Featured rider: Pjax!


Stoked to present this interview with one of our favourite Vikings. Pjax tells us how he got into skating, his adventures last season and cats.
One hand pre - Gurra Funck NorrhällHow are you kompis?
I’m fine, pappa! 

Having a good weekend?
Hell yeah man! Sick weekend. Lots of skating with some good friends from the Central Coast of Jönköping (Speedoff says hello). 

You’re a bombassador?
Pf, I’m much more than that. I wish. 

Speedoff was the first person I heard mispronounce your name. He said P-EX, instead of P-JACKS!
That b*tch. But actually it sounds more legit if you say P-X really fast if it’s supposed to sound Swedish. P-JACKS sounds so English. 

Where are you from?
I’m from Halmstad, Sweden. West Coast representing.

toeside standup man maker - Noak Prahl photo

What’s it like there?
A lot of tarmac, not very many hills. Got my skater parents here and everything is good, except for the Swedish weather of course. It’s a summer city, pretty dead in the winter. 

Skater parents?
Yeah. My parents are very supportive to my skating and all my skater friends like them very much! 

Do they skate?
Haha, Nah. My Father skated a little back in the 70’s but not anymore. Now he’s just riding his motorbike and watching my skateboarding! 

When did you start skating?
I first started with skate-parks and such, but I screwed up my knee so I got into cruising around with an old school skateboard which I got from my Uncle. It resulted in me getting a cruiser longboard: Paris trucks, G&S deck and some random wheels. Started sliding because I saw some people on YouTube doing it. My downhill skating got started on the 4th of April, 2011!

First time ever going fast - John SKoglund

Why do you remember the date?
It was a little skating event that some guys organized. Kim Nilsson was one of them. So yeah, that was the day it all got started for me.

What did you enjoy about that event?
My first time going fast, ever! I guess that’s what I enjoyed. People around me were very happy and everybody was in such a good mood so I just got hooked. 

How did it feel?
Insane. It’s not a feeling you can easily describe. Every downhill skater knows what I’m talking about. That feeling can’t be explained, you have to feel it for yourself to understand it. Deep words from a small human. 

You’re not small!
Hm. Maybe not… NO, I’m huge. The greatest man you’ve ever seen. 

Will you be racing juniors this year?
Nope… At least not in the IDF. No idea how it is in Sweden though… Maybe?

Ravenhill 6.0 freeride - tanya

How did life change after April 4th 2011? (PS Happy 2 years skating fast)
Thank you! Pretty much everything in my social life changed. I became kind of bored being with friends who didn’t skate or didn’t know anything about longboarding. I didn’t “have time” to be with anyone else except the the people who rode longboards. Since 2 years back, this is what I do. What I do all the time.

Who do you spend the most time with?
Probably my girlfriend. If that doesn’t count, I would have to say Noak Prahl in my hometown. Fun to hang with and even more fun to skate with. Even if we barely skate when we go out on skate sessions. We just fool around.

Are there any disadvantages to always being with skaters?
I’m sure there are. I just can’t think of any. Maybe that all we skaters have the same horrible humor… So people don’t get my jokes, kind of sad.

Do you have a skate gang?
I count myself as part of the Skåne crew, you know Kim Nilsson and the boys down south. They taught me to skate on the 4th of April and I’m still skating with them!

Kozakov, me and my master - Robert Flemming photo

What is the Skane crew?
Skåne crew is a bunch of people skating here in the south of Sweden. People who just skate for fun! Skåne crew consists of me, Kim Nilsson, Martin Hult, Max Walter, Abel Menessy Rasmus Jarlson and Marcus Jarlson. 

What’s the most important thing you’ve learnt from them?
Never to fall! If I fall and they see it, they will grind my gears about it for the rest of the day. So annoying. Otherwise it’s mostly not to care too much about anything and never to take my skating too seriously. Which I think is good. Someone to bring me back to reality.

What is Skane like for skating?
Everybody says that Skåne is flat. Skåne is not flat. We’ve got some of the sickest hills in Sweden and a lot of people visit just to skate our hills. And of course to meet us. We own.

Do the Danes come visiting as well?
Yeah we’ve skated with them one time. Super fun and weird guys. Typical Danish people. Though fast skating isn’t that big in Denmark. Their country is very flat.

What is your favourite thing to do on a skateboard?
Going so fast your eyeballs almost pop out. Standup slides are fun at speed too.

KnK sweeper tuck - Natalia Mielniczuk

How did you grow in 2011?
I grew in every way. Height, width, skills, you name it. It was a fun year for sure. My first year racing too.

You were racing after only a few months?
Yezzir! Kim Nilsson spoke about racing and his days on the tour 2010 so I felt like it was something I had to try!

 How big an influence is the purple viking on you?
He was the one to teach me how to skate fast and the one who has helped me the most during my skating career. So he has had a VERY big influence so far.

But not yet on your fashion sense?
Haha! No, not yet. Purple is his thing! If you steal it, he would probably get mad. 

What was your first race?
Ravenhill 5.0 was my first race! Not very fast, but it was still a race!

How did you do?
I qualified 34th I think but got eliminated in my first round. But it was very fun though!

Stockholm downhill 2011 - Isak Rockström

What do you enjoy about racing?
The atmosphere and attitude between the riders. It’s not like soccer where people get mad at each other all the time because you bumped into each other. Sure, people get a little angry now and then but everybody is mostly happy! The adrenaline of standing up on the top was an insane feeling to. Both love and hate that feeling. 

Did you do any other competitions that year?
Yes I did! I did Näckrosdammen, Stockholm downhill and Ormen the same year. Good times. Also a slidejam in Jönköping. 

What were you riding in 2012?
I was riding a lot of different things. But mainly Tutone skateboards, G.o.G, Caliber, Buzzed and Bear trucks. Mainly Hawgs wheels. Ended up at Landyachtz at the end of the year so was riding Landyachtz, Bear trucks and Hawgs wheels at the end of the season. Also Riot boardsports products in my trucks, pivot cups and hangerplugs. 

You got sponsored?
Yes! I got sponsored in the summer of 2011 by One Beer boards and in the end of 2011 I was riding for Tutone Skateboards. Also hooked up with Boardlife in September, 2011. 

That’s like 4 months after you started skating!
Well, I started earlier but yeah, a few months after I started going fast hehe!

Man maker - Max Walter

How did sponsors help your skating?
The products aren’t really a big thing. A deck isn’t that expensive, but I think it gave me some confidence that this is something I know how to do. So that probably boosted my skating. 

How was your skating in 2012?
It was good. Started out all fresh with new sponsors and a lot of people supporting my skating. The season began in early March, just went skating as often as I could until the end of May when it was time for the first race of the year: Moosehunt level 2.
It turned out great for me, I won the juniors. Unfortunately I got eliminated in my first open heat because of a little incident in the first corner, but I sure as hell wasn’t sad for that.
Next was Ravenhill 6.0. Qualified 1st of juniors but hurt my shoulder during freeride on race day so I couldn’t race. That sucked. After that a lot of skating took place. Skated non-stop until Kozakov. Kozakov was my first race outside Sweden. Super gnarly hill. I was scared to death when I took my first run down that hill. Managed to learn it during the days we spent there. Qualified 57th overall, 3rd in juniors I think. Got to the finals but crashed in the second corner. Ended up fourth. Not sad about that either. Except for the part that I fucked up my foot a little. Got home to Sweden and took a short break to heal up my foot. Skated a little and then I left for KnK in Slovenia. Sickest week of my life with the Skåne crew. My most fun and intense runs ever happened there. I also learnt a lot and became a better skater.

After all the euro madness I was back in Sweden. Won a slidejam in Gothenburg and cruised to the semifinals in Näckrosdammen (that same day) with migraine (everybody crashed in front of me.) The day after it was time for the first time ever Knugs Outlaw. Went really good there and managed to win that race. I think that was about it for 2012. Of course a lot more happened but I don’t want to write a book about it.

KnK right leany corner - Natalia mielnizcuk

What’s the community of Swedish groms like?
Big? Most of the groms live in Stockholm though, so I don’t get to skate with a lot of them. So I’m not really sure haha. 

You’ve been on every podium every race you entered. What’s your secret?
That’s a lie! I missed 1. Otherwise… Should I answer like a real hero and say “Just have fun,” because I actually think that is key. If you don’t have fun while being on your board you are never going to win anything. And the further you go in a race the more you get to skate. So that’s a big motivation to.

What was your favourite thing about Kozakov?
The hill is INSANE, the people are awesome, the atmosphere is cool, the food is great, everything is cheap, the beer is good, not that I drink beer. It’s just something I’ve heard… Everything is great about it. But my favorite part of the track is without a doubt the first and third corner. They are soooo nice. 

Are you ready to race in open class?
Don’t know. Guess I have to be ready. Would have loved to race juniors one more year but I can’t so… Yeap. I’m ready.

Kozakov predrift - Robert Flemming photo

What do you think about the IDF rules about juniors?
Don’t really care… I mean sure, riding juniors this season would’ve been a lot of fun but at the same time I think it’s good if I get my focus on the big boys league.

Who did you go to KnK with?
Kim Nilsson, Max Walter, Martin Hult, Marcus Jarlson and Rasmus Jarlson. SKÅNE CREW!!

Why was it so special?
Because the people I went there with are some of the funniest people I know and we had soooo many good and crazy runs together. The happy level was always on top. We also had a thing for ice cream. That was great.

Best ice-cream ever?
Think I have to say Ben & Jerrys. 

Are you the youngest Knug?
So far, I’m the only Knug, so I’m also the youngest!

Kung of Moose hunt

What are you plans for this year?
First off, I’m going to attend Moosehunt level 3 and Ravenhill 7.0, Swedish competitions. After those I will head out for Almatrieb in Germany. Will be doing the whole eurotour including Almatrieb, Kozakov, Grim Mountain and Peyragudes. After Peyragudes I head home for the Swedish Championships in Jönköping. Besides all the racing I just want to have as much time on my board as possible!

What do you do when you’re not skating?
Oh… Can you do anything else? Nothing really: go to school, look at my skateboards, hang out with my girlfriend.  

Pick 3 numbers! From 1-31!
Lucky number Slevin, 8 and 13 

7 – What is your favourite meal?
My mom makes the best tacos. It’s insane.

8 – Do you have any recurring dreams?
I did when I was smaller but not anymore.

13 – Do you have a pet ?
Yes! I have a  cat. Her name is “Snus.” Also have my boards. They are my pets.

PeeGeese in Santorini -, From Left Frank Göransson, Sebastian Parsmo, Anton Göransson and me

So nice to finally interview one of the most frequent skaters on our site. Make sure to get some stickers from the guys at Kozakov! Say hi to your crew especially Love!
It was great! Sure will do. I’m sure they will say hi back to you! They’re kind of friendly actually. 

Any thank yous?
Don’t know where to start haha. First are of course my parents. They have supported me since day 1. Always helping me out and help me get around. Big thanks to them!
The Skåne crew. They were there when I first started skating and they’ve kept me skating. Big ups to them and all the people involved in the scene here in the south of Sweden.
Of course the 2 people I mainly skate with from my hometown, Noak Prahl and Simon Palmhager.

Have to thank my girlfriend for giving me all the support she does to. Thanks to every single one of you!

Last but not least a big up to all my sponsors. Landyachtz longboards, Riot Boardsports, PeeGeese and Boardlife.se! Huge thanks to all of you! 


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