Featured rider: Susana Torroais


Check out our second interview from Portugal featuring tech sliding, longboarderz forum, stalking people at Moyano and puppies!

Hey Susanna, where are you from?
Hey there, I’m from beautiful Lisbon, Portugal.

Where did you start skating?
I started skating in Lisbon, about 4 years ago.

How did you get into it?
Well, I found out about it all while I was surfing the web. I remember watching a longboarding video on youtube, from Lush Longboards (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRal-mqlLO0) and I was amazed by it. I had never skated before, so I went to the only boarder I knew; Luis Paulo. I asked him if he could teach me! Haha and he did! Those very first pushes blew me away, I was hooked right there and haven’t stopped since!
He helped me to find my first longboard and we became good friends! He’s an amazing skater, definitely the best teacher I could have found!

What was your first board?
I still have it, a 52” Classic Cruiser from Gravity.

Do you still skate with Luis Paulo?
He had a baby recently so when he shows up it’s always great to hang out, skate and listen to his lifetime experiences on a plank of wood. He still rips like crazy haha!!


I spoke to Jorge Penis a few weeks ago and he said Luis Paulo was his mentor; one of the “dinosaurs of Portuguese skating’’
(you mean Pernes not penis hehehe)
Yeah, he is!! He is well known in the Portuguese skate scene, both longboard and street. He actually is the trainer/teacher of some of the best Portuguese street skaters.

So he trained Jorge, he trained you. Is there a school of his disciples?
Haha he has a skateboarding school, so he actually was kind of a mentor for us all. He showed us the best places to skate and taught us everything he could. We all greatly appreciated his efforts to push longboarding and all of us who do it!

Amazing. Who do you skate with now?
With whoever shows up to skate haha. We have a big community in Oeiras and Lisbon area. So we are always hooking up to skate together. But my skate buddy is definitely João Martins, my team mate and the best skater ever. He is a delight to watch and teaches me a lot. Big big hug to him!
But my main goal is to have more and more girls to skate with, finally there’s a few now who have starting longboarding. Which is awesome!

What’s your local crew called?
Hmm now that you mention it… it’s funny but we don’t have a name hahah we just love to skate together.

How many girls skated in the beginning?
Longboarding… I didn’t know of anyone! I brought some girlfriends to it, some kept rolling some didn’t.
Girls are always very afraid to crash and get hurt. So most of them just cruise and don’t take longboarding to it’s full level. Which is sad, cause I always tell them, if you skate within your limits and consciously you’ll be okay. The crashes are so minor compared to that sense of total freedom that you get from it.

Have things improved between 2007 and now?
Very much, our national forum – Longboarderz was created in February of 2008 and with it the scene had a big boom, we finally had a place where we could find other longboarders, share ideas, spots, arrange meetings and so on. There were 30 members in early 2008, now there are more than 2200 members. Amazing!
People started to gather, great friendships were made and now there’s a lot of local crews all over Portugal.

Who is behind Longboarderz?
The founding father is Zeto Leão, the Z-Dog hehehe then it’s me, Gonçalo Rodrigues, Eduardo Eko Guimarães (from Eko Slide Gloves) and Leo Gonçalves.

What is everyone’s role?
We all have the same role, we decide together, always! But we are all different and enjoy different things, so we distribute tasks bearing this in mind, so everyone is happy.
I love to work with graphic design and photography, Zeto keeps us together and in line hehe he is the linking point. Gonçalo loves the research and technical subjects of longboarding, Leo loves video and photography so it all comes together somehow hehe and Eko gives us the stoke to keep it going.

Do you all practice the same disciplines?
Nope, Zeto and Gonçalo are into Downhill, Eko likes Downhill, Dancing and Sliding, Leo is into Classic Luge and I’m into Carving, Technical Sliding and now Downhill too (just tried it for the first time a few weeks ago…. man what a rush!! Loved it).

Rider Su – Ossa Day from flip.on on Vimeo.

Have you tried to get more girls involved in the sport?
Of course, always trying! We created a 100% longboarding online free magazine – LBZ MAG (http://issuu.com/lbzmag/docs/lbz_mag03) , and from the first issue girls have had a section. So I hope that girls who don’t longboard will feel inspired to try it and girls who do, will be encouraged by it to push their skating even further.
I also connected to LGC, with the lovely Jacky Madenfrost and a lot of other amazing ladies from all over the world always trying to meet as many as I can.
In Portugal Joana Duarte and I are the ambassadors of Longboard Girls Crew Portugal, a lot of girls have been showing up wanting to learn and skate together and the stoke they bring is so refreshing!

How is LGC Portugal helping the local/national community?
We try to arrange all girls meetings so we can meet each other, share our knowledge and have loads of fun skating together.

Plans for this year to help you achieve your big goal?
My mind is always bubbling with ideas… I’ll keep the LBZ MAG project going, promote workshops for girls, jam sessions, meetings, etc, etc.

What’s your role in the magazine?
Having a magazine was always a dream of mine, when I talked with the boys they were stoked about it, we joined forces and together we’ve manage to create a great project, I think it was the first online 100% longboard magazine.
My role in it is the graphic design, girls section, advertising, photos and together with the rest of the crew get interesting content to publish on it.

Who makes up the rest of the staff?
We are now facing some staff changes, but the same as the Longboarderz Forum, but hopefully some new souls are going to join us soon!
The mag was born by the Longboarderz Forum, so we are all part of it.

What team did you mean earlier?
Oh! I’m part of the best team ever hehe; the Layback Team, from Freiburg, Germany.

How are you on a German team?
Hahaha because of the German sponsoring, the one and only Hackbrett Longboards!
Hack the master behind it, has a shop in Freiburg, named Layback, they also represent several longboard brands in Germany, so all the riders from all brands make together the beautiful Layback Team.

The laidback team sounds like a great team to be on. Who else is on it?
And it is!!! Who else… wow we are so many… Let me see, I hope I won’t forget anyone, so it’s me and João Martins (Portugal), Matt Elver (England), Tom Daman, Felix Druschel, Alfred Wrangler, Sven Wiedmann, Martin Keuhbauch, Holger Shredder (awesome name!), Lukas Steiert, Judith Richter,
William Körper, Martin Witzigmann, Sire Matz, Michel Munz, Luzi Spengler (Germany), Flu Will Raus (Austria) and the man himself Hack.

What is your role in the team?
The first thing Hack said to me when he asked me to join the team was and I quote “ skateboarding is what it´s all about” and that it is it, we are all part of one amazing family. Our roles are sharing the love! Everytime everywhere!

How do you share the love? (remember that under 18s view this site)
Haha skating with a smile on my face everytime and being an active part of our local and national scene, always pushing it further helping the healthy growth of the great community that we have over here. Arranging meetings, promoting the sports. Doing everything that we can do to make it better.
We are kind of a big family, as we practically all know each other from North to South, we all get along really well, so it’s easy to make things happen for us. Cause in the end it’s all about skateboarding! And together is so much greater!

What do you ride?
I have a rack full of skates hehe but right now Loving the Insh from Hackbrett Longboards and a custom made techslide from Hackbrett (this one is lost somewhere in Madrid… waiting for the new one)
Ok ok hehe Insh Flushcut with 180mm Crail Pink haha Biltin bearings (the best), venom bushings and the great ones Hawgs Zombies 82a.
On the Techslide, Indys 169mm, Bilting bearings, Khiro bushings and the hard to get Earthwing Slide A’s.

Nice. So you’re all about the tech slide?
I love sliding it’s my favorite!


Are there many girls who dabble?
I just know one lol.

Is her name Suzie?
ahahaha no it’s another girl.

How was last season for you?
It was amazing! Made new skate friends, got to experience new things on wheels, went to amazing places.

Where did you go?
I love Spain and my Spanish friends so of course I have been there and then me and my skate went to Hawaii… It was the breath of life!

Ah. Moyano?

When did you skate Madrid?
Hahaha went to La Noche en Negro of course!! I had already been to the 2nd edition of La Noche en Blanco, and had fallen in love with Madrid by then… and the Spanish are such lovely people! By the way big congratz to Ra for all of his amazing work and devotion to longboarding.

I was there!! We were ALL there! Luigi, Axel, Aleix, Agro (and Oscar in Spirit)
Yeah I saw them all and you too hahaha just didn’t know at that time that you were you hehehe
Maybe we will meet there again this year?

Haha it’s always nice to know I have a stalker

Ra is the best! That weekend changed everything! If I’m alive I will definitely be there this year. Best event in the universe.
Then we will be there! haha Skating with 600 people was crazy!! The vibe and energy was something that I have never experienced before.

Were you there from Friday to Sunday?
Yeah we arrived Friday and left after the university event on Sunday.

Who is we?
We were 9 dudes from Portugal in a van hahaha

You’re not a dude Suzie!
lololol ok ok 4 girls and 5 boys.

Better! People you’ve already mentioned?
Eko was there with me there, Joana too! And the one and only Hélio hahaha

I remember seeing The Boss!
hahahahaha but skating safe.

Where did the van take you after Madrid?
Home sweet home!

Is there anywhere like that spot in Portugal?
Sadly no! But we have other great spots hehe You must come and pay a visit,

What is your city like?
Lisbon is called the city of the 7 hills, but most of the pavement is all cobblestones, so it’s pretty hard to skate inside the city. We have cool spots inside public gardens and such, but the best spots to skate are def in the surroundings.

The surroundings?
Outside the city center. Monsanto, Oeiras, Odivelas, Sintra.

Are there crews there?
I don’t know if you would call them crews, but people from the same area usually gather and skate together.

How was Hawaii?
Hawaii was everything and so much more!!! My dream trip!

Is longboarderz the only national association in Portugal?
Longboarderz is not an association, it’s just a forum, that started promoting meetings and longboard events, because no one else was. We have two official skateboard associations, but these are mostly focused towards street skating. Luis Paulo is the President of one, and he was the only one who promoted Longboard events officially. Ours (Longboarderz) are totally outlaw (gnar) hehehe
But now things are changing… luckily!

Do you work with the Portuguese government?
Every time we try to promote something we try to involve the respective authorities, but the bureaucracy kills us…

Are there national competitions/jams?
National yes, official no haha
I think this year we will try to make a difference and the community all together can take the competitions to a brand new level and make it official. Let’s see how it goes!

Who organises them?
Last year, Nuno from Powa put together a Downhill kind of championship, but legally it wasn’t really official. We have to get the skateboard associations involved to make it official, so guess that it will be the next step.

How was the competition received by the community?
They all loved it! Closed roads means safe rides, so they all got stoked with it! It’s not much of who finishes first, but the feeling of skating as fast as you can with your friends safely, I think.

Will there be more events this year?
Of course, we will promote some jams, meetings and so on, and in August Portugal will be holding a Euro IGSA tour.

Who organised the event?
Nuno from Powa is behind it.

Awesome. Aside from the IGSA event in Portugal, will you be attending any others this season?
All the events are mostly Downhill, would love to see more sliding & freeriding, but I would try to attend some for sure, no plans yet though.

Make it happen!
I will!

What do you do when you’re not skating?
Enjoying life, hanging with my friends, spending time with my new puppy, Noa! going dancing, to the movies and to the beach and so on and so forth.

Fun! Choose 3 numbers between 1-21
5, 7, 14.

5 – Who is the best skater you’ve met ?
This is hard, cause there’s so many amazing skaters out there, but I have to choose two, I mean three hehe
In 2009 I had the pleasure to meet and learn some tech slide tips from Mr. Mark Short and Will Edgecombe. To see this guys skating in action… wowow amazing so so amazing!! It was Mr. Mark Short who got me hooked in tech sliding haha
The other two, has to be my “nephews”, Gustavo and Gabriel Ribeiro, the european skateboarding twins, they are 10 years old now and they rip, let me tell you! They are my proud and joy and I feel blessed that they are part of my life! Keep an eye on this two.
Ops guess I chose four… hehe

7 – What is your favourite cheese ?

14 – Favourite band?
I love music, it is hard to choose one! But there’s one that I never miss concerts and have all their albums, so it must be Pearl Jam!

Awesome stuff. It’s been great speaking to you! Keep up the good work.
Thank you so much Gbemi, it was a pleasure to talk to you too.
Much success to All Around Skate