Featured riders: Luca Lessing and Finn Longwitz


Fun chat with two hamburgers! They share their adventures in Kozakov and their local scene.

Hey guys, how are you doing?
Luca: The year is almost over, and I am fine.
Finn: I’m fine, but I broke a bone in my foot at the DTC party, so I won’t be able to skate for the next weeks.

What is a DTC party?
Finn: The DTC party near Stuttgart in Großerlach was Alex´ Birthday party. They have a nice track there that’s really small. You can go back to the top with a ski lift.

How was the party?
Finn: Partying on chairs is always good.

Where are you guys from?
Luca: From Hamburg, Germany.
Finn: I’m from Hamburg and Luca is from Reinbek! Don´t lie Luca.
Luca: I live in Reinbek but was born in Hamburg.

When did you start skating?
Luca: Summer 2010
Finn: I started skating on a shortboard in 6th grade, I think that was in 2008. Then two years ago I got a longboard. And of course I still skate halfpipe and bowl.

Where do you guys skate?
Luca: I ride some small hills (no downhill, only freeride) in Hamburg or at freerides around Europe.
Finn: I have a really nice double miniramp called Köki in my old neighbourhood and we have some small ways at the elbe. For real downhill or freeride on longer streets, you have to drive outside Hamburg.

What’s the community like in Hamburg?
Luca: It’s really big. Hamburg’s longboard community boomed this year. But no downhill, only cruising, dancing and freeriding.

What sort of skating makes you happiest?
Finn: Skating with a random bunch of cool people at a sick technical spot . I love small ways with holes in it and stuff like that. The spot isn’t as important as the people.
Luca: I agree with Finn. And it must be fast and technical.

Do you compete?
Luca: I was at my first races this year, at the St. Bailly race, 160km North of Paris and then in Kozakov.
Finn: My first race was Kozakov this year. Before that, I was in France at the Comfortable race but it started to rain when we arrived at the top of the hill when the first race heat was planned. But I hope there will be some races in Germany next year because travelling is so expensive.

Have you been to any local races?
Finn: I missed registration for the Häldenrennen.
Luca: I had a start place but I had to work on the day, I was sad to miss it.
Finn : And I couldn´t use Luca’s space because I needed a juniors place.

How was Kozakov?
Finn: It was so crazy. The fastest I had been was 70 before this! There should be a freeride in Kozakov. My bushing setup was really weird and my hangers didn’t fit the pivot-cups but fuck it. It was so much fun!
Luca: Kozakov was fast! I rode at this speed a year ago in the alps but with big corners and no sliding or footbraking. In Kozakov, you wanna airbrake and go faster and faster, but must brake before the corners. It was very difficult.

What did you enjoy most about Kozakov?
Finn: The skill level was really high and all the people were really cool. And the track is so dope!
Luca: Kozakov is so nice. So many people, nice track, nice party. I think I enjoyed the atmosphere most!

Where is your favourite place in Germany to skate?
Luca: I thinks my favourite place is Stuttgart.
Finn: Großerlach and Scharfenstein!

What’s so nice about these places?
Finn: In Großerlach you have a ski-lift to get to the top, which  means that you can skate nonstop. It´s not that fast, just 50k or so, but it´s really small, so that makes it feel much faster.

Who do you usually skate with?
Finn: I usually skate with everybody who wants to. But most of the times with Luca
Luca: I love riding with Finn!

When did you guys start riding together?
Luca: I think it was in spring 2011.

What’s so good about the FinnLuca combo?
Finn: It´s always fun with Luca, it never gets boring. We both know how the other one skates. It is really cool when you skate tight runs while shoving each other.

What’s your style?

What do you ride?
Finn: My customised marauder from TD longboards! And I´m really looking forward to getting my Ulysses hanger from Lennart. Wheels for freeriding: worn down traction beams and for downhill: DTC GeckoGrips or fresh Tractionbeams.
Luca: I have two setups. The Wefunk Mach1 with Stealth Division trucks and Otang inheats and the Wefunk fr 38 with the same trucks and otang stimulus. One for downhill and the other for freeriding.

Are any of those your sponsors?
Luca: Yes I ride for both and I am really grateful.
Finn: TD Longboards! You should check them out, high quality woodcore boards.

Who makes TD longboards?
Finn: Lennart Thomsen builds the boards. He is a perfectionist. For one example: our boards come without laquer but they are water – and heat resistant til 110c. Jan Rumstadt makes the shapes, he´s the mastermind.

How long after you started skating did you get sponsored?
Finn: 1 and a half years (summer 2011).
Luca: In Spring 2012.

What are your plans for the future?
Finn: I have to go to school for 2 more years now, so I won´t be able to skate as much as I would like to. I’m saving some money now for a 1 year skate trip after school! And after that I plan to get into photography as a job, probably studying photo design.
Luca: I hope I can race the IGSA europe series and some French races next year.
Finn: Yes the French races! I hope my sponsor, the mantis shop  will make it possibly to race some! And of course Kozakov would be a dream!

Which skaters do you look up to?
Finn: I don´t look up to people because of their skill, but I really like to watch Pilloni on his board. and luca of course, we are teaching each other all the time!
Luca: Pilloni and Kelly are a nice combo, nice to watch!

Choose 3 numbers between 1-39.
Finn: 9 14 26
Luca: 19 1 21

9 – Favourite song to listen to when you skate?
Tool: NoQuarter

14 – If you could have any super power what would it be?
Healing injuries while flying.

26- What kind of films do you like?
No country for old men. When you watch that movie you’ll know what kind of films I like.

19- What is your favourite video game?
Luca: I think it was GTA San Andreas. It has a nice and big open world.

1 – What do you take with you when you go for a skate?
Luca: Helm and gloves.

21 – Would you pick the red or blue pill?
Luca: both together!

It’s been really fun talking to you guys, keep up the Hamburger stoke!
Finn: Yeah man hope to see you for a skate sometime!

Any thank yous?
Finn: Big thanks to TD Longboard family. It´s great to work with you guys and of course to the Mantis Skateshop for supporting our trips and skating!
Luca: I thank all my sponsors because it would be impossible without them. Thanks to Mantis, Wefunk, Orangatang and Downchill clothes.



Big thanks to Gordon Timpen for providing all the photos

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