Featured rider: Pierre Conan


The number 1 European junior tells us about skating in the French Alps, clémentines and he makes possibly the worst ever choice of weapon to use in a zombie apocalypse.
Hey bro, where are you from?
I’m from Sainte Marie d’Alloix, a pretty little town in the french Alps!

When did you start skating?
I started street skating when I was 10 and I started Longboarding when I was 12.

Long time ago! How did you get into longboarding?
Gabin, his brother and friends get me into longboarding, they taught me the basics of longboarding and I loved it immediately!

How have you kept it up for so long?
I haven’t stopped improving my ride, it’s the thing that kept me in this sport. Progression.

Who do you skate with?
Always skated with Gabin, I started skating with the DDE crew, now I skate with friends everywhere  in the Alps!

What is DDE?
DDE (Descendeur Des Environs) is an association which organized the Chamrousse Jamboree and the Pipay Diot Longboard Classic (2007). These were crazy big freerides! This association has been retired, now La Familia has taken the reigns

What’s your role in La Familia?
La Familia is a crew of friends in Grenoble, they started to make events, and I try to help them as best as I can.

Did you start skating before Gabin?
No, he started first then he took me in!

What kind of skating do you enjoy most?
I love downhill, sliding and being with lots of friends on the road!

Tech slides?
I love little predrifts in back and in front before a corner, especially frontside! For sure I like stand up slides!

What’s the French word for predrift?

That’s a fruit!
Yes, but Clément Carné who was the pioneer of the predrift so we tell it Cémentine! He was with the SC8 team and the world champion in 2003.

Wow. What’s SC8?
It’s a lengendary french boards brand! I watched their videos when I started, just like young guys now watch SkateHouseMedia!

Who rides for them?
There was Clément Carné, Yvon Labarthe, Cedric Burel (Shrek), Adrien Barat, Camille Grand, Seb Tournissac, Loic Zaccaro, Stephane Chaperon.

When did you start skating down hills?
Very quickly. Basically as soon as I could control my slides to stop!

What kind of hills make you happiest?
I love going fast and sliding, for me the Col de l’Izoard, Chamrousse, and some over road in the Alps are the best!

What’s Col de l’lzoard?
I think it’s the best road I’ve ever ridden. Beautiful place, perfect asphalt, fast road, all the curves that you could want – the longboard eden!

Do you compete?
Yes sir! Since 2009 in Peyragudes2Luxe Cup

How did your first race go?
It was really funny, we met lots of riders, the longboard french family, and I took the podium in junior with Gabin, he took the first and me the second place! So we kept on this way!

Did you do any other races that season?
Yes, we participated in the Graveyard Call, near our home, this road is pretty crazy! Thin, fast and slidy!

How did you do overall at the end of the 2009 season?
At the end I finish 121 after only 2 competitions, but this results didn’t matter. I loved how the competition made me improve in longboard, that was why I continued!

What did you learn from that first short season?
I learn to make fast toesides in the first big corner of the Peyragude’s hill, I also met the french rider scene and this family, I think that was the best.

What is the French downhill family like?
Margoulin land! Not a lot of results but we don’t care, big party, and ride with friends with hard hangover!

It’s a parisian term, ask the BHM!

How old were you then?
I was 16 years old and all my own teeth sir!

Aren’t you too young to be skating with the BHM boys?
No sir! They teach me a lot of things, like William Peel, and how win the Bourrax!!!! (Party) It’s essential to become a good competitor!

Have you raced outside Europe?
Not yet. I love to travel in Europe and I’d love to go to Canada to make a big road trip! Maybe next year, or as soon as it’s possible!

How was the 2010 season for you?
Pretty good, I finished 2nd in the French race series, I was very happy!

A junior beat almost ALL the French racers!
Its was a surprise for me too, but it’s also a lot of luck!

What races did you attend that year?
I raced at Almabtrieb in Germany, at Kozakov in Czech Republic, Padova in Italy and The Graveyard Call in France. I also attend Chuyer Gold Trophy.

What did you learn?
Push! It’s not my favourite part, fortunately in our region it is less critical! I don’t know if I have learnt that lesson yet.

What experiences did you have?
Very good road trip with Gabin, Pauca and Gambite from La Familia, discovering lots of new places!

What was the highlight of that season for you?
When I won against Mischo in the first run at The Graveyard Call, It was again a BIG bit of luck but I couldn’t believe it!

WOW. Go Pierre!
Hahaha, if you’d seen their faces when I was the only to get to the finish, it was really funny! But it was sad for Mischo, he had a very bad season.

How was last season for you?
Again it was a really good season, lots of good results, lots of fun, winning some Bourrax, and sharing lots of good times with my friends! We went to the Czech republic, Italy and met a lot of funny guys!

What was your rank at the end?
5 Junior world ranking, 1 European junior and 67 adult world ranking sir! The last season in junior was really good for me, it will not be the same this year! But racing is not the only thing in this sport!

How is the competition among the juniors?
It’s really cool, I like all the young rider especially the Sweden team, they came to our region in 2010 and we had lots of good times together!

Who do you enjoy battling with?
I think Spencer Smith is one of the best riders in junior, and also Pablo Fouz Rey, Oriol Galvez and Henning Philip Patricksson are very very good riders, I enjoy riding with all of them!

What do you ride?
MITCLAN by B² longboard, skate with attitude from Toulouse! Surf Rodz and Orangatang Wheels!

Are those your sponsors?
B² longboard for sure, Orangatang, Alpha Longboard, Longboardshop and Icaro helmets.

What are your plans for this season?
Ride a lot but also don’t hurt myself! I’m going to Peru in September for 4 months and I don’t want to get hurt.

Have you had any serious injuries before?
I broke some bones the spring of 2010 and I dislocated my shoulder this spring… But I’m better!

Will you be racing in Peru?
Just travelling and enjoying the places where I’ll go! I hope my Spanish will be better than my English haha.

What do you do when you’re not skating?
Skiing, rock-climbing, and lots of mountain activities. I’ve got the luck to live in a perfect place so I enjoy it as much as I can!

Choose 3 numbers between 1-33!

4 – Who is the best person you’ve seen skating?
Benji, from the DDE!! The most beautiful toeside predrift in this sport.

18- What is/was your favourite Cartoon?
La Panthère Rose l’ami!

30 – In a Zombie apocalypse, what would be your weapon of choice?
The Candelstick in the dinning room?

Haha. It’s been awesome talking to you this afternoon bro. Good luck in all the Bourrax and races this season!
Thanks bro, it was my pleasure, I promise you I will take English lesson! If you’re bored in London and you want to come to the Alps, you are welcome!

Any thank yous?
Thanks to all the french longboard scene, la Familia, la BHM et tous le monde!!!


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