Featured rider: Yannick Gladow


Halo Yannick, how are you?
I am fine, a lot of free time and skating over the easter days, so yeah, perfect!

How did you celebrate Easter?
With a nice downhill session in the morning, pasta for lunch, slidespot in the afternoon and some Diablo 3 with my skate-buddies and roommates in the evening! After that, my girlfriend came over, so yes, can’t really get any better!

Where are you from?
I grew up in a small village in Northern Germany, between Hamburg and Bremen, no mountains, not much to do. Than I fled to my new home, Munich!

What did you flee from?
From the boredom!

What did you hope to find in Munich?
At that time (2009) I wasn’t into skating at all, but I’d wanted to live near to the mountains all my life. I went snowboarding every free day in winter until I had no money left and needed to find a cheaper activity.
Madrid Germany

Do you love this activity more than snow now?
Way more! I started hating snow on the day I started sliding. I haven’t been snowboarding in a few years. Saving all the money for skate trips and races!

What do you love about skating?
Tough question! The way it transformed my life. I just love the travelling, the mountains, the people from all over the world I meet and the friends I make.
When I am skating my brain is empty, I am totally free from everything else when I go down a hill. That’s the best feeling possible!

Who has skateboarding turned you into?
I was always active, but I think I drink and smoke more.

How did you stumble on skateboarding?
When I was 12, I did some traditional skateboarding with my school friends, but after that I sadly forgot about it for the next 8 years. Then, at 20, I got a cruiser, built me some slide-gloves and I was hooked!
Stefano Fostini photo

When did you find other people to skate with?
I immediately met other people from munich who were just starting and we formed a small crew. Over the time I met Sepp Spiegl, Timm Becker and Quirin Ilmer who are still my best skate buddies!

What has kept you guys together over the years?
We became friends quickly and shared the same love for skating. Timm and Sepp also moved in with me this year, so now we have a skatehouse! Also we had no one else to skate with haha.

Why don’t you live with Quirin, does he smell?
Yes he is always surrounded by a fine smell, depending on what he ate!! But that’s not the reason, he lives in Innsbruck.

Antonia Tonetta photo What was the community in Munich like back then?
There were Andi Boneless, Stephan Risch, Olivier Gires, Alex Plötz and the others of their gang, but we did not see much of them, they were on a totally different level and skating other spots.
At that time there was almost no one else skating here, we had to explore and learn everything from each other and watching videos. We also founded a Facebook group with only 20 people in it in the first year, it exploded since then. Now it has 1800 members!

What is the group about?
The idea was to find more people to skate with. It transformed a little bit with that many people to a market place, but it’s still nice to plan small events or sessions.

What adventures did you 4 have together?
Countless!! All the events and trips and totalled cars. When we went to our second KnK the fifth and fourth gear of our car broke down only 50km after Munich, we still drove the 400 kilometers in third gear and left the car in Ljubljana.
Ingmar Solissa photo

How long did it take to get up to their level?
After one or two years we just started skating all together and we still do that today. A small but very nice group of friends and skaters.

What was the first event you attended?
My first event was the Bear Awakening KnK in 2012! I wanted to go to the KnK in 2011, but I broke my jaw one week before the event.

How had you prepared yourself for KnK in 2011?
My pendy was safe and I booked a train ticket!

Why did you decide to break your jaw?
Mhh I did never break a bone before so it was about time! I was sktiching home in the early morning and did not see a pothole coming, stupid, but I learned my lesson.

Was it hard to come back to skating after she hurt you?
The day after the operation I bought a fullface helmet, the doctor wasn’t happy, but I started after 4 days brake, that’s when I realized how much I love downhill skating.

Did KnK feel as good as you dreamt?
Better, I never skated such a long road and I think we learned so much on that event.

What did you learn?
How much sliwowitz a human can or can’t take.
Flo Fellner photo

What were you riding that year?
Fibretec Flying Pan, Paris trucks and DTCs.

What other events did you hit in 2012?
Koffee Schnaps Birthday event, Großerlach a few times, another KnK and Loralo.

What is Loralo?
The super fun freeride and race in austria. Organized by Flo Wagner, Felix Rupitsch and their crew.

How did you grow that season?
From coming down a hill without falling to taking good lines. I think that was the year I learned the most.

How did the things you learnt that year prepare you for 2013?
2013 started with an island trip with Sebastian Hertler, Matze Ebel, Alex Dehmel, Alex Dietrich, Becks, Fede and Stephan Risch. So yeah, I needed everything I learned in 2013!

What did you get up to last year?
Freeriding as much as possible with my friends and I started racing. A completely new experience.

Is freeriding your favourite thing to do on your board?
Yes! I love skating so close to Qui that I can smell his fine odour and then throwing standies in the corners. (or crashing him).


You don’t enjoy racing?
Haha, freeriding is my favourite. But I also fell in love with racing.

Where did you get to skate in 2013?
It started with another island trip with Andi Boneless, Alex Plötz and Qui. After that we went to the Koffee Schnaps (we drank more wine than schnaps) and the 24h race of Großerlach. I was sick on that event and we had to skate in rain and mud while it was freezing cold. So that was the worst event of 2013!

The next event was the German championship race, the Häldenrennen. It was my first real race and I was more than happy to make it to the quarter finals.

Then we went to the Lozio race in Italy, Almabtrieb and Kozakov and I realized that I still need to practice my racing a lot to be able to compete.

We also did some freeriding in the alpes and went to the Loralo where I reached the fourth place.

The year seemed to be over, but the Root guys (Alex Dietrich, Dominik Weber, Kevin Mauch, Philipp Meister) invited me to come with them to California! I begged everyone I knew for some money and went over with them! It was so much fun to skate with the locals, whole different level!

So yeah, that was my 2013, pretty happy with how it all worked out!
1533956_636819896356164_317250457_n How is this year going?
Better than ever. At the ISPO Rich from Sabre gave me a set of the new forged precision trucks and I love them so far. Then we did an Island trip again with Quirin, Nicola Nührig, Andi Mangold and Timm. I also visited Stuttgart a few times and skated the city.

Qui and me decided to participate in an italian (Agnosine Route Libre) race and I was lucky enough to win it! Fuck yeah!!

Is your hair as nice as Nicola’s?
Haha trick question, no one has hair as nice as Nicos!

What are your plans for the rest of the year?
Lots of skating! I will attend all of the German and Austrian races, we plan on some epic filming with Root Longboards and I hope to travel to some other country when it gets cold in munich.

What do you do when you’re not skating?
Watching Game of Thrones with my girlfriend, working in Boneless Skateshop and uhhm yeah studying from time to time.

What setup are you riding right now?
The Root Witchcraft, Sabre forged precision 38° trucks and Orangatang wheels. Thanks for the great support!

Are any of those your sponsors?
Yes, fortunately all of them. Also big thanks to Andi and Vroni Boneless who supported me a lot over the years!

Pick 3 numbers between 1-40.
13, 27, 7.

 7 – What is your favourite meal?

13 – Do you have a pet ?
No, all my fish died!

27- Who would you like to see on the iron throne?
I want the old one back,I need someone to release my hate on!

Buddy bro! Stoked to get this chance to learn about the famous Yannick. See you on the road somewhere. Eat more bacon!
I will eat weißwurst right now and another beer!! As good as bacon for breakfast. Thanks so much for doing this interview, hope to meet you again soon!

Root Longboards || RawRuns Yannick Gladow Part II from ROOTlongboards on Vimeo.

Any last words?
Go out, skate! Thanks to all my friends who skate with me every day and my awesome sponsors who help me get through the season.







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