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Peter tells us about the skate scene in Berlin, inventing dancing tricks and the upcoming European Dance Championships this summer. Get stoked!Hey bro, where are you from?
Hey Buddy, I’m from Berlin, Germany.

When did you start skating?
I think I started skating when I was 17. Some of my friends skated for some years and I joined. After a couple of years I stopped skating because of some injuries.

What sort of skating did you do in the beginning?
I started with street skating, doing ollies and kickflips and all this stuff. but I was shit.

How bad were your injuries?
I broke my ankle twice, my wrist and I partially fractured my back bone.

Like superman?
No, it was not that bad. just a long time with a really bad backache.

When did you decide to come back to it?
After 2 years of no skating, I saw a longboarder in Berlin and wanted to be back on a board – just rolling and doing manuals. I love manuals!

What’s the skate community like in Berlin?
The community always grows. We have different places where we meet, like an old airport. We also do have 1 hill where you can go faster and lots of parks. All longboarders, are super friendly people, everybody helps each other, That’s rad.

What board did you ride on your return.
I started with a Loaded Ceviche. But I found flex and such a long board really weird. After a month I bought a dancer.

How was the vibe of going up and down on your popsicle deck different to your dancer?
The ceviche was pretty cool but I wanted to do more. I wanted to walk on my board and it was a bit too small. On the dancer I can express myself better, more than on any other board.

How does a skateboard help you express yourself?
On my board I’m absolutely free. I can forget about my daily routine. I can do whatever I want. I can combine tricks or make up new ones. There are no rules, no do’s and don’ts. Absolute freedom.

What’s your ideal dance setup?
Right now it is the Bastl Boards Walzer with Paris Trucks, Orangatang Nipples medium and Orangatang Stimulus in 83a.

How long after you started did you get sponsored?
I think pretty much after riding for one year. A friend of mine, Wolf, recommended me to Bastl Boards and a few months later I won the German Dance Championship. I’ve been riding the Walzer for over a year now and I’m really happy with it.

What is Bastl Boards?
A small brand from Leipzig, Germany. They build boards from local wood, fiberglass and carbon but what really matters is that we are like a little family.

Who else is in the family?
The latest members are Ian Joe Dutch from Montana, USA and Valeria Kechichian from Spain. Furthermore there is Radek Lukes, who is a fast Downhiller (IGSA World ranking Place 58) from Czech Republic, Wolf Naumann, Esther Suave as well as Janko Lehmann from Berlin and also some awesome guys from Austria and Spain.

What’s your role in the family?
If there are any requests I’m Bastl’s little helper and try to keep the team together. Whenever I participate in any contests I try to get the boys and girls to hop on the bus.

Do you have any other sponsors?
I’m a member of the Bleed Army. This brand, bleed organic clothing, produces organic streetwear and supports me with really cool shirts and other good stuff. Also I am an Orangatang Ambassador and right now I’m in contact with some truck companies. I’m also fishing for a shoe sponsor cause I’m a passionate dancer with holes in his shoes.

When did you find other people who were into the same thing?
Pretty much after I started longboarding. Different shops in Berlin offer meetings to ride through Berlin city and its landscape. So it was really easy to find people with the same passion.

What roles do the shops play in the community?
They support the locals, organize events and also try to push the German longboard scene. They play an important role for every Longboarder in Germany.

What is the German Dance Championship?
The first Longboard Dance Championship in Germany took place 2 years ago in Berlin. Riders were invited to show off their best. That was a rad event. Hopefully the 1. European Dance Championships are going to be as crazy as the Championship in the past.

Who organised it?
It was organized by Franky Sommer, owner of Longboardz.de, Germany’s largest Longboard forum.

What did you enjoy about it?
I think the best thing at this contest was meeting so many different longboarders from Germany and from the Netherlands. We became good friends and we still are. It was a blast to see all the different styles and new tricks.

How big is dancing in Germany?
Big man! Really big. That’s what she said.
A lot of people are into dancing. One of the reasons might be that we don’t have that many freaky high hills. It depends on where you live. The people from the north don’t have the best conditions to go downhilling.

Where is the biggest concentration of dancers?
In my opinion the biggest concentration can not be focused on just one city. I would say that up from the baltic sea til the mid of Germany most of the riders are more into dancing.

What’s your favourite thing about dancing?
What I really like is the freedom of doing whatever I want. There are some many tricks and steps you can do. you can combine things, invent new tricks. It’s so open. There are no limits in dancing, every combination can be something you’ve never seen before. and that’s why dancing is so special for me.

Have you invented anything?
There is a special nose manual which I’ve never seen before. Maybe we can find out if this trick is new or not.

Who is your favourite dancer?
The monkey in my head, clapping his hands and showing of his balls haha.

Do you compete?
Yes, but not just for winning. For me it is important to see different styles and tricks which I would like to try myself. I compete at contests to push myself further and I want to gain some more experiences. It is a nice bonus that you see your friends/competitors from all over the world again. Hanging out, spending some time together and having a couple of beers after the competition makes it worth it.

What competitions did you do last year?
I went to Dortmund to the West German Longboard Open, to Hamburg for the Border Cross and to Paris to the Tang Tang Contest right in front of the Eiffel tower.

When was the first time you skated outside Germany?
I skated several times in Prague for fun with some friends back in the Street Skate times. My first and hopefully not last longboard trip was travelling to the contest in Paris.

How was Paris?
Paris was amazing. 6 friends of mine and I rented a bus and drove overnight to Paris. It took us 8 hours of driving and we arrived just a few hours before the contest has started. After we got there I met my buddies from the Netherlands which was awesome for me.

Who are your dutch friends?
The Pirates from Zwolle aka the Boardfather team. Sometimes scary but lovely. haha

What was the best thing about Tang Tang?
Lots of different people, from different countries with the same intention – to ride. Different styles and new tricks. That weekend was rad.

What have you been up to so far this year?  
Hmm I probably invented a new manual, I met the Longboards Girls Crew, went to the ISPO in munich and the upcoming weekend I’ll go to a contest in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

How is the manual different?
It’s like a Swedish manual but I do it with the heel. So it’s a sweet manual haha.

What’s your finishing move at dance comps?
That depends on my mood. I’ve got a sack full of surprises.

What did you enjoy about ISPO?
Free beer at every booth and the get together of the whole longboard scene worldwide.

What was it like meeting the LGC?
It was… lets say fun. You may notice that the Spanish talk a lot and women also. With the LGC you have both which makes it sometimes hard to talk. But they are such nice people with tons of love in their hearts.

What are your plans for this year?
Taking part at the Euro championships. I want to travel more, meet people from different places, go beyond my horizon and I wanna go longboarding through the south of México querido, viva.

Who is organising the event?  
The 1. European Longboard Dancing Championships is organized by Longboardz.de and the Funky Summer Longboard Berlin Shop.

How will people coming from outside Germany be accommodated?
We will offer beds and places to sleep with the help of the Berlin Longboard Community via Longboardz.de/forum. A special site will be built up.

What will be special about the event?
It’s the first event for European dancers. We already have commitments from Holland, France, Spain, Czech Republic, Denmark, Sweden and Poland. this is going to be awesome.

Is this going to be a one off?
Hopefully not. It depends on how everything works out. Maybe after this its time for the World championships of Longboard dancing. We will see.

What’s your role in the organisation?
Organizing, planning and making up the rulezzzz.

What do you do when you’re not skating?
Hanging out with my best friend – my couch. It always calls on me.

Choose 3 numbers between 1-41.
4, 8, 21

4 – Who is the best person you’ve seen skating?
Mike Vallely

8 – Best board you’ve ever ridden?
Bastl Boards Walzer

21 – Would you pick the red or blue pill?
I’ll take the blue one but just because of the colour.

It’s been really awesome speaking to you bro! Maybe see you in Berlin!
I hope so. It was a pleasure for me talking to you, too. Hope to see you soon anywhere.

Any thank yous?
I thank my sponsors Bastl Boards, Bleed Organic Clothing, Orangatang Wheels for supporting me, Kollektiv Rolln for pushing me to my limits and my girlfriend Svantje for all she does.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Peter.Markgraf.Longboarder
Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/petermarkgraf

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