Featured rider: Thibault Parise


Our buddy Tibs gives us an insight into his role in the Sector9 family and shares his thoughts about skateboarding. This all around skater also tells us about his rad film project – Art Of Life.

Bonjour Tibs, where are you from?
Salut! I’m from France, somewhere in the South.

When did you start skating?
I started skateboarding when I was 12 years old, I’m twice more today.

You’ve been riding boards for half your life!
Yes, I just realized this. Skateboarding is a big part of life, and it will stay like that: better than a wife!

Have you ever stopped?
Stop skateboarding? Are you kidding? NO, NEVER !

What was it like skating down there?
It was really funny, I remember we were waiting for the latest video, trying to find the newest spots. Because in France 10 years ago, it was really hard to find skateparks, and we weren’t a lot of skateboarders. Today, everything is totally different, too many videos, riders, spots.

Too many?
Yes, I mean 10 years ago not everyone rode, the level was less high. Now, too many riders on board, and too many good ones. We see a lot of videos with rippers, but do you remember all of them?

Do you still skate with anyone you rode with back then?
Yes, just 1 or 2. Some of friends said to me: “I stopped skateboarding because it’s for teenagers!”, I think they didn’t understand what  skateboarding is!

What is skateboarding?
Skateboarding is a lot of things, shortboarding is skateboarding, longboarding is skateboarding, skateboarding is being free, having fun on any kind of board is skateboarding!

What sorts of skating do you do these days?
I begun with a shortboard, and 2 years later I tried riding a longboard and it changed everything in my mind. I bought my 1st longboard, it was a Cloud9 with soft wheels, and I rode it everywhere (skateparks, street, downhill). I really understood at this moment that skateboarding is not just about shortboarding, but any deck with a set of trucks and wheels. Not a lot of people rode a longboard at this period. Now I’ve got my own quiver.

Why do you think some people think skateboarding is just for them and not for anyone who rides any piece of wood?
You know, when I ride parks, bowl, street, my board is bigger than a shortboard and a lot of people say I don’t ride skateboarding, I ride longboarding. Just because the board is different, they say it’s not skateboarding. They call skateboards from the 80’s a cruiser or a chill board! That’s crazy, they’ve forgetten the skateboard story, and why they began skateboarding.
I remember a kid who told me: “Why do you ride a longboard?” and I said: “Why do you ride a shortboard!?” I have the answer for his question, but does he know the answer to my question?

People from the 80’s didn’t and don’t call their skateboards cruisers. Who started that BS?
That’s right ! I totally agree with you! For me it’s skateboarding. The problem is the skate scene of today grew up in the 90’s and present day shortboarders think that skateboarding wasn’t & can’t be better than it is today.

What do you think is  a solution for the ignorance?
The solution is the ignorance too. I’m kind of happy to see some shortboarders today who ride a ”cruiser” or a longboard just to cruise in town or for trying downhill. I think time is the answer. But I really hate the ones who say “Fuck Longboarding”, they should say “Fuck skateboarding” too, because it’s the same. Hey man skateboarding is something fun, that’s why you began!
For sure the problem goes the other way with close minded longboarders hahaha.

When did you find other people who also rode longboards in France?
Since the beginning, but it was hard too find some of them, now it’s so easy to find and ride with them. But in skateparks I didn’t really see a lot.I’ve met less than 10 in Europe during 12 years of riding.

What was your first addition to your quiver?
A Goddess Pintail for riding more DH.

Do you have a crew?
Not really, because I travel a lot. When I’m at home, I go to bowls and skateparks with Julien Bechet and friends. When I’m in Paris, I ride with Babar and Laurent Perigault. When I’m in the French Riviera I ride with my homies and friends. But when you travel a lot, it’s really hard to have a crew and keep them.

Spiky is the man!
Yes, he is, Laurent is really cool, and it’s so fun to ride with him!

Is there a big community in the French Riviera?
Yes, there is. More and more riders every day, there are different communities now. For Downhill, for cruising the boardwalk, bowl riding.

When did you start skating down hills?
I started 11 years ago.

Do you compete? 
I did in Downhill some years ago, but no time to train downhill. I do sometimes in bowls and parks, but not all the time because I don’t ride a lot.

How come you’re always on the road? 
My job takes me on the road. So, I stop everywhere I can ride during the weekend.

What do you do when you’re not skating?
I work, I paint, I do photos, and a lot of things!

Do you do skate photography?
Yes and no. Sometimes I take my camera but not often. I do photos for fun when there’s no skateboarding, when I can’t ride. So my answer is: not really. I did with Oleev in California when he was filming, I helped him sometimes, that’s it.

Who is Oleev?
Oleev is my photographer, and cameraman, but first of all, my friend. He is the man who edits my videos, who takes most of my photos.

What were you doing in California?
We were skateboarding, and having fun with friends. But the goal of the trip was to shoot the California lifestyle about skateboarding. That’s why we are making videos.
In Cali, we were riding with Louis Pilloni, James Kelly, Amanda Powell, Kody Noble, Jeremy Peckham, Sara Paulshock, Jeff Budro, Chance… And we did some shots with Jim Goodrich, we met Mike McGill, Jake Brown, it was just epic, better than what we wished!

What is the California skateboard lifestyle?
It’s just daily life, a skateboard is something you have with you all the time, and we connect you to people.

Dude! Sounds amazing. How did you make this happen?
It’s a kind of crazy. It began during my second trip to Cali 3 years ago. We were at Jimmy Rao’s home, and his homie was the owner of ParadoxGrip, so during this last trip, we chilled with him and with some team riders like Jake Brown.
About Jim Goodrich, I contacted him on FB in September when I was in Cali to say “Hey I’m in town, would be great to meet!” and we met, he gave me a ride in SD. He shot me on bowls (and it had been like 20-30 years since he shot ANY skateboarders!)
So, I contacted him again for my trip in February, and we chilled together. We went to Mike McGill’s skate shop in Eincinitas.
For the SkateHouse riders like Louis and James… just Sector 9 and be on events helped us to make it happen!

Wow. The Jim Goodrich. What was that like?
Yes, THE Jim Goodrich, THE ONE! You can find some pics of him with me on my FB. I’m so stoked when I realized what I did, and what I’m doing.

When did you start making videos?
It’s like 2 years now, since Oleev and a friend did a video of me. I saw the quality and I thought it’s something good to do. Now we are making the “Art Of Life” Project.

What is Art Of Life?
Art Of Life is a video project with Oleev. We wanna share the lifestyle of skateboarding. Skateboarding is a lifestyle, an art of life, I mean you don’t need to be the best to have fun, just take your board, go riding, cruise, meet people, travel. Do everything in your life with a board under your feet. And you’ll see everything is crazy!
So you have watched the 1st part, but there’s more coming from San Diego, France, Spain.
Stay tuned to http://artoflifeproject.tumblr.com/

When will you be shooting the rest of it?
We are doing it each time we can, we did yesterday with Jen Smith (Pro Surfer in Longboard), this weekend in Madrid with LongboardGirlsCrew.

What will the Spanish part contain?
Do you wanna know?! I would love too know too. Haha girls, skateboarding and fun.

How did you and Oleev hook up?
I met Oleev at an event, I really liked what he did, we hooked up for another session, and ideas came naturally.

What inspired you to make this project?
I’m a kind of bored of watching all the same things on the web, tricks, slide, tricks and ooh a new trick! Skateboarding is not just doing tricks and being the best. Meeting people, travelling, cruising is a good way to have fun.

Have you done any big film-making projects before?
No, never, it’s the 1st time. But you know, it’s not really a big film. It’s like some videos like TV show, a bunch of episodes, but everything is made naturally.

What did you enjoy most about shooting the first episode?
We enjoyed what we lived, we are making things naturally, the most important is living life, and we did it organically at the same time we shot. So we enjoyed everything. I don’t know what we enjoyed the most! Everything was epic.

What do you ride?
Downhill: Bomber Trucks 10” + Downhill Division “Daisy” + RaceFormula 73mm 80a
MegaRamp: Coldwar (8,5’ x 36’ + Gullwing Shadow 180 + S9 parkFormula 60mm 101a)
Bowl: Cloud9 + 149 gullwing Shadow + S9 parkFormula 58mm 101a
Slide: SuperShaka with Charger 2 10” and 65mm Butter Balls
Cruising: Sidewinder boards from S9

Are any of those your sponsors?
Yes, Sector 9 skateboards andGullwing Trucks help me a lot.
Sector 9 has supported me for 10 years now, I’m so stoked. They made and they make my dreams a reality, I can ride everything easily.

How did you get involved with them?
It’s a crazy story, I met the french distributors when I began skateboarding. I was in the office all the time, I wanted to set up boards, I spent my time on a skateboard and at the office every week when I wasn’t at school. I moved with them and helped each time there were events, I worked with them to buy boards as soon as I was able to pay for one.
With time, I grew up, my skateboard skills were better and better, my networks got bigger and bigger, and things happened naturally. They took me to Cali for the 1st time when I was 17! You can’t imagine what was happening in my head.

What happened in your head?
That’s a really good question, some people say I’m not alone in my head, some others say I have no brain. So I don’t really know, I think during my 1st trip something happened with all of friends in my head, maybe they had a revolution!

What did their revolution lead to?
Their revolution led to a modification of what I really wanted to do, why I do things. After this revolution, I understood that the most important thing is not riding to be the best, but  riding for fun.
My point of view changed for a lot of things. If I didn’t do this 1st trip, everything would be different.

What’s your role in the sector9 family?
Today, my role is in charge of sales in France. But I don’t like this word “sales”, I’m more someone who helps and gives to customers informations they need, explaining and sharing my passion.
First of all, my main role is being myself and spreading the fun! Being cool and riding wood!
You said it, Sector 9 is a family.

Are there any other Europeans sponsored by Sector9?
Yes, there are some Europeans sponsored by S9, but we didn’t really build a team. We help riders who have something different, who are cool, who love us, who love skateboarding. Yes we have riders like Bruno Fuchs, Stephen Kurz, Max V.

Where’s your favourite place to skate?
Hard question… My favorite place to skate is everywhere I can ride when I want. Something rad and hard to skate. Do you know a place like that? It would be my favorite one!

Choose 3 numbers between 1-37.
9 – 33 – 24

9 – Favourite song to listen to when you skate?
I don’t really listen music when I ride, but if there’s some AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Hank III, it’s welcome!

33 – Daniel.Hawes asks: What’s the most interesting thing regarding string theory you have recently learnt?
I learnt that Physics is too complicated for me.

24- Favourite movie?
6th sense is a really cool one, but I prefer Ice Age.

It’s been a big pleasure talking to you tipsy tibs, have fun with the girls in Madrid (not too much though!). Look forward to sharing the rest of your project!
For sure! Thank you bro.

Any thank yous?
All of riders to help skateboarding each time they ride!
I really want to say thanx to all of ones else who support me like :
Electric visual, Dakine, SeventyOne Percent, Kustom Shoes.
Don’t forget skateboarding is something fun, that’s why you put your feet on it for the first time.
Thank you a lot for this interview! Keep on riding!


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