Featured Rider: Max Meurling


Stokeholm’s Mr Meurling tells us all about his season – racing in Sweden and at Maryhill. He also sheds some light on why there are so many rad groms in Stockholm.Hej Max, how are you doing?
Oh hello! Right now I’m watching YouTube videos since we can’t skate here because of the weather.

Any in particular?
Longboard Island madness, mad video.

Rumour has it that Vikings love skating in the wet!
Well, it’s fun sometimes, but you get wet and cold. Now it’s snowing outside.

Where do you ride when the weather is nice?
Just around some local hills here in Stockholm.

What’s it like skating in Stockholm?
The hills aren’t super awesome, but the guys who skate here are fun to be with and you’ll always learn something new when you are with them.

What’s the newest thing you learnt?
Not to skate a ramp when it’s wet.

Who do you skate with?
Elis Kalmér, a super grom who’s good at everything! Adam Persson, Mattias Borg, Erik Spangel Erlandsson and many other super groms!

I heard Elis doesn’t leave footprints, only thane lines in the shape of shoes.
Haha! That’s true! Feet on board.

Why are there so many rad groms in Stockholm?
I don’t know, everybody is so stoked on skating and wants to help each other.

When did you start skating?
I got my first longboard as a birthday present when I turned 12, so I used that to and from school. Then me and Spangel decided to buy new ones two years ago.

Who is Spagnel?
Spagnel is a really good friend of mine and we’ve skated together ever since the beginning.

What will you name the baby you guys are having?
MaxNel? SpagMuerling? Dave? I have no idea actually.

What kind of skating do you do?
Moslty freeride and downhill, but I like to skate everything!

How do you skate everything with such a harsh winter?
In a garage, shredding down the spiral and such!

When did you first skate outside Stockholm?
It was in the Moosehunt competition in Trollhättan and first time outside Sweden was the Insul cup in 2011.

Why did you decide to start racing?
I wanted to go fast and have fun I guess haha.

What do you enjoy about going fast?
It’s such an amazing feeling to stand on a piece of wood when it goes fast.

How was the experience of Insul?
It was hard to race down a track that took like 3 min to skate down since I couldn’t tuck for that long!

How did you do?
Ended up in 6th place in juniors, but didn’t qualify for open.

Who did you go with?
I went with some swedish groms, but once we arrived we met up with some other Swedes like Adam Persson, Benjamin Niklasson, Albin Larsson, Robert Johansson and many others!

How was the rest of the 2011 season for you?
That was the only competition outside Sweden that year for me. I guess I learned to tuck longer and go faster.

What do you ride?
Right now I’m riding the Rayne Vandal with aeras and Inheats.

Are any of those your sponsors?
Yeah, I ride for Rayne and Life On A Board

When did you hook up with these guys?
I met Mr.Rayne at Maryhill this year, and we started to talk about hooking me up with Rayne. I started to ride for them 3 months ago. Life On A Board hooked me up right after.

Was that your first time racing outside Europe?
Yes it was and it was awesome!

How was Maryhill?
It was amazing! The track is in the middle of nowhere and has super smooth tar. To meet everyone and skate with them was insane! Crazy pack-runs with people all around you on the track. The track is such a leg killer because of all the turns and hairpins and all the tucking. I had a super crazy freeride run with lots of good people like Daniel Caro, Mischo Erban, Jimmy Riha, Kelly Carter, James Kelly and Patrick Switzer. Everyone made passes all the time and it was super sketchy!

How did you do in the race?
Well, I was knocked off my board in the second heat in juniors, and I almost made it to open! I fell in the repechage semifinals

What was the highlight for you?
Eating pizza with Patrick Switzer!

With extra bacon?
One of them had extra bacon, yes!

Which other races did you do this season?
All the races in Sweden and the Kozakov Challange.

What did you expect from Kozakov?
Fast, technical and great party.

What did you get?
A super crazy weekend. Fun track, but scary to race and great parties.

How was the junior race?  
Well, first round was really easy since we were only two people in it. Second round was easy as well since Caspian crashed right in front of me in the first right corner. In the semifinals, the dude fell in the second right corner and left his board on the road, so I caught it with my arm and had an extra board with me! I finished last in that heat and didn’t ride the consolation finals because of my arm.

What was the highlight of your season?
I don’t really know, the whole season has been super awesome!

Where would you like to race next season?

What do you do when you’re not skating?
Right now it’s mostly studies. but I climb as well.

Does that help your skating?
I guess, body strength, balance and such.

Pick 3 numbers between 1-39.
Easy one, 1-3-37.

You’re a geek aren’t you?
Haha! Not a big geek, but maybe a bit!

1 – What do you take with you when you go for a skate?
Board, helmet, gloves and maybe some chips and lots of stoke!

3 – What impact has longboarding had on your life?
Well, right now longboarding is the only thing I do, it means a lot and I’ve made so many new friends through it.

37: Daisy Johannes asks: What is the craziest thing you’ve crossed paths with while skating down roads?
A snake at Maryhill, they are really slippery!

It’s been really good talking to you again Max, maybe see you before the gathering next year?
Thank you Gbemi,! Hopefully =)

Any thank yous?
Thanks to everyone except Spagnel.


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