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Nice fun chat with Morre about skating down hills, ”safety meetings” and a cat called Anakin.

Hey Morre, where are you from?
Hey! I’m from Sweden, “Stokeholm”

What’s “Stokeholm”?
You don’t know? Well it’s a bunch of guys that love to skateboard. It basically came from the name of our city Stockholm but since we were stoked as fuck, I think it was Fredrick Molin who came up with the name “Stokeholm”, just a couple of dudes who shred gnar with their friends basically.

When did you start skating?
Hmm, don’t really remember, I guess mabye when I was 14, mabye 15. I picked up regular skating, mostly ramp and pool though. Fucking hate street tricks, I tried to do a kickflip 5 times and just went, “this is never going to work, fuck it”, haha. But if you have the patience to street skate then thats awesome! In 2009 I went to a race – Cals High Valley Classic and was just blown away by the awesome people and how much fun everyone was having. So from that day forward I decided to be a DOWNHILL SKATER and I have never looked back!

Was that a race in Stockholm?
Yeah the race was not in central Stockholm but in a place called Högdalen. It was in Högdalen every one started downhill I guess.

What was your first board?
My first board was a Arbor pintail, Randal trucks and Flashbacks. Haha I remember when I first got it. I had just decided on beginning longboarding and so I went to Kahalani and told them, I WANT A DOWNHILL BOARD! They went like, THAT’S AWESOME and started talking about different brands that were good and started showing me boards. After 30 minutes into the conversation I told them (Dan or it might have been Mike) “Ooh, by the way I only have 2000kr to spend” (2000kr is like 170 euros I think). They asked me if I ever tried downhill  and I of course said no. So they gave me a Arbor pintail and I loved that board! Too bad I sold it.

Does EVERYONE in Stockholm start riding because of Kahalani?
I don’t dare to say everyone but they sure have made a big influence in Stockholm! Thanks, Kahalani!

What do you ride now?
Right now I’m riding my Kahalani Swedish Breakfast but I am waiting for my Loaded board that will be in my hands soon! Life On A Board supplies me with things I need to skate like Paris trucks and O-tang wheels!

Your board is called ‘’Swedish Breakfast? Haha
Yes, I like the name too, haha.

What loaded board are you getting?
Its the new DH/Freeride board! I don’t know the release date yet.

What is Life On A Board?
Life On A Board is a couple of guys that are super stoked! The ones that started it are named Albin and Albin and they are super nice!

Not one but two Albins?
Yes, two Albins and a great team! They have an internet shop and their headquarters is located in a place called Vara. They  support the longboard scene by throwing awesome events like the Warehouse Raid and The Moosehunt! I first met them at a downhill event, they had a tent with beanbags that you could chill out in! Then I came second place in the Moosehunt race in 2011 and they called me later. Thats basically how it got started. I was so happy when they called not because I knew I would get to ride O-tangs for free but because they are soo awesome personalities! With the right attitude; focusing on the stoke!
 What started when Life On A Board contacted you?
Well I don’t really know! Haha, they told me to do exactly what i do, love life and skate! And they help me out by giving me wheels and things I need to go skate basically.

Who else is on the team?
There is Kari HavnevikKlaes JohanssonChristoffer SanneAlexander EllhagePetter Hagman, Johan Frii and Robin Sandberg. But it’s more like a family to me than a “team”, Kari is my twin sister (inside joke).

Because you both have long golden hair?
Damn right we have!

Do you ever cut your hair?
Yeah, sometimes when it gets way too long I cut it to the shoulders and then let it grow back!

The Warehouse Raid was a great event, what was your role in planning it?
Yeah! We had a great time! Since I have to take a four hour train to get to Vara I was not much of help I’m afraid. I went to Vara a few days before the event to help out by putting up tents and banners but mostly telling people in stockholm about the event and tried to get guys stoked!
 Is there an upcoming one?
Yes I think so! The idea was to get everyone together to kick start the upcoming season, it was also snowy outside so by being in a warehouse we could skate all day!

Who was that guy who came second in the hippy jump contest?  
Christopher Bobino! Rides for loaded, really chill dude. Darren from Loaded contacted me and told me that he was moving to Sweden to see his girlfriend, we got in contact and I told him about the event. Soo sweet that he could come; I don’t know how long he is planning on staying hopefully forever! This is a movie on him riding:

What was the Moosehunt?
It’s held in Trollhettan and despite the name you don’t actually kill moose. It is a downhill event with a sweet hill and all the riders are sleeping at a rented hostel so there is a big party at the end of the day and every one is in it! There was some pretty crazy shit going on last year, you guys that were there, know what i’m talking about!

Do you have any other sponsors?
Yeah, this summer I went to California and since LOAB (Life On A Board) is good friends with Loaded I got to meet all the Loaded crew and skate SICK HILLS! Memory for life. It’s so different to not having to walk up a hill and get a 20 second run. There you had like 20 minutes of downhill. it was insane!

Was that your first time skating in California?
Yeah, I was on a vacation with my girlfriend and Albin hooked me up with Darren’s phone number. I met so many cool people! Met Kody Noble at the Arbor shop. I meant to go skating with Kody and James Kelly and some other guys, but then there was a communication breakdown so when they came to pick me up I had gone to the Getty Center: but hey it was a pretty cool museum.

Who did you manage to skate with out there?
Amanda Powell, Kyle Chin, Patrick Switzer, Dane Webber, Jessie Davidson, Dustin Hampton, Adam Colton. Thanks for showing me a great time!
 Does your girlfriend skate as well?
Well she does has a sweet ass board with disney graphics that she painted on my old board and I have pushed her out on tiny hills that she managed to stick! She was really pissed off! Hahahaha.

What was the highlight of your time in California?
Ooh, wow, don’t know; everything was so cool. The occasional safety meeting was nice (wink). But I would have to say skating the sweetest hills in my life with beautiful climate all around me with awesome people!

Safety meetings?
Discussing safety is very important and fun.

With special California safety gear?
Hahaha, yes it was very unique compared to swedish safety gear!

So you’re an Orangatang ambassador?
Haha, well I guess so. Ambassador sounds so fancy, haha!

When was your first professional racing season?
My first IGSA race was at 2010 Almatrieb and then I went to some Swedish races. We always have a blast at the swedish races! I would not call it professional but hey, it was really cool to see a big downhill race and that was the first time I went over 70k so it’s a very special memory to me!

How fast are the hills in Sweden?
Hmm, they are are around 70k, at least the ones in Stockholm. But the thing is they are really narrow so you have to be very good in the technical part and if you manage to take those skills except going much faster like in the big races then you will become fast. It’s all about balls and mind over body! Hahahaha

How did you do in your races outside stockholm in 2010?
Not too good, I managed to qualify to the last place in Almatrieb but I missed the race anyways since I hit my knee. Then I went to Ravenhill and it did not go so well there aswell. I don’t remember but i think i made it to the third heat or something.

And 2011?
Lets see, I went to Kozakov, Ravenhill, Moosehunt, Stockholm downhill race, Snake Montain, Voss Extremsportsvekko. In Kozakov I made it to the second heat and in Ravenhill I was taken out. In Sthlm downhill race I don’t remember and don’t really remember what place I came in Voss. By the way, sorry for taking you out in Voss, Unsvåg! My bad.

Which was your favourite race?
Wow, Ravenhill is a classic event in Sweden that I always have a great time at! Or at Voss with Camp myss. But I would never be able to pick one event as my favorite since they are all so much fun! Holly shit,  I’m stoked on this coming season! WHAAAAAAGH!

Do you organise any events?
Yes I do! Well me and others. Sthlm downhill race is an event I am helping to organise! It’s located at a really chill park so you can hang out and have a sweet time even if you are not riding. The hill is not so hardcore but it’s a nice little crowd pleasing turn at the bottom. We started the first race last year and are planing on having it this year aswell! If we get permission that is, we will now in short. You should come!

I’m coming bro, I’ll be there in August for the gathering!
HELLS YEAH! Then we will meet for sure!

Haha, yeah Samson!!
Hahaha, we will teach you the ways of the viking!

What is viking skating?
It’s when you bomb hills riding a board with a weapon of your choice chasing moose! While drinking ridiculous amounts of mead!
MEAD 4 Life!

Who do you skate with
I skate with any one who rocks a skateboard! But mostly with my friends from Stokeholm! Love those dudes! But there is one guy I have skated most with and I think you know him already, Adam Persson! It’s funny because we know so well how one another skates so we can ride really close pack runs!
 You don’t use the word ‘’longboard’’?
To me its all the same really, don’t care if you rock a skate or longboard as long as you are hauling ass, loving what you do! Well you don’t have to be hauling ass but skateboard is something with four wheels!

Haha, Gnardam seemed to be very in love with you when I interviewed him. You’re his favourite skater in the whole world. Why?
Well other than my superior looks you mean? I don’t know, well I am the lucky one. Haha, no but we just always have a blast skating together and hanging out.

Having long hair doesn’t make you a pretty girl Samson!
Haha, no it makes me a awesome prince charming riding a white horse! (The horse is my board) No but really it makes me a awesome viking. Who has the money for fancy haircuts any how!?

That video of both of you bombing a garage on the same board is retarded!
Yeah, that was a great session! We had been waiting for the summer for a very long time and we were all tired of sitting inside being pissed of at each other on the internet. Haha

Do you also play skate hockey?
Yess! But i ride my snakeboard instead of regular boards. Really fun!

Are you involved with Longboard Sweden?
Well not really we have a open dialog so that we can help each other out with races and such (Sthlm downhill race)

Who is ‘’we’’? 
We as in me and the other guys in Stockholm downhill race!

Did you compete in the Swedish downhill championship?
Yes, I was in four races, Moosehunt, Ravenhill, Sthlm downhill race and Snake Mountain!

How did you do overall?
Honestly, I don’t know, haha, not too well and not too bad I think would be closest.

What are your plans for this season?
Travel! I want to go a bunch of races and meet a bunch of new people! Skating all the way! I will certainly go to all the swedish races and Kozakov challenge! And if possible, Peyragudes and Calgary, but my goal is to skate every single day!

What do you do when you’re not skating?
Hmm, hang out with my cats, working, being pissed off on the internet! God damn kids, stop posting shit in groups and go skate! Yeah! I really like the game Skyrim too so I’m really as bad as they are, haha. Man, what a hypocrite…

Choose THREE numbers between 1-25
Hmm, ooh man I will go with lucky number sleven, 6, 23!

7 – What is your favourite cheese ?
If it is melted I’ll eat it! But fried mozzarella sticks are amazing!

6 – Do you like lemons ?
Fuck the lemons and bail! I like lemonade!

23- Bacon or Chocolate?
This is a really hard one. I’m going with bacon since you can eat bacon with eggs! Which is good for you, sort of.

Samson! It has been an absolute pleasure talking to you tonight
Right back at you!

Any thank-yous/shout outs?
Yes! to all my friends at Stokeholm! And to my cats; Anakin and Tiny! You guys rule! And to every single skater out there!

What about the married skaters?
Hahahaha, well yes big shouts to them to! For having the balls to get married!

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