Gnarlentine’s feature: Ignacio Muñoz-Cuéllar & Paula Carmona


Our feature today is in appreciation of the love shared between two people who love longboarding. They share the story of how they met, and tell us about their local crew, Longboard Zaragoza, “chupacámaras” and about a robot that tidies the kitchen and dispenses pistachios & beer.

Hey guys, where are you from?
Paula: I’m from the island in the second chapter of Endless Roads. Guess where?
Luigi’s Island!
hahahahaha Francesc(Luigi) and his cousin Edu are like my little bros. I love them!! Three years ago we used to shred the beautiful roads of Mallorca together, we still do it but with much more people each time I visit the island.

Nacho: I’m from Madrid.

Where/When/How did you start skating?
Nacho: I started skating a long time ago. My father (Jose Antonio Caribbean) used to take my brother and I to the meetings organised by skaters from Madrid in the late 80’s. I’ve seen pictures of myself aged 5 on top of a skateboard. So cute!!

Paula: It was in Zaragoza, looking for something similar to keep me going at the end of the snowboard season. More than 3 years ago.

When did you meet?
Paula: About three years ago. One or two months before the first Noche en Blanco. At that time I had problems differentiating between Borja and Nacho ;D

haha, so you had been watching him?
Paula: I met both brothers and father the same day. Everybody mixed them up at the beginning.

Nacho: I can’t remember.

I’m joking, how will I forget that red head in the wind.
Big boobs, nice ass… and an amazing smile and a longboard beneath her feet.
No, talking seriously, she is an incredible girl, always thinking of others and passionate about everything she does.

Haha Puto Nacho, do you remember when/where you met?
Yes I do, it was en El Retiro and… I was riding a Dewey Weber with Revenge Trucks.

This was before you started skating?
Paula: I already skated. We met because I used to go to Madrid to skate and we ended in the same spot.

Ah, so skating brought you together?
Paula&Nacho: BINGO
Paula: Skating has only brought me good stuff.

So what happened after that first time you met in Madrid?
Paula: I used the excuse of a snowtrip to catch him and he chopped the bait.
Nacho: I ended up in Paula’s place and had an amazing snowboard-longboard weekend.

Do you prefer skating or snowboarding together?
Nacho&Paula: Definitely SKATING!!

Hang on you said you had an amazing snow&longboard weekend. How is it possible to snowboard and skate in the same place?
Nacho: Snowboard during the morning, longboarding during noon and half night and the rest of the day… You can imagine.

But… snow?
Paula: Yes, we have the mountain less than two hours from home Zaragoza

Wow that’s pretty awesome. What’s the snowboard season?
Nacho: The months when the ski resorts are open. Usually from December to March/April.

Where do you skate now?
Paula: Everywhere we go!! We commonly skate in Zaragoza, the place where we live now. Great city with many different spots and an awesome local crew.

What’s the local crew like?
Paula: Longboard Zaragoza is a family, very active and cozy.

What are the spots?
Nacho: La Expo
Paula: La Mina
Nacho: La ola del Barrio Jesus (Microspot)
Paula: La Muela
Nacho: Streets of the city

What are your roles within the local community?
Paula: I run the facebook page of Longboard Zaragoza and Nacho is helping me a lot since he has move to Zaragoza to live with me.

Nacho: Spread the stoke!!! SKATE&CREATE

You left Moyano for Paula?
Paula: Wrong word, he’ll start to cry now!
Nacho: :_(

I feel your pain, at least you have Paula to soothe it! When did you leave Madrid?
Nacho: Nearly six months ago. I really miss the Moyano sessions. I’ve made very good friends and had LEGENDARY sessions there. Now I have one more family here in Zaragoza, they’re great and the LEGENDARY sessions have just started here.

You left just before La Noche en Negro?
Nacho: more or less

Who else helps with organising local events?
Paula: We try to involve all the active members of the crew, actually a few days ago we’ve had two meetings to talk about future plans.

Tell us more about the kind of things happening in Longboard Zaragoza
Paula: In 2009 I meet Edu and Fran, they both had a longboard and we used to ride together. That was the beginning, now we have 1166 facebook fans and it’s normal to see about 40-50 riders in many of our meetings. The most recent event, and also the biggest in which we’ve participated for the moment has been Fusión de Crews with our friends of Longboard Vitoria. About the future events we have many things in mind but can’t tell anything for the moment.

Nacho: Keep tuned!!

Paula: Our main goal for the future is to keep the stoke and make the family bigger.

I saw the video of the fusion of crews, great work by Inigo. I noticed Nacho’s face and griptape and wondered what he was doing there. Always turning up in videos!
Nacho: Do you refer to the Caribbean custom griptape from Paula’s Bhangra?
Paula: Nacho is a “chupacámaras”, ask Juan Rayos for what it means.

It’s Paula’s Bhangra? You’re always riding it.
Nacho: I ride anything I have near to me. When Paula gets my Gravity Dropkick I get her Bhangra, when she gets my Bruce Logan I get her Penny, when she gets my Buddywood I get her Kahuna… and so on.

Nacho is a chupa what?
Paula: hahahahahha a camera licker.

haha little kids read these interviews, I’m not going to get into that with you.
Paula: it’s a Spanish way of saying that someone is always in front of the camera, so near that he can touch it with the tongue. Nacho is always looking for the camera… or the camera looks for him?

Oh right I thought you meant something else…

What videos have you been in?
Nacho: Madrid Longboard, Winter Night Longboard, special guest in Endless Road Chapter2 ;D, Offroad Longboarding, Telemadrid interview…

I really enjoyed Offroad Longboarding with Alberto Alepuz.

I understand why Paula called you a window licker now

Paula: And me?

haha yeah, ladies first Nacho chupa chups! Let her answer.
Nacho: Sorry i’m also a chupa interviews (lol)

Paula: In videos with LGC and and with Longboard Zaragoza in all the local news. We love to make the reporters try our longboards.

How did you get involved with the LGC?
Paula: Jacky contacted me when they started LGC and I met them during the first video. Crazy morning!!

Which video?
The first video of LGC by Juan Rayos. “Girls can ride”

What is your role in the LGC now?
I’m a member of LGC like all the girls who skate around the world.

You’ve been on the news?
Paula: The Crew of Longboard Zaragoza has appeared on the local news. We’ve done the strike; TV, newspaper and radio!

What for?
Paula: To talk about what’s longboarding and to encourage people to try it with us.

Was Endless Roads chapter 2, the first time you were in a video together?
Paula: No, since the beginning of our relationship we’ve filmed each other crappy videos. The first nice video was Winter Night Longboard from Juan Rayos.

How did you end up in Endless Roads?
Nacho: I went to Mallorca to visit Paula during the summer and she was with the girls showing them the beauty of her island.

Will there be more Nacho and Paula in Juan Rayos videos?
Nacho: Only Juan knows. He only has to give us a whislte.
Paula: If Nacho sees Juan Rayo’s camera he jumps to it.

So the camera is your main competition?
Nacho: Not really!! Who doesn’t clean the kitchen is our main competition.

Surely the person who doesn’t cook has to clean?
Paula: thank you Gbemi!!

How was last season for you?
Paula&Nacho: Over wheels

haha. What does that mean?
Nacho: that we’ve ridden as much as we can and a bit more.

What disciplines do you dabble in?
Nacho: I try to practice all the disciplines, I have the idea that the most complete rider is the one that rides fluently in all the ponds.

Paula: I just dabble

Do you find it easier being in a relationship with someone who skates?
Paula: Totally
Nacho: +1

le mariage creatif

Any downsides to being with a longboarder as opposed to a mere mortal?
Paula: There are no downsides. Well… when I go to pick my Penny and it’s not there because Nacho got it. Damn!!

Nacho: the kitchen, Gbemi, the kitcheeeeeeennn!!! And cleaning the bearings.

ha! You don’t like cooking/cleaning/eating?
Nacho: I love eating and cooking but Paula doesn’t leave me be alone in the kitchen. She says that if she does I will burn it or start juggling with the meat.

If you make a video of you juggling meat in the kitchen I will love you forever.
Nacho: I’ll make that for an All Around Skate or Longboard Europe t-shirt
Paula: And who’s gonna clean this gore scene?

Deal! (We love you Paula.)
Nacho: Yeeeeeeeaaahhhh!!!

Actually if you do it while skating you get extra points.
Does Zaragoza have Penny commandos or what do they call themselves here?
Paula: Not yet.

Many people always dream about finding love over wheels, do you have any advice for these dreamers?
Paula: Don’t look for it, it will find you over wheels.
Nacho: If you’re reading this don’t take any of our words seriously. Who am I to give any advice. Something that worked me is the moustache.

Did/does the moustache work for you Paula?
Paula: Surely. You can help me to keep Nacho’s moustache forever.

What does this year hold for you?(in terms of everything, skating, life, cleaning the kitchen and camera licking)
Paula&Nacho: hahahahah Much more skate, much more love and a cleaning robot please!!

Nacho: Can the cleaning robot dispense beer?
Paula: And pistachios?

What do you do when you’re not skating?
Nacho: working in advertising, watching films, filming and editing…
Paula: I love cooking and spend loads of time studying medicine and reading blogs in the internet

Choose 3 numbers between 1-21

Paula: 3,8,5

3 – What impact has longboarding had on your life
It has bring me a lot of happiness and very nice videos to show to my grandsons (when I have them).
Congratulations! I didn’t know.
Paula: when I have them ;D
Nacho: WE!

LOL. So Nacho those aren’t your children in your Facebook picture?
Nacho: What picture?

Heelside slide in front of many children sitting down
Nacho: that was one of Longboard Zaragoza’s activities. We went to a school to give a longboarding lesson.

8 – Best board you’ve ever ridden
Hard to decide. For my birthday Nacho gave me a Kahuna Hukilau that I specially love to ride barefoot.

5 – Who is the best skater you’ve met ?
Jose Antonio Caribbean, I love his style, his energy and his stories.

Nacho: 14,1,23

14 – Favourite band?

1 – What do you take with you when you go for a skate?
My helmet

23 – who/what do you miss most about Madrid?
My family

Thank you both so much for staying up to do this, I really appreciate it. I hope your love continues to grow and you enjoy many many years of fun skating together.
PS: If you have 7 sons, can you name the last one Stoke?

Nacho&Paula: Off course!! Little Stoke Muñoz-Cuéllar Carmona fits well.



Thanks to Jorge for letting us use his wonderful pictures of the happy couple –