Florence Open Skate 2012


It took 30 years to bring a skate event back to Florence, a town full of culture and history but with no room for any other sport but soccer. In the early 80’s, we had top skate champions like Gabriele Gabrielli, Massimo Sestini, Guido Cozzi e Marco Bartolozzi. Wow, the dawn of skateboarding in Italy was in my town!
 In the beginning of June (June 2/3), on the Rampe (the road that links Piazzale Michelangelo to piazza Poggi and the Lungarno) about 70 riders from all over Italy (the florentine Fortezza Crew was the host club) met for two days to enjoy one of the most stunning views in our country while bombing hills, without the fear of colliding with oncoming cars.

The first day was all about downhill and freeride, with contest sessions, great prizes like decks, wheels, gloves and bushings. We had a lot of fun and especially enjoyed the large audience which came to the spot to enjoy the performances and the athletes, most of whom were very young.

The winner of the DH contest was SteveB of Boardstyle Longboard team, 2nd place went to Antonio Tavassi, 3rd for Marcus Aldinucci.
 The following day the scene was entirely dedicated to slalom. To be precise a round of the 2012 Italian Skate Slalom Championship, with the participation of awarded athletes like the young
national champions Zaccaria Di Giorgio and his sister Irene from Milan, trained by their father Franco, also with Abramo Ponzio, Stefano Bellingieri and many others.

Two matches in the morning with narrow cones, two in the afternoon for the giant slalom. It was amazing to see old and young skaters enjoying the spot together. Federico Malventi nailed the 1st place in the hybrid slalom.

The event was organized thanks to the efforts of Karin Kerkenbusch, owner of the virtual shop DirtCorner.com and Gabriele Gabrielli, an old Florentine slalom rider and founder of Fortezza Crew.

Two days of fun, a great meeting for skaters of every age, something that everyone would like to see again, hopefully next year, maybe in the same place, maybe with a bigger number of guys and girls on their longboards.

Giuseppe Cabras


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