Gnarlentines feature: Adam and Eve


Enjoy this light hearted interview celebrating the love of our super fun viking friend and his wooden lover Eve – the fastest couple in Europe last year. 
Hey Adam, how are you doing?

Splendid my dear friend. How about yourself?

Really good. How was last season?
The 2012 started amazing, then I met Eve. Things got even better, she showed what skating was all about. I skated with so many awesome skaters and skated sick hills all over the world. Best season so far! Looking forward to 2013 for sure.

What is skating all about?
Having fun.. You should know that by now dude haha!

Who is Eve?
Eve, please introduce yourself!
Eve: My name is Eve. I’m about 37” (94cm) tall, blond curly hair and have a nice and curvy body!

When did you guys meet?
Eve: We met in the spring of 2012. It was one of those sunny days with birds singing and all that. It was beautiful. Love at first sight!
Where are you from Eve?
People tend to think I’m from Eden, but in fact I’m from swEden. Must have been some kind of typo in the bible.  The birthplace of Kahalani. Stockholm!

Who were you with before her?
Adam: I was in a really complicated relationship. The girl I was with had no curves, a flat ass and always put me in trouble. It just wasn’t good for me!

Are there any similarities between your Ex and your new love?
Oh yes, she is still superlight, just how I like them. Construction wise, almost the same. Just a bit more exotic and the same nose job as my other girls. The doctors call the procedure the Kahalani nose job.

What other cosmetic surgery has Eve had done?
Eve: Everything else is all natural! At first i didn’t want to do my nose but Adam forced me to. Now my nose looks exactly like my ass. that’s embarrassing!

What’s special about your ass?
Eve: It looks like my nose for one thing. It is pretty small but still room for Adam to manual me!

Who are the plastic surgeons?
Eve: Kahalani Boards, with the master surgeon Dan Åhlström leading the team.

Isn’t Dan also Eve’s father?
Adam: The thing is, I’m really her father. Don’t tell her! But now Dan creates new Eve’s every week for you guys.

What do you like about each other?
Eve: I like the way Adam tickles my body with his feet! That is pretty much it!

Have you been faithful to each other?
Adam: Yes! When it comes to downhill, she’s always the one. I haven’t let her down since I first took her for ride. She’ll be riding with me for 2013 too. No doubt!
Eve: People like to take me for a ride. I always let them! I love when random guys/girls ride me!

Don’t you get loose when you let too many people on you?
Eve: Yes! Sometimes I get carried away, but when Adam shows up with his toes, I’m there for him and he forgives me!

What’s special about your relationship?
When Adam tickles me right we are unstoppable!

How has Eve changed your life?
Adam: It all started in Norway. When I first took here on a date, the hill is called the Anaconda. Love at first sight! She locked my feet in so well. Her seamless, almost flat bottom concave with aggressive edges took my breath away. I felt at home!
Her superlow 184mm wide trucks from Kahalani combined with the rocker on the board gives me a ride really close to the ground. Love her!

When is your anniversary?
VOSS 2013. Be there!

You won your first race together!
Yes, 2012 at VOSS. Oh you Eve!

What kind of skating brings out the best in Eve?
The faster the better! She loves technical riding and freeriding.

Is there anyone like her out there?
Skateboards are always going to be skateboards. But Eve is something special!

How did you guys do together in the Swedish races?
We did really well. Took home the Swedish Championship, Ravenhill, in Gothenburg. First time someone from outside of Gothenburg won that race. Sanne and Klaes had been winning that race since they started hosting the race. Eve and I showed them “västkusträkorna” what’s up!

Eve was the difference?
For sure! Ended up third 2010, second 2011 and first 2012. Eve made all the difference!

What’s the relationship between a person and their skateboard?
Eve: I think you have to know each other really well. Know each others strengths and weaknesses. But most of all trust each other. But you should not limit yourself to one board. Pick out your go to board and then swing around as much as you can!

How does she perform when it’s wet?
Adam: As you know Gbemi, I love riding when it’s wet, Eve does too!
Eve: We always have so much fun in the wet!

Did you guys have any dates outside Scandinavia?
Oh yes! Kozakov, Teolo, Peyragudes, Calgary, Buffalo Bill and Hot Heels.

What was the constant in all these travels?
I had so much fun! This year has been crazy fun!

Eve, how did you keep your sanity at Kozakov knowing how easily skaters can forget their Eves? 
I just went with the flow! Adam and I have a pretty loose relationship on a day to day basis. But when things really matter we stick together!

Had you skated outside Europe before last season?
Adam: Yes! Plenty of times. I love the travelling/skatboarding thing. Hope I can do this for much longer!

What’s the best thing about being on the road?
Seeing plenty of this wonderful planet we’re living on. Meeting people from all over the world and skating different roads every day.

How was North America?
Amazing! Skating crazy crazy hills with super talented skateboarders. Colorado was probably the most fun. FAST!

Did you see the deer attack?
I was about 50m behind the guy. So I didn’t see him hit the deer, but the deer did jump across the road a couple of meters in front of me further down the track. Insane!

How would you survive a Moose attack?
Eve: Adam would kick me towards the legs of it and I would cut it by its ankles! Then he would drag the beast into the woods and have a barbecue on it and invite all our mates, viking style!

What did you enjoy about Canada?
Adam: Canada is like Sweden but HUGE. Love it! As we all know, the race wasn’t the best part of that trip. But I love meeting new people, so it was definitely worth it! Travelling with Fredrik Lindström and Erik Lundberg is always an honour.

What brought you the biggest smile this year?
Probably the first time I rolled on my skateboard after the long winter. Best feeling there is! Or Voss? hard to decide!

Big congratulations to you both for the many occasions you made us proud!
How does it feel to be the top ranked European in Open class?
It’s a great feeling. It really shows that having fun pays off!

Will it change how you approach future competitions?
Nope! I’ll still high five, laugh, hug people and sing on the starting line. Might do a little dancing too! I’m never going to forget to have fun. That’s why I skateboard!

What are your plans for this year?
Skate some hills with my friends. Road trip some and see the world! Have fun and LIVE!

Super fun talking to you bro. See you soon!

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