Featured rider: Leif Marks


Leif, he likes to skate hard, crash hard and party hard. Find out how this laughing Mallorcan local got into downhill skateboarding and his love for a 100kg Viking in a red suit.

Yo Leif, how are you?
I’m great, thanks mate.

Where are you from?
Fuck! That’s quite a tricky one hahahahaha. I’m originally from Mallorca, Spain. Norwegian and German family though.

You’re part Viking?
Yep, guess thats where the blond hair and the drinking habit comes from hahahaha. Ask TB about it.

Is that your girlfriend?
TB, yes. A 100Kg Norwegian in a red leather suit. Adorable

Is that how you like them?
Hahahaha, not really bro. Not really. No offence TB.

Lies. That’s why you love Santa Claus.
Ok, you got me…
 Where did you start skating?
I started skating in Mallorca. Around 2.5 years ago. Saw one of the Original Longboard videos and fell in love with it. I got to know most of my best friends through longboarding in Mallorca. But I got into downhill skateboarding around a year ago.

Who is your best friend?
You of course bro. Hahahahaha

Yay! I didn’t know I was from Mallorca. Hola compadre!
Yes, but you are bro! Haha
Nah, I’d have to mention Max Campbell, Tom Rohde, Max Newton (Greenware boarding) and Victor Gaminde. That would be  the local crew I most skated with.

Those guys sound English!
Victor was like the only Spanish one among us, we were a pretty international group, mostly like me, foreign family but brought up in Mallorca. And yes, in the case of Max C. and Max N. their families are English and South African.

Who is Max Newton?
Good friend of mine, British and South African. Also founder Of the GreenWare Boarding page, they produce ecologically friendly clothing. pretty cool stuff. Check him out. Good skater as well. http://greenwareboarding.com/

What sort of stuff were you doing when you first started?
Kind of cruising around the island as first getting to steeper and larger mountains and hills, especially because it was summer, we didn’t do anything other than skate. I fell in love with it from the first moment. It was like learning how to fly.

Who else do you skate with on the Island?
Well, I currently live in Barcelona but it’s just for 1 year. After my first year of skating, I was in South Africa. But if I had to mention people I would go with: Andy Hayek, Gustavo Karlsson, Robin Eurenis, Katiana Torrebella, Palex, Victor Garcia, Quentin and Jake Theander, etc. Check out the Longboard Mallorca facebook page.

Who organises stuff?
Well we all kind of did, but also Beyond 76’ Boardshop, which is the only longboard shop down there. They always organized contests and stuff. Although the everyday skate sessions and meetings were organized by ourselves. (Fuck bro you have no idea how good the song is that I’m listening to right now!!! Hahahahaha)

What are you listening to?
Hahahahahahahaha, I have to mention Max Campbell for this song. Hahahahaha He knows why! The video is freaking trippy though.

What do you listen to when you skate?
That is a hard one. I love so many different styles of music, and if it’s a great song, I don’t care what type of music it is. Depends on the skating; if I wanna go really aggressive at freeriding then I like some kinds of electronic music; if I wanna have a really flowy smooth cruise down a hill I go a bit further back, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Super Tramp, etc, but also lots of other stuff. I can’t decide haha.

What are you doing in Barcelona?
I’m studying Sound Engineering here. One year in Bcn, and 3 years in the states.

What is the skating like there?
Great. BIG community! But different styles than in Mallorca, much more freestyle skating, and less downhill. Still great guys.

Mallorca is all downhill?
No, not all of it. There is a great balance  of Downhill and Freeriding. Beacause there are great spots for both disciplines.

How did you get into downhill?
I just loved they way you get a great rush from it but at the same time it makes you so happy and relaxed, the feeling of controlling a super fast thing under your feet. And given the hills were in my backyard, there was just no way NOT to downhill skateboard.

Where have you been skating in the last year?
Quite a lot in South Africa, since I was living in Cape Town. Then some here in Barcelona of course and in England, for the Bo Peep crash&Burn race, where I “broke my ass” as everyone should know by now, especially Mattias Borg and Adam Persson from Sweden hahahahaha and I’m gonna be racing at all of the other IGSA races in Europe at least. So it’s quite a good year. Also in Mallorca of course.

cyBorg and Gnardam broke your ass?
Nah bru, they just had a hell of a time making jokes about it haha.

You went to SA for skating?
Not only, I was working at a surf school in CT, and obviously got to know the skating community as well. Raced at Hot Heels at the end of my stay there.

What was it like skating there?
The best comunity I’ve experienced. Such a chilled and friendly vibe. I’ve never felt at home like with those saffers down there. Great people. And really great skating as well. PFR like they aparently call it (Puss Fast Racing) Hahahaha

Who did you ride with?
Hmm let me think, Terry Blanche, Gerhard Nel, Anton Pratt, Matt Arderne,Cheri Morris, Amy Murgatyord, Mathew McDonald and the whole Nordhoek Bombers,  and many more people.

How did it compare to the Euro vibe?
The euro vibe is great, but the one in SA was very open and relaxed, they where always really open minded and received me with very positive vibes.

What were the hills like?
I didn’t get to see that many of them, but what I saw was incredible, really rad spots.

What was your first ever race?
It was one in Germany, pretty small thing, can’t remember the name. I was there by coincidence and decided to borrow a board from a friend and go down!
This is my first “proper” racing season, and for now I’ve won a broken ass and some good English beers. Lets see how its goes on from here.

Had you done any other races before Bo Peep?
Yes, Hot Heels was the only serious one in terms of racing though, and the one I most enjoyed.

How did that go?
Well, then I was still racing in Juniors, and it went well, great heats, but I had quite a crash in the semi finals and became 6th. And for some reason I won a Fibretec board for the rider with the most positive attitude. so basically for laughing the whole time haha.
I’m seeing a trend here. You like to crash?
Nah, of course not, but when I race, I really wanna push my riding, and get to a point where I don’t see my limits, and that doesn’t tend to go well. And I was already injured from a crash in practice days, where I just slightly drifted left after the finish line, although I beacme 1st, and just looking at the baboons trolling around on the hills I forgot to look where I was going Hahaahahaha.

What was the Bo Peep experience like?
Bo Peep was fun, nice vibes even though the weather wasn’t great. And except the crash where I fractured my pelvis and had to go to hospital, everything was great. They gave me laughing gas and morphine so, I’d like to say I was happy haha.

How did that happen?
We were going down in the rain, and the guy in front of me (and I mean RIGHT in front of me) fell, so I had to jump off my board and slide on my back , and then Josh Monk‘s board, got me right in the “bottom” with the pointy end. But no ones fault, that’s the risk we take. Even though I would have preferred my arm or my leg, anything else except my ASS!

What was the highlight of the weekend?
Hmmmm, probably the faceplant in front of TB. He fell in front of me, and I came out of the corner toe side on one hand, and trying to show off in front of him. I failed big time. Funny crash. You can see it at: (1:25 sec). Definitely the funnest moment of the skating part hahahaha after the good runs of course!

What are your plans for the rest of the season?
Race hard, race fast. I wasn’t really on it at Bo Peep, so I wanna get some good racing done in the next races. I wanna be on it like a rash on a girl-scout. Hahahaha

Sigh. Is that Mallorca or Norway speaking?
Mallorca. hahahahaha

What do you do when you’re not skating?
Skate some more. Hahahaha. Well I also Surf, Snowboard, I’m into filming, usually related to skating or the other board sports and I’m studying sound engineering as I mentioned earlier.

You make music?
I produce a bit of electronic stuff, and I play the piano and the bongos a lot. Great jam sessions here in Bcn

Have you made any longboard videos?
Not very serious ones, but I did some stuff with my best friends back in the day when we started skating in Mallorca, like this one:
hahahaha dramatic stuff bro ahahahaha. Also some other funny stuff on that YouTube account.

Wow that is beautiful!
Some teenagers getting drunk in the Mallorcan mountains and skating down a big sketchy hill reeeaaaallly hung over? Yeh, beautiful is one way to describe it!

Did you get any other people visiting you to skate?
Yeh, Stephan Risch and his bunch of Germans come around all the time, Mischo was here a couple of months ago as well. I was skating the same hill in the video with Kowalski just some weeks ago.

You speak German right?
English, Spanish, German, Catalan, and I’m working on my Norwegian and also learning Afrikaans.

What is your favourite spot?
Sa Calobra. Sketchyest, gnarlyest, most dangerous spot in the whole universe.

What do you ride?
I currently ride a Dr Longboard Thor, with Ronin trucks, and at the moment I’m on the new Landyachts Wheels, the KM FSU for some fast freeriding.

Burger on top of a pizza if possible. And also if possible avoid sex with animals and use of heavy machinery. May contain traces of nuts.

Choose 3 numbers from 1-33
15 24 and 18.

15 – What was the last book you read?
The last continent by Terry Pratchett. The only book in the world that has ever made me burst out laughing in the middle of class because of how funny it is. I’ts a huge caricature of Australia. Great book!

24- Favourite movie?
Fight Club

18- What is/was your favourite Cartoon?
Mickey Mouse and Scooby Doo

It’s been great chatting to you leafy leif! Heal fast and skate faster!
The pleasure has been mine! So if you may excuse me now, I have to go feed my goat. Shot for the interview bru.

Any thank yous?
Luca Coleman and his girl Alix for picking me up at the hospital after the crash at Bo Peep. I walked out of that place in boxer shorts and some skins cause they had to cut me out of my leathers hahah. Big thanks to them for getting me back to the camp.

Just Longboard Mallorca facebook page. And www.google.com you should check it out. Great website!!!

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