Gioasteka freeride report


This was my first time in Switzerland and I’ll never forget it. There I was at 9 in the morning in Brussels, waiting for my friends to pick me up. We had a 9-10 hour drive to San Bernardino, Gioasteka! 5 people in a little van, filled over the top. I remember a guitar hanging over my head, keeping my backpack and helmet on my lap the whole drive. I got to drive a couple of hours as well, which was nice. We took a lot of breaks, and arrived at the campsite after dark. So we hadn’t seen the track yet.

It was a bit rainy so we set up the tent as fast as possible and went to sleep. When we woke up, the sun was shining! It looked like it would be a great first day of freeriding! We went down the track and saw it for the first time, I couldn’t believe my eyes… It’s so beautiful over there, and the track and corners are epic.

I hadn’t skated on something like that before. I was really excited for the first run. We went up in the vans, and waited till we could skate. I was there with the guys from Blutcher (Xavier Ethuin) and LRBX. Unfortunately I was the only SICK teamrider there, but I’m sure next year we’ll all invade Switzerland!

The track was EPIC! The first corner was a left hairpin which went pretty slow, followed by a sweeper to the right, then a tricky right, a small left and a right hairpin. Ok that’s the first part of the track, afterwards you start picking up some speed, two left sweepers which you could take in tuck, and then poof, the drop. You really start picking up speed and you’re headed for a left to right hairpin at a good speed, here you definitly had to do some big predrifts! This was the trickiest part of the track I think.
 Afterwards you had a left hairpin, right, and left again. Then came the ‘schuss’ (straight) bit, 80km/h max standup, and 95max luge I think. I found this very cool, because it had a very mellow chicane in it, which was cool to take at that speed. Afterwards big slide to stop!

The organisation was very good and we had quite a lot of runs every day, although we only rode in the afternoon. There was a little old shack at the bottom of the hill, where you could buy some food and drinks off an old man with a beard, he was drunk all day haha.

After a lot of runs, and talking with pros like Martin Siegrist, Fibretec teamriders, Marisa Nuñez etc., we went back to the campsite, chilled a bit and got refreshed. Then it was time for the first party night.

Man!!! The parties were awesome. The second day we had great bands, even a surf style band! Also some allround rock’n’roll bands, with riders taking over the mic and singing some songs, even one guy taking the bassist’s guitar and really playing well.

There was also a big beamer playing videos and photos of the day, and Xavier made 1 video of the event every day! A tombola was organised and you could buy a ticket for 1 euro, there was lots of cool stuff you could win, 2 fibretec boards, sector 9 board, lots of wheels and other goodies.

The bar was done by some good looking ladies and there was a good atmosphere all night every night!

The first two days we had dry runs all day, the third it rained all day, and on the last day we had a beautiful hot day.

We packed up and drove home, another wrecking drive of 10 hours but this time at night, so I slept quite a lot in the car haha. I’m good at that.

The event was really nicely organised, nothing to complain about, the track and people were amazing, definitely going back next year!!!

I want to thank Sickboards for making this possible, Fibretec for sponsoring the event, the organisation of Gioasteka, all the riders I met, talked and rode with for the good times. LRBX and Blutcher for the ride to Switzerland, and Switzerland itself for being so awesome!



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