson pic

What made you fall in love with skating?
The stoke and the feeling maybe.

How long after you got your cruiser did you start going fast?
I always wanted to skate faster. And after watching videos from skatehouse, I got myself a downhill board, a helmet and slide gloves.

What were your favourite videos?
It has always been videos from skatehousemedia.com

Who did you skate with in the early days?
I skated with some friends from the same area, we were about 6-7 kids. Now i’m the only one still skating downhill.

Why don’t people in Molde skate?
Probably because they haven’t discovered downhill skating or they they think its crazy and out of control.

Where do you go for good, fast skating?
I usually skate mellow neighborhood bus-runs. But sometimes i skate mountain passes like Trollstigen.

Erkki Rustad photo
Erkki Rustad photo

What was the first event you attended?
It was TMI beito in 2012.

How nervous were your parents about letting you hang with tattooed, bearded skaters?
HEHE! They didn’t know how the downhill skate community was but my mom was there with me… But she didn’t hate too much.

Are they supportive of your favourite hobby
Yeah i guess so, they help out a lot.

Why did you decide to start competing?
I was stoked!

How did you do at that first Beito?
I won 2 heats i think.

What setup were you rocking?

Comet board

BEAR precisions

These wheels or something

longboardgarage photo
longboardgarage photo

What did you learn from that event?
I found out that I needed to learn how to do race lines… haha

Who have you learnt the most from over the years?
eeeh.. Magne Ørvik I guess. I’ve skated mostly with him and Johannes Ålholm.

Is Magne your best friend?
Yeah in the skate community for shure! And Johannes.

What did you learn about the DH community from TMI Belto?
Crazy people! Fast people, faster than I thought and that there was other groms too.

Do you prefer skating with other groms?
Yep! cause we like the same types of skating.

Did you do much skating in 2013?
Yeah, I did the full Norwegian cup and some freeride competitions. first race year.

What were your favourite events from the cup?
Voss and Volda maybe! Voss has all the crazy hills while Volda is just sick. But this years TMI Lillehammer is gonna be the favourite for sure!

Volda - Peter Andersson
Volda – Peter Andersson

What did you race on that season?

Sector nine daisy



What do you love about racing/skating fast?
Skating fast and doing race lines is too fun… and skating tight!

Did you do much skating last year?
Yeah! Did everything serious in Norway, first TMI lilyhammer and Peyragudes as well.

What is Lilyhammer like?
It’s sick! fast, turny and smooth!

How did it feel to have people from all over the world skating your hills?
Eee, there wasn’t that many last year but it’s nice to show people that we do have a community in Norway as well.

Do you do any skating outside of competitions?
Off course! That’s the biggest part of skating!

Style - Christoffer Nikolaisen photo
Style – Christoffer Nikolaisen photo

Are you having a fun year?
Fuck yeah! Euro-tour soon.

What will you be up to for the rest of the year?
First TMI lilyhammer, then kozakov and then KNK.

Who’s gonna win juniors at Lilyhammer?
I don’t know. Probably a lot of fast juniors from other countries. But Johannes is crazy fast this season!!!

What are you riding right now?

An old comet board from 2012.


rads for race and abecs/These for freeride

Are any of those your sponsors?
Nope :/ I don’t have any sponsors.

What do you do when you’re not skating?
During the winter, I do a lot of skiing and hunting with my dad.. haha

Pick 3 numbers between 1-30.

10 – What’s your favourite band?

20- If every job paid the same amount, what would you do?

30 – In a Zombie apocalypse, what would be your weapon of choice?
Ray Gun!!

Jørund buddy! Thak you for your time. All the best for TMI lilyhammer, see you around somewhere!
Yeah thank you!

Any last words?

Peter Andersson photo
Peter Andersson photo

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