Featured Rider: Nicola Nuehrig


We had a nice conversation with our long haired Austrain bro – Nicola. He tells us about his adventures around Europe, developing his signature board with Icone and plans for the future. Enjoy
Brother Nico, how are you?
I’m fine as always, thank you bro!

How was your weekend?
Very good. Saturday was a work day and on Sunday we had a super nice mini ramp and bowl session in Vienna, Austria.

Fun work?
I am a salesman for speaker systems it’s a good and flexible job! Perfect in combination with skate events in the summer time.

Are you a Vienna local?
No I’ve lived in Vienna for 4 months now.

Where are you from?
I’m was born and raised in Salzburg, Austria. At 18, I settled moved to the western part of Austria and straight into the  Alps.

 All sound like very cold places!
The summertime is always super chill with nice temperatures and the winter is cold but with perfect conditions for snowboarding. Mountains everywhere! This is epic!

What was it like growing up in Salzburg?
A super chill childhood  in the middle of woods and green meadow. Nature, pure and very peacefully. Thanks to my parents for this experience!

What board did you fall in love with first?
Sounds crazy but it was an Icone Longboard a pintail with a 1m wheelbase; it was super surfy, soft and flexy! It was love after the first second.

Where were you skating in the early days?
I started skating when I was a little grom, mostly all over Salzburg UGN and the rest of Austria!

Have you kept it up since then?
Yeah skateboarding is a part of my life. I had some breaks because of my knees but all went well and I’m still on the board after 20 years.

When did you get hooked?
When I was 10, I had a vacation to New York with my mom. My uncle Günther had a world industries pro skateboard board as a present for me. It was amazing skating New York’s central park with some very good riders. After this, it was pretty clear I wanted to be on a board with four wheels all my life.

What was the highlight of your time in NY?

Was there a local community those days?
Of course we had a nice scene, good sessions and riders!

What kind of skating did the local land allow?
Everything. I was living on a hill and in the morning we burned down it to the bus station every school day; it was the first downhill experience for me! We also had some nice skate parks and skate halls for street bowl and ramp riding.

Who were the first people you met?
The biggest impression and role-model for me was Reini, a pro from Salzburg, he was one of the best and I was skating a lot with the SBG and UGN guys! It was the best time, thank you for everything buddies.

What are SBG and UGN?
SBG is the city Salzburg in Austria and UGN is a fucking small village next to it called Eugendorf.

Who are OGs?
Reini, Nomis and Max of Sbg and Patrick Orlainsky of FK are killing it dude. They are the OG’s !

Were you bombing hills on your pintail?
No! But when I look back, yes! Haha. We had a 20k street which we always went down and this was the Pintail time! After a while we started going faster and faster and I met the Icone dudes, they gave me a board and a setup for going really fast, after that, I was addicted!

Who were your skate gang?
The Gang was and is Simon, Steve, Leon, Peter, Sebi, Rick and many more.

Do you still skate with any of them?
Not that often because of the distance.

What is an Icone dude?
Haha they are three crazy, talented and very cool guys and the best Skateboard builders in the world.  The ICONE Dudes! What else?

Are there many people in Austria making skate stuff?
Ah not so many in perfection. But now some guys have started to make boards and I like the way and the movement of board builders. Longboarding is growing and you can see and feel it everywhere!

Your early board was an ICONE and you’re still with the same people. Why?
Peter, one of my bro’s, had this icone board and was in contact to the Icone dudes. One day we met them and they had a lot of fun with my riding skills and asked me if I want to ride for them!
I said YES!, Lets do this. And I had the chance to make a lot of different shapes and boards with the Icone dudes. This is what I like. Creating good, stable, long lasting skateboards in Austria! I think I will ride for Icone my whole life time. It’s like family and a good prefect working system.

How has your relationship with Icone evolved over the years?
It became friendship very soon and I’m an active guy and skater, this was pretty good for both of us and they made the boards for my feet! Now it’s a great  relationship and I will say thank you guys for the long time support!

What was the first event you attended?
It was Teolo, Italy 2011, my buddie Ville had a ticket and this was the first DH Event! I made it through the qualification, made the first heat and lost the second.
Great event and placing in the top 50 place at an International event gave me the thirst for more.

1891030_750351264976095_1082028795_nHad you done any competing before that Teolo?
Never , it was more style and fun while skating and I never had the idea to race.

What do you enjoy about racing?
The rush, adrenalin and competition plus meeting super nice friends and riders from all over the world! Now with the new race system you can skate a lot and this is the most important thing.

What’s your favourite thing to do on your board?
With my skateboard, I love to do huge kickflips and handplants !

With my longboard, I love to go fast and switch heelsides!

Do you have a board to do everything?
Yeah my new Signatured ICONE model ‘’EVIL TWIN’’ is a board for everything0! A clip is coming soon on shred-media.com!

What other adventures did you have in 2011?
Not so many, Teolo was the highlight and the beginning of race thinking.

Oh and we made our first movie ‘’NOT ONLY’’ a longboard movie. It is funny to watch it now cause I had no idea how to skate with style and steeze!

What is NOT ONLY?
Not only is the first movie of Sebi Madlener and a pilot project. We made a trip from Austria over Switzerland, France, Spain and back home over a month and you can watch it on www.nise.at!

What is NISE?
Nise is a Movie Production of Sebastian Madlener. We made the two clips and had a cool time but the distance is huge and we are not connected right now.

Had you been in any videos before that?
This was the first one. But we made a second in 2012 called ‘’MUCH MORE’’ and it is the complete opposite  of the first one also on nise.at!

How had you grown between those 2 films?
The result of one year of intense skating and DH bombing can be seen in ‘’MUCH MORE’’. It was the biggest step at this time and for my life as a skater! There was more pressure on us because of the first clip and the sponsors. Also the environment was different and not so holiday style, more deep and grey. But the riding was so much better than ”Not Only”.

What did you get up to in 2012?
The movie was the biggest trip. We were on tour for one month in the Eastern part of Europe, we started from west Austria to Czech republic, Poland, Slovenia, Italy and Switzerland and made the second clip! We also had a sick time in Austria during the whole season but I didn’t go to races and other events.

Where was your favourite place to skate?
For downhill, I have one special island and I don’t wanna share it. For Freestyle Prague was great and Barcelona too, I love Barcelona!

How was last year?
The last year was smashing heavy, I tried to skate more and I visited the European events. Sector Nine Almabtrieb, Kozakov, one week KNK Slovenia, Peyragudes and Loralo, Austria was the list and I had the best skate summer of my life.

Where did you have the most fun?
Really, all over, I don’t know my favourite, but the second place at Loralo was the highlight!

What are you riding right now?
Icone Longboards my EVIL TWIN, Concrete Wave Cologne, Bolzen Trucks, Otang, G-form, Triple 8, DGO leather suits and Tsukini Clothings!

Are they all your sponsors?
Yeah it’s a great deal; I can live my hobby and skate safe, always with good stuff.

Tell me about the Evil Twin!
AWW its my baby! It’s a symmetrical twin shape with 0.8 mm rocker, super perfect wheel wells, and the best nose and tail for making tricks. I ride it with 62 cm wheelbase you can switch it  up to 68! Love to ride it.

What was it born to do?
I can do flip tricks, freeride, slide, and go fast with the beast!

How is this year going so far?
Lovely, it was a never ending summer and I didn’t stop skating. One week ago we had the first trip to the special island and I have a very good  feeling for the the upcoming season!

Who did you go with?
The X-sports Crew Innsbruck & Munich joined the trip and it was 8 days of pure fun and massive skating.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?
Skate as much as possible and visit the German Race Cup + some IDF races and freerides.

Have you done any skating outside Europe?
No man, but this is my plan and which for 2015, hope I can save a lot of money for USA and South America.

What do you do when you’re not skating?
I try to recover as well as I can, have a good time with my super girlfriend Anni, making workouts to be safe and impact proof and making music!

What’s the secret to great hair?
Haha, let it grow, if you don’t like it – cut it off and don’t forget the gloss spray buddy.

Pick 3 numbers between 1-40.
4.  26. 38.

4 – Who is your favourite skater?
James Kelly

26- What kind of films do you like?
Action killer shit! 

38: Whats the weirdest thing you ever put in your mouth?
Baked Grasshopper and Larvae. Weird but not so bad tasting.

Nico Nico Nico. It’s been so nice finally doing this. Good luck for this season and see you around!
Thank you so much for the time and the support on All around skate! I hope to see you soon at one of the events or your place!

Any last words?
Skate safe, enjoy the freedom and respect mother nature!



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