Featured rider: Laurent Perigault


Short and sweet interview with a super talented All Around skater and photgrapher from Paris. With possibly the most distinct helmet in all of Europe. Laurent tells us about the scene in Paris, getting sponsored by Loaded and his plans for next year.

Bonjour Laurent! Where are you from?
Hi, I’m from Paris (France).

When did you start skating?
I started skating when I was 7 years old.

In Paris?
Yeah , it is great to live in Paris, there are a lot of nice places to skate over here.

When did you start longboarding?
2 years ago, I started with a Blackkross Longboard (Board: OSD V1)

What’s blackkross?  
Blackkross is a French brand which exists since 2006, it sells different type of longboards for some disciplines such as : DH, freeride, dancing, slalom, skate.
The boss is Gregoire Henneguy, he is a cool guy and he is trying to promote the brand and shop in France, in Europe and if everything goes well… IN THE WORLD!!!!

Gnar! The shop is in Paris?
It’s not a real shop, I mean, you can buy boards and stuff on the website: www.blackkross.com
The Blackkross factory is currently located in southern France (Near Toulon)

Do you still ride a blackkross?
Yes of course! But I also ride other boards, I‘m also an Ambassador of Loaded longboards.

I‘m also sponsored by other brands : Paris Trucks, Hawaii Surf (shop in Paris), Hazardous (streetwear), Orangatang, etc…
I ride a STAFF and a OSD of Blackkross Longboards for the dancing and the freeride and also skateboards for street and bowl.
Concerning Loaded, I ride the Bhangra, Fat tail, Tan Tien for freestyle and dancing.
I also skate the Banzaii of HawaiiSurf. It is an old school deck and the Super Shaka of Sector 9. (Thanks to Tibs Parise for the board)

Are there many french board builders?
Yes there are FLuide Longboards, BlaBla Longboards.

How did you get sponsored by loaded?
I made a lot videos here in Paris. And Loaded contacted me after my video Accroche Decroche n°2. After I met with Mike Girard (Loaded Ambassador) when he came in Paris last year. We went riding together and also I met all the Loaded team during my trip to California last summer.

What is the longboard scene like in Paris?
The longboard scene grows up every year and for the last months especially very fast.
A lot of French guys and girls are very motivated to involve into the French longboarding.
For a few months there is a French mag on the web which covers all the french events concerning longboarding in France. The mag also presents some interviews of famous French riders and different topics on the “skate lifestyle” and some photos… This mag is UD Mag.
The blog: http://urbandrift.canalblog.com
The website: http///blog.udmag.net/magazine

What is your involvement with the magazines?
Concerning the magazines, I had already done some interviews for UD Mag and some photos in Concrete Wave & Blutcher Longboard. I worked with Marvin Thine for the UD Mag on the interview of Olivier Bareaud – I made the photos.

You’re a photographer?
Yeah I do a little bit of skateboard photography and also of my life time.
I’ve got a blog where I exhibit some of my photos : http://laurentperigault.daportfolio.com/
You can just have a look. Some other photos are coming soon.

How was California?
Woow California was just so great!! Really amazing spots to ride and a lot of skaters.

First time out there?
Yes it was, but I predict I’ll go there again this summer.

Business or pleasure?
Just to skate.

Who did you skate with?
Last year, I have skated with Julien Mangogna (Blackkross), Louis Pilloni (SkateHouse Media.com), Darren, Adam Colton, Kyle chin, Pat from Surf-Rodz, Max Watson,  Daniel Fissmer, Ethan Cochard, etc…

What discipline do you practice?
I do a lot of different disciplines: skate, freeride, DH, dancing, old school freestyle and a little bit of slalom.

I just had a look at your blog! The photos are awesome. What do you use?
Thanks! For my photos I use NIKON D300S with different lenses- I also use it for some of my videos. I also use a GOPRO and I also have a SONY camera.
Lenses: 10-24mm, 70-200mm fisheye, 10mm 35mm, 35-70mm
I use PhotoShop & FinalCut Pro for editing my videos.

Where do you post your skate photos/videos?
YouTube, Vimeo and Flickr.
There are many pics on :




Facebook : Laurent Perigault

Sweet. Do you have a crew in Paris?
Yep. I ride with the BHM crew in Paris.

What’s BHM?  
BHM is a French crew. We are all friends and we’ve skate together for a long time.
The leaders are Clement Gayraud & Arnaud Stricher. Clement skates for Abec 11 and Blutcher.

Will you be going to Wallonhill 2012?
Yes I will be there with Marvin Thine from UD Mag.

How was last season for you?
Well, last season was great. I have finished the French Temporary Classement (French DH Championship) in 8th position.

Nice. What are your plans for this season?
Em I think I am going to participate at some freeride events and French Championship events. I’m planning to do other videos and photos.

Do you organise any events?
I do, I’ve organized the TANG TANG contest in September 2011 at Trocadero in Paris.
And I’m planning to organize others very soon.

What is Tang Tang?
The TANG TANG contest is a dancing and sliding contest.
Check the photos on the websites : UD Mag & Loaded Boards.

What can we look forward to from you this year?  
I don’t know, I am preparing other events for dancing and slide, maybe a best sliders of the day photo contest. But it is only a project for now. You will see…  haha

Haha let us know as soon as it’s ready
Yeah don’t worry about that :- )

Awesome. 1 last question.
Choose 3 numbers between 1-23
Em.. 1 : )

Haha 3 numbers bro
Haha ok so 1, 8, 22

1 – What do you take with you when you go for a skate ?
My boards!! My helmet and my camera

8 – Best board you’ve ever ridden.
The Staff and Bhangra. I also like Shaka.

22 – Do you have any hidden talents?
Emm…. I think, no….

Haha, it has been a pleasure chatting with you tonight bro. Thank you for your time
It was a pleasure for me too, see you soon bro.

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  9. Are there any board builders in Paris? Will be traveling there the end of the month and looking to hook up with a local board builder for a feature article on our site.
    Thanks for any info.

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  11. I don’t know if this question had been answered our not, but what do the french call longboarding? How would you say “I’m a longboarder” or “I ride longboards”?

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