Featured rider: Mattias Borg


This super fun viking shares some stoke from Stockholm with us. He explains why you always see the Scandinavians in a circle striking ninja poses at the races. And finally he sings the song of birth and destruction.

Hej Matt! Where are you from?
Hi Gbemi, I’m from Sweden: Stockholm the viking area.

When did you start skating?
I started skating like 5 years ago but then it was only transportation from school to home.

How did you get into riding longer boards?
It was by my own actually! I got tired of pushing on a skate, so I bought a low class longboard that was faster then a skate, everyone in my school was jealous.

Because you got all the girls?
Exacly! And I was faster.

When did you find other people to ride with?
Long story short, my friend started skating longboard because of me so from that we met other people at one of Stokeholm’s hills called Highvalley. It was there I met Philippe (team member) and Martin Klawitter at the start.

Are they still your partners in crime?
Yeah for sure! Philippe and the guy I started skating down hills with are my closest friends right now.

Who else was rolling around then?
It was the high and mighty Erik Lundberg and Fredrik Lindström (role modells) and Philippe Albiz, Ross Holm who are my team riders at Urskog, Martin Klawitter Mauritz Armfeldt and so on!

Who are Erik and Fredrik?
The legends of downhill for the swedes. They are world champions for 2007 and 2006 for Fredrik.

What is Urskog?
Urskog are my sponsors since late 2009  and they have supported me in everything. Urskog is a board company in Stockholm, Sweden.

How long after you started skating did you get sponsored?
I’ve got sponsored the same year I started with downhill.

What do you ride?’
I ride a promodel Urskog that I made myself, so I can have it exacly as I want it to be. Basic precision trucks from Bears and Hawgs wheels! Best combo for me right now. It is a downhill setup because I am a downhill racer, I like to go fast!
You cut the tree and shaped the board with your own hands?
Almost! But we vikings don’t cut down trees, they fall when we need them!

What’s it called?

Right now I don’t have any names but perhaps Gbemthews. Me and Adam have this ”thew” thing going on. We call each other ”Adthew” Matthew.

What’s special about your board? 
It is a plain board with good concave! It is an easy board to ride and like! You don’t always need the most technical board to ride! As long as you have fun!

Who is Adam?
Adthew is my dear friend and companion in all the races I go to!  He is the fastest Scandinavian right now I would say. We have a lot of things going on beside longboarding!

You and Adam are going to call your baby gnarthew?
Yeah think so! Should have it for middle name at least!

When did you fall in love?
I fell in love with the downhill scene and longboarding about 4 years ago. But I have other passions.

Who else is on the Urskog team?
I will start from the top. We have the first team rider Philippe Albiz, one of the best riders in Sweden when he wants to be. Then we have Ross Holm who is a quick learner he is also among the top riders in Sweden, maybe even Scandinavia. Then we’ve got me as the third rider. Then we have the two fastest juniors in Sweden Max Meurling. Max is good at everything longboarding stands for, he is one of the upcommers this year! The last and youngest we have Lamin Cassama, Lamin is Swedens best freerider and starting with the downhill this year and is getting good!

When did Gnarmin join?
Lamin joined this year and started downhill this year with his Urskog board.

Do you guys have a uniform?
Almost! We’ve all got white leathers except for Lamin, he’s got the black leathers because the stormtroopers need a Darth Vader!

Must the groms go on a quest before they receive their white leathers?
No unfortunately not. Philippe bought new white leathers so Max got his old leathers.

When did you start racing?
My first race was in stockholm at Highvalley classic 2009 , I came fifth out of like 70 guys. Then the first IGSA was at Eastbourne 2009.

Were you one of Team cute boys?
Yes back then! Good times.

Did you have fun racing in England?
It was a good start for me, I had a blast! Got a freeride with the top 10 riders in the world then, it was big for me then, and it was more about the camping and hanging out with other riders that I liked.

What did you learn from those first few races?
I learnt a lot of tactics and that I needed to train more!

How was the 2010 season for you?
Not that many races in 2010 and 2011 because I couldn’t afford it then and I wasn’t stoked to do the tour.  But now I’m hooked. 2010 I went to Almabtrieb in Germany, one of the best hills I ever raced!

What was so good about it?
The hill itself and the people! We had a good Swedish crew that year for the race.

Have you done many races this season?
I’ve done four races as of right now, Moosehunt, Bo Peep, Ravenhill and Voss. My plan is at least three more: Kozakov, Padova and perhaps South Africa.

How’ve you done in the races so far?
At moosehunt I slid out at the big right corner in the second heat. In Bo Peep I had the fortune with me and came third behind Adam and Hertler. Ravenhill was the Swedish Championship this year so it had a lot of good riders and I managed to place myself second behind Adam, Klaes third, Adrian fourth. At Voss I collided with Matias Unsvåg a Norwegian and Luca Coleman in the quarter final so top 16. I’m pretty happy with that.

Which have you enjoyed most?
Ravenhill is Ravenhill, always easy to enjoy. The the best right now was Voss. Bo Peep was fun in the rain but Norway is the country for skaters.

You skate in Norway a lot?
Nope but I’m hoping to do that next year, taking some trips just to freeride.

Who do you skate with the most?
I skate a lot with the locals of stokeholm but most with Adam, Philippe and Fredrik.

Do you have a crew?
My crew is team Scandinavia and it is every Norwegian and Swedish that goes to competitions outside of Scandinavia.

What’s your role in the community?
My role is to get everyone drunk.

Who will you be touring with this summer?
I’m touring with Adam aka adthew aka gunthew persson.

Just the two of you?
Just the two of us, we can make it if we try! Good song! No, Max Meurling is going with us to Kozakov and we will meet up with some Swedes on the hill.

What do you guys do when you’re not racing? 
Adam works in a boardshop and I’m working as a bartender. The spare time is pool for me and adam and playing ninja everywhere! haha

So you’re the man to find in the Kozakov tent!
You should! Like last year I will start strong with a lot of shots jaeger and then straight to my own tent and sleep.

What’s ninja?
Common phenomenon around the Scandinavians. Ninja is one of the best games ever made. You stand in a ring and you all put you hand in the middle, someone starts by yelling 1, 2, 3 ninja! When that occurs, you strike a ninja pose and just try to hit each others hand. The turns goes as the clock, one strike at the time.

How do you win?
You strike out the others hand. If both your hands are hit, you’re out! FIGHT until last man standing.

What are you looking forward to most about the Euro tour?
To be with all my friends around the world and just freeride, tight heats and learn as much as I can.

Where will you be this weekend?
I’m going to be in Sweden and hang with you right? If I’m home, it’s solid law!

Choose 3 numbers from 1-37.

7 – What is your favourite meal?
laupskaus from voss!

21 – Would you pick the red or blue pill?
take both and let the night begin.

28 – What superhero would be best at skating?
silversurfer everytime brah

Do you have any song lyrics you would like to share Mattkins?
One of the songs that is perfect for solving things is ”just the two of us” by Bill Withers!  ”Call Me Maybe” is a classic of the longboard era now.

Some of the groms at Bo Peep are still scared of the men who were singing that song in the van!
They should! It’s a dangerous song! Song of birth and destruction.

It’s been super duper fun chatting with you this rainy afternoon. See you in 2 days!
The pleasure is all mine. Thank you for having me here.

Any thank yous?
A big shout out to Team Urskog
Kahalani store
landyatchz sweden
brd longboards
without urskog I wouldn’t be where I am toda!
Team Scandinavia

and cut! ;D hey this is crazy but I’m a zombie your face looks tasty

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