Featured rider: Lucas Krown


This stoked Viking tells us all about designing a board with an ”M concave” on his board, his pet skater and he reveals the reason why the polar ice-caps are melting!

Hej Lucas, how are you?
Hey bro! No complaints. Actually, I do have complaints now that I think about.. rain all the time here right now!

Too wet to skate?
Never too wet to skate… You know us Scandinavians.

Where have you been skating recently?
Mostly up in Soria Moria here in Oslo. It’s a great hill. You take the subway up, ride down for 4-5 kilometers with a top speed of 75km/h, and then take the subway up again.

You prefer it wet?
Nah, can’t say I do. Only Klaes Johansson is that crazy. But I don’t mind riding in the wet.

When did you start skating?
Street skated when I was 16 for skated for a few years but then I had a long break until I was 24.

How did you get back into it?
I moved to Oslo and there are hills everywhere. So I bought a G&S pintail for commuting. I worked as a warehouse manager so I built some curbs and stuff in the warehouse so I could skate. In spring of 2010, I got a Rogers Bros 3 piece and started riding downhill.

Where did you move from?
Stockholm, Sweden. Well that’s not entirely true, I lived in Långshyttan in Dalarna and Helsingborg in Skåne for a short period before moving to Oslo.

You skated with the purple viking and his gang in Skane?
Unfortunately not. This was before I started riding longboards, but I really want to go down there and skate with Kim and the boys some day. And for the record: There’s nothing faster about purple!

What were you doing before you discovered downhill?
I’ve always been into “extreme” sports. Snowboard, inlines and Dirt BMX for a while. During that break I spent most of my time in rehearsal with bands I played in.

What sort of music do you make?
Hehe… I wish I could say punk rock because that’s what I enjoy playing the most, but it’s been pop, nu-metal and 50’s rock n roll.

What’s your role in the band?
I play the bass, or more like played. Hard to find time for the music now. I spend all my time in the tattoo studio or up in the hills on my board.

What is it like in Oslo?
It’s a big enough city so there’s always something to do. But small enough to feel cozy. The downhill scene here is amazing and people really make an effort to get us all together for skate sessions and outlaw competitions.

Who are the guys making the effort to get the family together?
We have Cerdric Cornell (the grandpa of Norwegian longboard), Jørgen Egeland who runs The King of The Hill Boardshop and Alex Lyngaas. The downhill scene in Norway would be nowhere near as big as it is without those guys. Lately we have seen a new generation of guys organizing all sorts of fun events; The TMI guys – Mikkel, Sam & Fritjof. Mathias & Julian have organized a bunch of events known as the Goofy Cup Outlaw. Ali Nas did some events. Oh and I have to mention Fredric Jacobsen. He found most of the hills we ride and he’s always working to get people together to skate. So many awesome people!

Who is Alex Lyngaas?
An awesome surfer dude who seems to have a finger or two in just about everything that happens in this town.

Someone finally made an event only for the better stance!
Haha, nothing better than goofy, bro! But it wasn’t only for goofy riders. I don’t know why they call it that. I’ll ask!

Do you organise any events?
I did organize a cup last year with some friends, but things got too complicated and it didn’t amount to much. I want to organize something next year. We’ll see what happens.

How different are Oslo and Stockholm?
More hills in Oslo and a more relaxed attitude in general. Sthlm is a prettier city, but Oslo is more varied – you never know what type of building will come around the next corner. In Sthlm you can tell what part of the town you are just by looking at the buildings. The skate community is the same. The downhill scene might be bigger here, but in general it’s a big family of stoked skaters that take care of each other!

What do you ride? 
b rd blackbrd, surf rodz 176 RKP and DTC Grip or LY Mini Hawgs

Are any of those your sponsors?
B rd is! We have a collaboration with surf rodz, but I rode SZ before that as well.

When did you start competing?
Same year as I started riding downhill. Ravenhill 4.0 was my first competition.

How did you do in that comp?
32 I think, might have been 24. Can’t remember.

How was the rest of the season?
I think I only did 2 or 3 races in 2010, but I had a lot of fun!

What do you enjoy about downhill races?
I love being able to go as fast as I possibly can, knowing there’s no cars or other crap in my way. I love that feeling when you find that small gap and manage to squeeze past the rider in front.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve come across skating on an open road?
Hard one… but I think it must be when Lasse Morin looked back to film the riders behind him and forgot to look where he was going. After 10 seconds, he realized the stripes in the middle of the road was going the wrong way and he turned around the second before he hit the guard rail. Luckily it was one of the first sessions that year so he landed in half a meter of snow. The rest of us laughed all the way down the hill.

When was your first full season of racing?
Hopefully next year. haha! I raced a lot this year but can’t really call it a full season.

What races did you do this season?
Moosehunt, Ravenhill 6.0, Bo Peep, Kozakov, TMI Beito. Those are the official ones haha.

How were the Scandinavian races?
Really good! Especially Moosehunt and Beito! I had an insanely close heat with Klaes in Beito so that was fun!

What is it like racing with the Vikings?
Same as riding with them everyday – lot’s of fun! I think it’s important not to let the racing get too serious. Even though I must admit I get angry with myself when I don’t ride as well as I can. It is always good to ride with everyone from Sweden.. wish I could do that more often. It’s always crazy riding up here. People here ride in snow and rain, so the only difference is that it’s safer with the haybales.

How did you enjoy your time in England?
Had a great time and the hill was sick! Looked like the easiest thing in the world when we watched the video from 2011. Got a bit of a shock when we got there.
Met a lot of new friends and generally had a blast! I crashed in the last corner during time trials, though. And I raced against my girlfriend in the first heat. That sucked.

What was so special as Beito?
Beito is a downhill track made for go karts without an engine. It’s insanely narrow with turns and bumps everywhere. It’s a really laid back event and my team mate Herman Ottesen won!

Who did you travel to Kozakov with?
The b rd team – Kari Havnevik, Herman Ottesen, Christoffer Sanne, Klaes Johansson, our team boss Robert Flemming and our mascot Sam Priestley.

Your mascot is an Englishman?
Half. The rest of him is Swedish. But he was born in Norway. Strange, I know. But that’s our Priestley.

How was Kozakov?
It was a crazy road trip with lots and lots of partying. Apparently we threw a couple of messages in bottles off the ferry. Now we get all these emails from people who found them. Kari tried to drink as much and as fast as our beloved team boss.. really didn’t go all that well.
The racing was epic and Herman managed to crash at 108km/h. He caught Mischo’s draft and didn’t airbrake when Mischo did. But he’s more steel than bones nowadays so he was alright. Many things I really can’t talk about here… I’ll save those for some other time. haha

How was the party?
One beer here costs as much as 6 or 7 there. And the beer was quite strong so I’ll have to say it was great!

Why do you guys have a reputation for extreme fun at Kozakov?
It’s all TB’s fault.

What did he do?
Haha. It’s a full time job following everything that man does so you’ll have to ask him.

Why are you guys known as ‘’Gangsters’’?
It’s all TB’s fault… or possibly Kulas.

Why are the polar ice-caps melting?
It’s all TB’s fault.

Why are people unhappy with the way the IGSA has been running races?
I was gonna give you a long serious answer here… but it’s probably all TB’s fault.

What’s the story behind your helmet?
Bob! Not much of a story. I needed a helmet and went crazy with the screws. But at least I know my visor isn’t going anywhere.

Why does the B rd have no ”i”?
No idea actually. I’ve asked but got no real answer. Looks good? Saves ink? TB stole it?

What Brd do you ride?
Manta for freeride and blackbrd for race.

What is the Manta?
It’s a board that me and Klaes designed. 3D concave in the nose and M-concave in the rear.

Why would you make a board with M concave?
There’s a long and a short version here. I think I’ll go for the short: Klaes got drunk.

What is your role in the family?
They dubbed me Sergeant of tech. So basically I make sure the rest of the team takes care of their stuff, and I have to answer all questions about angles, lengths etc etc. Basically a way for Robban to not have to answer anything. He’s a clever man.

How are the boards you design different from other boards on the market?
The one I ride now has evolved from the manta. It’s a bit shorter and has a Mho – concave (upside down ohm-sign) in the rear. Designed with grip in mind.

Why o(mega) why?
Haha… more grip!

What are your plans for next season?
I’m going to a tattoo convention in the Phillipines in January so I’ll start the season there. And after that I’ll try to go to as many competitions as possible. It all depends on how much time of I get from my boss. Maybe if I mention the studio (Art & Soul Tattoo, Oslo) here, she’ll be happy!

Choose 3 numbers between 1-39.
6, 13, 26

6 – What is the strangest food you’ve eaten?
I don’t eat strange food.

13 – Do you have a pet?
Sam Priestley

26- What kind of films do you like?
Anything by Guy Ritchie. Btw, if you ever meet him, tell him to do Rocknrolla 2 already!

I will! It’s been really fun talking to you again bro, see at Bo Peep again?
Always a blast, bro! Absolutely! I want revenge on that last corner.

Any thank yous?
The b rd team and especially Robban and Patric. My girlfriend Anna, my family and everyone at Art & Soul.  Cim at Dirt Life Clothing, Wayne at Surf Rodz, Los Hermanos De La Velocidad and last but not least Quentin Bourg for taking me in and teaching me how to tattoo.


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